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raise brishey; carn; cruinnaghey; cur ny hassoo; doostey; jeeragh seose; moostey; prisal; thiolley; troggal: They will raise themselves - Nee ad troggal orroo. DF idiom; yrjaghey; ardjee: Raise it slightly - Ardjee beggan eh. DF idiom

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raise up (v.) troggal, troggal er

will raise troggee

would raise hroggagh

I should raise droggin: that which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day - ny hug eh dou nagh gaillin veg, agh dy droggin eh seose reesht ec y laa jerrinagh Bible

I will raise up trog-yms seose: I will raise up for them a plant of renown - trog-ym seose dauesyn plant ooasle Bible; brasnee-ym: I will raise up thy lovers against thee - brasnee-ym seose dty gheiney-sooree dt Bible

raise the anchor (v.) cur hood

shall raise up troggee

droggin (dy) I should raise

prisal lever; leverage; raise

troggee constructional, constructive, elevating; (v.) will build, will arise, will raise: troggee ad thieyn, as cummee ad ayndoo Bible; shall mount up, shall carry; shall raise up, shall lift up, shall build, shall arise: shall take up

brasnee-ym I will raise up

cur hood raise the anchor

troggal (=Ir. tógáil) arise, boost, building, elaborate, exalt, gather up, getting up, harvest, hoist, input, invoke, lift, lifting, pick off, pick up, pull in, raise, raise up, rally, rig up, set in rows, sing up, take, winch, wind; (f.) upbringing, uplift; (tax) charging; (as disease) contract; (of wind) freshen; (as shoulders) heave; (as child) bringing up, nurture, rear, train: Shegin da ve feer chronnal nish nagh vodmayd goaill yn nah chesmad er ash (troggal sheeloghe noa voish y chlean) ayns Mannin derrey ta mysh lieh-cheead dy leih ayn mysh yn eash hoght bleeaney jeig as Gaelg flaaoil oc. Carn; development, edifice, structure: cha nel troggal er-lheh oc as cha nel ad er phointeil fir-ynsee noa. Carn; breed, breeding, rearing: she eshyn van chenn-ayr ocsyn ta beaghey ayns cabbaneyn, as ta troggal ollagh. Bible; build, construct, elevate, put up: scuirr ad veih troggal yn ard-valley Bible; absorption, elaboration; hoist up

hroggagh would raise: derrey hroggagh seose saggyrt lesh Urim as Thummim. Bible

cry1 eam; eamagh; eamaghey; keayney: She had a good cry - Ren ee keayney dy trome. DF idiom; sheeb; yllagh: Raise a cry - Yllagh y lhiggey magh. DF idiom; eie; gyllaghey

hue and cry (n.) yllagh as eam: To raise a hue and cry against - Dy hroggal yllagh as eam ny yei. DF idiom

ardjaghey1 (=Ir. ardú) change up, increase, lift, mount up, overbid, pitch, prefer, promote, ramp, steepen, uplift; (as fever) worsen; inflation, preferment, promotion, upheaval; put up: Yn railley y ardjaghey. DF; raise: Armyn y ardjaghey. DF; climb: Ta ny hetlanyn shoh mie dy ardjaghey. DF

carn cairn, carn, heap, memorial, raise, stack of stone: Ta carn mooar jeant jeh claghyn beggey. DF; mound

cruinnaghey (persons) assemblage; besiege, congregation, enclose, focus, gather, head, huddle, raise, round, screw up, sum up, troop: ren deiney Sodom cruinnaghey yn thie mygeayrt Bible

cur ny hassoo pose, raise, stand, up-end, upend: Cur ny hassoo rish yn voalley. DF

doostey (=Ir. dúiseacht) arouse, awaken, freshen, raise, start, stir up, switch on: cha jean ad doostey, ny troggal ass nyn gadley. Bible

jeeragh seose raise, straight up, vertical: Va ny cheughyn ny braaid jeh creggyn jeeragh seose, as va ny sleityn ry-akin foddey erskyn y ghlion. Dhoor

moostey awakening, awaken suddenly, conjuring, raise, rouse, start, starting: Satan ny vud oc, troggal seose e chione myr leviathan, moostey baare y tonn PC; excite

thiolley See thoylley bore, boring, perforate, pierce, punch; (pin) hole; (of acids) pit; perforation, thole pin; raise

troggal er 1 buzz off; 2 rise; 3 raise up a: nee oo troggal er undinyn ymmodee sheelogheyn Bible

trog-yms seose I will raise up: trog-yms seose eh ec y laa jerrinagh. Bible

yrjaghey draw, elate, elation, elevation, enhance, exalt, exaltation, exhilarate, exhilaration, go up, heighten, hoist, raise, retract, rise: bee yn Chiarn ny-lomarcan er ny yrjaghey 'sy laa shen Bible; hoist up

spirit annym; annymoilid; bun as bree: The spirit of this law - Bun as bree yn slattys shoh. DF idiom; creeoilid; inchyn; liggar; rught; scaan: Raise a spirit - Scaan y voostey. DF idiom; spyrryd: The spirit that breathes through his work - Yn spyrryd ta ry-akin 'syn obbyr echey. DF idiom

brishey (=Ir. briseadh) bankrupt, breach, break, burst, cash, change money, crash, decode, depose, dismiss, fracture, go back, interrupt, raise, repulse, ruin, stump, wane, smash: Nee oo brishey eh ayns peeshyn Bible; (n.) pl. brishaghyn bankruptcy, breakage, contravention, dismissal, failure, infringement, interruption, violation; breaking; small change


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