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re (prep.) mychione, re, 'sy chooish

re moon; re

Inexact matches:

re enact aachloie

gleayshaghey er oai dy re roll on

Mee ny re (f.) lunar month

ray See re, COMPARE eayst moon: cha der yn eayst magh e ray-sollys Bible [O.Ir. ]

re- (pref.) aa-

re-afforest (v.) aachuirrey lesh biljyn

re-afforestation (n.) aacheyllaghey, aachuirr

re-arrange aareaghey

re-ascend drappal reesht, irree reesht

re-cut aayiarrey

re-designated aa-enmyssit

re-development lhiasaghey

re-echo aareggyrt; ceau mactullagh; gra er ash

re-edit (n., v.) aareaghey

re-elect (v.) aaheiy

re-election (n.) aaheiy; aareihys

re-embark (v.) cur er boayrd reesht; goll er boayrd reesht

re-embarkation (n.) aachur er boayrd; aagholl er boayrd

re-emerge cheet magh reesht

re-enact (v.) cheet harrish; tar harrish; aa-aghtey

re-encounter (v.) aachaggey

re-engage aafaillaghey; aaghoaill

re-engagement aalistal

re-enjoy goaill taitnys noa ass

re-enlist aalistal

re-enlistment aalistal

re-enter goll stiagh reesht ayns

re-entry aa-entreilys; cheet stiagh reesht

re-establish (v.) aavunnaghey

re-examination aascrutaghey

re-examine aa-eyshtey; aaronsaghey; aascrutaghey

re-excite aaghreeshaghey

re-export aa-assphurtaghey; aa-assphurtal

re-lay (v.) cur sheese reesht

re-open (v.) aa-osley; (impv) aa-oshil

re-opening aa-osley

re-organisation aareaghey

re-organise (v.) aareaghey

re-organization aareaghey

re-organize (v.) aareaghey

re-paper (v.) cur pabyr noa er

re-papered pabyrit ass y noa

re-processing aa-heeley

re-proof (v.) aayeenaghey

re-sole (v.) cur bun noa er; cur trie noa er

re-tin (v.) cur stainney noa er

aa-aghtey re-enact

aa-assphurtaghey re-export

aa-assphurtal re-export

aachaggey re-encounter

aacheyllaghey re-afforestation

aachloie afterplay, re enact, replay

aachuirr re-afforestation, recultivate, replant

aachuirrey lesh biljyn re-afforest

aa-enmyssit re-designated, redirected

aa-entreilys re-entry

aa-eyshtey re-examine

aafaillaghey re-engage

aagholl er boayrd re-embarkation

aaghreeshaghey re-excite, rekindle

aa-heeley re-processing

aaheiy re-elect, re-election, reshuffle

aalistal re-engagement, re-enlist, re-enlistment

aa-oshil (impv) re-open

aa-osley re-open, re-opening

aareihys re-election

aaronsaghey re-examine, research

aascrutaghey re-examination, re-examine

aavunnaghey reconstitute, re-establish

aayeenaghey re-proof

aayiarrey re-cut, recut

ceau mactullagh re-echo

cheet magh reesht re-emerge

cheet stiagh reesht re-entry

cur sheese reesht re-lay

drappal reesht re-ascend, reascend

gra er ash re-echo

lunar month (n.) mee ny heayst, Mee ny re

aachur er boayrd re-embarkation, reship, reshipment

cur bun noa er re-sole, sole

cur er boayrd reesht re-embark

cur pabyr noa er re-paper

cur stainney noa er re-tin

goaill taitnys noa ass re-enjoy

goll er boayrd reesht re-embark

goll stiagh reesht ayns re-enter

pabyrit ass y noa re-papered

sheillym methinks: Sheillym dy re. DF

roll on (v.) gleayshaghey er oai dy re, goll harrish; (adj., n.) rowlagh

aareaghey re-arrange, rearrangement, re-edit, re-organisation, re-organise, re-organization, re-organize, rearrange

aareggyrt back answer, re-echo, rejoinder, respond; echo

cur trie noa er re-sole, retread, sole

moon (n.) ben rein ny hoie, giallagh, goll sheear, ray, re; eayst: The moon is setting - Ta'n eayst goll er e dreeym. DF idiom; luan, lune

aaghoaill (f.) recapture, reconquer; re-engage: Yn chraag y aaghoaill. DF; retake

ard-red main point: Ta sleih dy liooar credjal nish dy re shoh yn ard-red cheu-heear jeh'n varganey eddyr Lunnin as Divlyn. Carn

ben-rein (f.) queen: Skiart eh dy ghra dy re Chiarn Vannin Ben-Rein ny Sostnee Carn

