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reagh (=Ir. réidheachadh) amorous, frisky, lecherous, lewd, lusty, randy; joyous, merry, mirthful: Uss ta lane dy anvea, ardvalley boiragh, ardvalley reagh Bible; blithe, frolicsome, playful, sportive; decided, organised: Reagh Fiona McArdle yn clane turrys. Carn; dissolute; gay

Inexact matches:

dy reagh blithely, gaily

gay1 (adj.) gennal; reagh: He is a gay dog - She dooinney reagh eshyn. DF idiom

blithe (adj.) creeoil, gennal, reagh

dissolute (adj.) raistylagh; neusmaghtagh; reagh

frisky (adj.) bioyr; mannanagh; reagh

gaily (adv.) dy reagh

joyous (adj.) suntee; reagh

lusty (adj.) lajer; loor; reagh

mirthful (adj.) gennal, reagh

organised (v.) reagh

randy (adj.) kiaullaneagh; reagh

sportive (adj.) gammanagh; reagh; spoyrtoil

blithely (adv.) dy gennal, dy reagh

frolicsome (adj.) gammanagh, reagh; gennal; rouanagh

playful (adj.) gammanagh, reagh, spoyrtoil, springeragh

amorous (adj.) cannooagh, er cannoo, graihagh, reagh

lecherous (adj.) cannooagh, er boggeeys, raistylagh, reagh

lewd (adj.) neughlen, rouanagh; reagh, er-ouyl, gaddeeagh, maarderagh

decided briwnyssit; reaghit: Is it not yet decided? JJK idiom; reagh; reih: We decided upon a day - Reih shin laa. DF idiom

merry (adj.) boggoil; feer yennal; garaghtagh; gearagh; gennal: The merry man laughs - Ta'n dooinney gennal gearey. JJK idiom; reagh

faggys da shen thereabouts: Miranda Fozard, ta cummal faggys da shen ayns Thie Steoin, t'ee gra dy vel ee cho boirit as dy reagh ee yn aghin. BS

linnaghyn (f.) lines: Reagh ad ad hene ayns daa chummey-chaggee as haink ad er nyn doshiaght gys ny linnaghyn Manninagh derrey haink ad gys bun Vaarool y Jiass Chron

traastit pressed, squeezed: Wahl, va'n stoo traastit ayns feddan mooar, aghterbee as reagh ad shoh y lhiggey ayns magher va rish Bircham Avenue ayns Rhumsaa. DF


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