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rate1 cormid: Bank rate - Cormid y vanc. DF idiom; feeuid; keesh valjey; leahys; reat: Market rate - Reat margee. DF idiom; (v.) soiaghey reeuid er, troiddey

rate2 (n.) (of tax) trimmid, raayt

Inexact matches:

bank rate (n.) cormid y vanc

birth rate (n.) leahys ruggyryn

church rate (n.) keesh chillagh

death rate (n.) mortleeaght, raayt-baaish

first rate (adj., adv.) dy mie mirrilagh: It is going first rate - T'eh goll dy mie mirrilagh. DF idiom; feer vie: That's first rate - Ta shen feer vie. DF idiom; jeh'n chied rheynn

insurance rate (n.) tailley urraghys

market rate (n.) reat margee

occupancy rate (n.) raayt-ymmydee

parish rate (n.) keesh skeerey

poor rate (n.) keesh ny moght

rate collector (n.) chagleyder keesh

second rate jeh beggan feeuid

third rate jeh'n treeoo brastyl

water rate (n.) keesh ushtey

annual rate of inflation (n.) raayt bleinoil jeh bolgey argid

at any rate (adv.) er chor erbee

at a tearing rate myr gheay Vayrnt ayn

at that rate reer shen

rate of interest (n.) cormid use

keesh chillagh (f.) church rate

keesh skeerey (f.) parish rate

keesh ushtey (f.) water rate

keesh valjey (f.) rate

leahys promptness, quickness, rate

leahys ruggyryn birth rate

mortleeaght (f.) death rate

raayt rate

raayt-baaish death rate

raayt-ymmydee occupancy rate

reat margee market rate

soiaghey reeuid er rate

tailley urraghys insurance rate

cormid use rate of interest

cormid y vanc bank rate

dy mie mirrilagh first rate

jeh beggan feeuid second rate

keesh ny moght (f.) poor rate

reer shen at that rate

chagleyder keesh rate collector, tax collector

jeh'n chied rheynn first class, first rate, high-class

jeh'n treeoo brastyl third class, third rate

myr gheay Vayrnt ayn at a tearing rate

raayt bleinoil jeh bolgey argid annual rate of inflation

cormid (f.) adequacy, balance, equality, equation, equity, equivalent, evenness, poise, rate, rightness: Cha nel cormid rish ayn 'sy theihll. DF

feer vie excellent, exquisite, first rate: Ta mooyn feer vie dy veeinaghey ollan. DF; pretty well; very well

feeuid rate, worth, valuation, worthiness: Cha nel eh jeh feeuid erbee da'n sleih cadjin, goaill stiagh ny Sostnee cadjin. Carn

reat rate: S'cosoylagh dy jean y reat shen tannaghtyn, er y chooid sloo son paart dy hraa. BS

trimmid (f.) 1 bounteousness, burdensomeness, emphasis, graveness, gravity, heaviness, highness, importance, intenseness, pressure, seriousness, severity, soundness, stress, weightiness; 2 (of fog) density; 3 (of work) hardness; 4 (of punishment) harshness; 5 (of tax) rate; 6 weight a: ghow yn dooinney jewel cleayshey dy airh jeh trimmid lieh shekel Bible

troiddey altercate, berate, bicker, chide, dress down, nag, objurgate, quarrel, rate, row, scold, set to, squabble, dressing down: Cre'n-fa ta shiu troiddey rhym's? Bible; (scolding) jaw; pl. troiddaghyn altercation, objurgation; chiding, mud-slinging, nagging, wigging, squabbling, scolding, quarrelling, telling off

er chor erbee (=Ir. ar cor ar bith) anywise, at all costs, at all events, at any rate, in any way so ever, leastways, nohow, noways, nowise: Dy beagh ny daanyn ayns Gaelg er-lhiams dy jinnagh ad g'obbal ymmyd y yannoo jeh'n saase noa er-chor-erbee. Carn


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