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raw anoayllagh; aw: Raw spirits - Liggar aw. DF idiom; garroo; glass: Raw weather - Emshyr ghlass. DF idiom; neuaarloo; oor; awaneagh

Inexact matches:

raw drink (n.) jough scoaldagh

raw flesh (n.) feill aw

raw ivory (n.) iuaagagh glass

raw material (n.) bun, bun-stoo

raw meat (n.) feill aw

raw silk (n.) sheeidey aw

raw skin (n.) sheh oor

raw spirits (npl.) liggar aw

raw weather (n.) emshir ghlass

raw winds (npl.) geayaghyn fannee, lommanyn

raw wound (n.) lhott bio

emshir ghlass (f.) raw weather

feill aw (f.) raw meat, red meat, raw flesh: Cur feill ry-hoi roastal son y taggyrt; son cha naillish feill vroie voïd, agh feill aw. Bible

geayaghyn fannee (f.) raw winds

iuaagagh glass raw ivory

jough scoaldagh (f.) raw drink

lhott bio raw wound

liggar aw raw spirits

lommanyn raw winds

sheeidey aw raw silk

sheh oor (f.) raw skin

neuaarloo incomplete, raw, unprepared, unready

aw crude, raw, uncooked, undressed: Jeeagh nagh n'ee oo jeh aw Bible

awaneagh blockhead, coxscomb, moron, oaf; oafish, raw, rude, uncivilized, vain, stupid

anoayllagh ignorant, infrequent, raw, unacquainted, uninformed, unknowing, unstudied, unwitting: Anoayllagh er Frangish. DF; coltish

bun-stoo element: Ta red goll rish keead bun-stoo ayn er y teihll, voish hiddragien ta eddrym seose dys bun-stoo goll rish uraaniu ta feer hrome. Dhoor; elementary; raw material

garroo (=Ir. garbh) coarse, crude, gross, harsh, husky, jagged, low, pockmarked, raw, rough-and-tumble, rough-spoken, rugged, scraggy, stubbly, uncouth, undressed, unpolished, vulgar; pock-marked; (of weather) dirty; (as sea) stormy; (as ground) uneven; boisterous, ill-mannered, naughty, rude; shaggy; rough: ny raaidyn garroo er nyn yannoo rea Bible; coarse-fibred, hairy

oor (=Ir. uair, úr) (adj.) crisp, fresh, green, new, novel, raw, sappy, span, sweet, unsalted, unseasoned, untainted, untanned, unused: Gow yn eill as ny berreenyn oor. Bible; (f.) pl. ooraghyn, ooryn hour: va dorraghys harrish ooilley yn cheer, gys yn nuyoo oor. Bible; crude

bun (=Ir. bun) author, basis, details, origin, original, prime, principle, raw material, stem, stool: as vrish eh ad ec bun y clieau Bible; derivation, explanation, interpretation, meaning: dinsh shin da, as hug eh bun dooin er ny dreamalyn ain Bible; (of storm) eye, heart, root cause; base, bottom, foot, root, foundation, source, sole, underneath; end; dope, news; stump: va kione Dagon as e ghaa laue brisht jeh er sole y dorrys; cha row agh bun Dagon er-mayrn Bible; butt

glass (=Ir. glas) pl. glassey (adj.) pale, verdant: ta'n vee-chrauee glass myr y faiyr Bible; unfledged, raw; (of youth) callow; pasty, sappy, soft; (colour) ashen; (of nature) green; (of animal) grey; (f.) stream; (n.) pl. glish pl. glassyn bond, iron, lock, trigger: Hug my ghraih e laue stiagh er glass y dorrys Bible; grisled [O.Ir. glas]


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