bugganeyn bogeymen: Cha row jishag Hioanie cur credjue da ny bòcain (bugganeyn) noadyr as smooinee eh dy re ooilley boghtnid shen. GB

bwoid saggyrt orchis, spotted orchis: Cre va'n blaa shen? Ta'n Moddey gra dy re bwoid saggyrt v'ayn. Dhoor

cluigagh catchy, crafty, deceitful, dodgy, treacherous, tricky, wily: tamain toiggal veih farraneyssyn elley dy re shlawin cooishagh cluigagh va Rennell ayns e ghellal rish e naboonyn GB

condaigagh 1 contrary, opposing, stubborn a: Oddagh oo gra dy re dooinney condaigagh va Desmond. Carn; 2 opponent, opposer

corvaal (f.) chaos, confusion, mix up, muddle, shambles, turmoil: Er y fa dy row dy liooar phrooghyn er nyn vollaghey ayns Mannin ec y traa shen, she shoh ta lhiggey er dy re ayns corvaal va cooishyn ny Manninee. GB

cronnalagh observable, remarkable: Ta Philip Pain, Stiureyder y phurt-aer, gra dy re earroo cronnalagh shoh, er y fa dy row yn gorley crubbane as beeal ayn sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit BS

cur credjue da credit: Cha row jishag Hioanie cur credjue da ny bòcain (bugganeyn) noadyr as smooinee eh dy re ooilley boghtnid shen. GB

Divlyn (=Ir. dubh linn) Dublin: Ta sleih dy liooar credjal nish dy re shoh yn ard-red cheu-heear jeh'n varganey eddyr Lunnin as Divlyn. Carn

fer mooar whopper, big one; big fellow, big man: Er leshyn dy re fer mooar eh. DF

lught eaishtagh audience, house, listener: Va sym dy liooar ec y lught-eaishtagh, ga dy re mish va'n loayreyder s'jerree Carn

lurg shoh hereafter: Tammylt lurg shoh, hooar mish magh dy re boghtynid y skeeal mysh Conradh na Gaeilge. Carn; after this

meechaaoil inconvenient: Shen meechaaoil, dooyrt ee, cha noddyms cheet yn oor shen er yn oyr dy re cliaghtey lhiams goll dys y Vingo gagh fastyr Jemayrt GB

mychione about, concerning, on, re, regarding: Cooinee orrym, O my Yee, mychione shoh Bible; (point) touching: Nish mychione shirveish er ny nooghyn Bible

Nalbin Noa (f.) Nova Scotia: t'eh aashagh dy ghra dy re Bretin, Yn Vritaan, Yn Chorn, Mannin, Nerin as Nalbin çheeraghyn Cheltiagh agh cre mysh Patagonia as Nalbin Noa? Dhoor

neu-ghemocratagh undemocratic: Tamain coontey dy re neu-ghemocratagh yn red shoh dy vel ny Sostnee abyl jannoo shoh er y fa nagh vel oltey ny peiagh erbee ayns reiltys Hostyn dy loayrt ass nyn leih. Carn

'sy chooish re, in the business, in the matter: Cur dou gioal nish, cur raane dou, quoi ghoys my lauesy chooish? Bible

tar harrish cite, come over, re-enact: Tar harrish maryms, as nee oo beaghey marym pene Bible

Teutonagh Teuton, Teutonic: Er y fa dy re chengaghyn Teutonagh y Loghlinish as y Baarle, s'doillee feddyn magh cre'n chengey va jannoo er y Ghaelg. Dhoor

traa tey teatime: Va sym dy liooar ec y lught-eaishtagh, ga dy re mish va'n loayreyder s'jerree as mish loayrt lurg traa-tey syn astyr! Carn

tro (f.) characteristic, property, trait: As erskyn ooilley cha jean ad toiggal dy re chengey ny mayrey y tro smoo scanshoil ec pobble erbee. Carn

warrag (m., f.) humorist: T'ad gra dy re warrag eshyn as yinnagh eh spotçhyn-obbree er ny deiney GB; (person) wit

aa- (pref.) re-: Aa-scruit ec Juan y Geill veih skeeal beg v'er n'insh 'sy Ghailck Vanninagh liorish shenn ven hooar baase shiartanse dy vleeantyn er-dy-henney Coraa; ex-; retired, second

cheet harrish cite, re-enact, repeat, repetition: lhig da fer jeh ny deiney aegey cheet harrish dy chur lesh eh. Bible

irree reesht re-ascend, reascend: V'eh myr shoh, ta shen, liorish irree reesht veih ny merriu, soilshit dy ve Mac Yee, ta'n Noo Paul gra. CS; Resurrection


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