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raipey 1 knapp, lacerate, laceration, pluck, pull apart, rend, rent, rip, savage, tear a: ren geay vooar cassee as lajer raipey ny sleityn Bible; 2 (of bull) gore; 3 (cry) crake; 4 tearing

Inexact matches:

raipey ersooyl snatch away

raipey jeh tear away

raipey neose tear down, tear off

raipey roish (of pestilence) rage

raipey trooid race through

raipey ayns peeshyn tear up: T'eh er hyndaa dy lhiattee my raaidyn as er my raipey ayns peeshyn; t'eh er my yannoo follym-faase. Bible

raipey magh ass tear out

raipey sheese er pabyr (as writing) toss off

crake2 (cry) raip; raipey

knapp (v.) raipey

lacerate (v.) raipey; scelpaghey; speiltey

laceration (n.) raipey, scelpey, speiltey

race through (v.) raipey trooid

rip raipey; rassey

tear away (v.) raipey jeh

tear down (v.) raipey neose

tearing (v.) rassey; skelpey; raipey: After tearing it up, he stamped on it - Lurg raipey eh, stamp eh er. JJK idiom

tear off (v.) raipey neose

rage2 (v.) (of pestilence) raipey roish; jannoo sheean

tear out (v.) raipey magh ass

tear up (v.) raipey ayns peeshyn

do-raipey untearable

pull apart (v.) raipey, tayrn veih my cheilley

snatch away (v.) greimmey ersooyl, raipey ersooyl

toss off2 (v.) (as writing) raipey sheese er pabyr

untearable (adj.) do-raipey; neuraipagh; neurassagh; neuskelpagh

rend (v.) brishey sheese, raipey, rassey, scaaney, scelpaghey, scoltey, scranshal, skeiltey, speiltey

savage1 (adj.) broutagh; dewil; feiar; feiaragh; feie; keoie; oaldey, oayldey; keoi; (v.) raipey; (n.) fer oaldey

breidyn kerchiefs: Ny breidyn eu myrgeddin neems y raipey Bible; mufflers, tires

bill2 (n.) (proposed law) billey: To race a bill through the Keys - Billey y raipey trooid yn Kiare as Feed. DF idiom

bomb bleaystan: The bomb tore off his arm - Ren y bleaystan raipey yn roih echey jeh. DF idiom; (n.) shliggan; (v.) bleaystaney, shligganaghey, skeayley bleastanyn

gore2 (v.) (of bull) raip, raipey, seiy; puttey: If an ox gore a man or a woman, that they die - As my nee dow puttey dooinney ny ben, as eh oyr baaish daue bible

nets (npl.) lieenteenyn: The dogfish tearing amidst their nets - Ny gobbagyn raipey ny vud ny lhieenteenyn. DF idiom

pluck pluckey: He gave a pluck at it - Ghow eh pluckey jeh. DF idiom; (v.) speeiney, tayrn, pluck; (n.) tayrn beg, scrobban; creeaght; gastyrt; raipey

rent cummal er mayl, craa; cur er mayl; mayl, mayle: The annual rent of Mann - Mayl bleeaney Vannin. DF idiom; raipit; rast; scelp; scolt; skort; raip; raipey

tear1 (n.) jeir, jeïr; (v.) raipey, rassey, skelpey; raip: Don't tear your books - Ny raip nyn lioaryn. JJK idiom

cassee coiling, contortional, gyratory, infolding, serpentine, twisting, winding: ren geay vooar cassee as lajer raipey ny sleityn Bible

dressyn briars: eisht neems raipey yn eill euish lesh drineyn yn aasagh as lesh dressyn Bible

lieckanyn cheeks: Heb mee my ghreeym dauesyn ren m'y woalley, as my lieckanyn dauesyn va raipey jee'm yn aasaag; cha dollee mee my eddin veih nearey as shellaghyn. Bible

whuallianyn See quallianyn (e); (his) whelps: Ren y lion raipey nyn saie son e whuallianyn Bible

after3 (time) er-giyn; erreish: Having been in France - Erreish ve ayns y Rank. JJK idiom; erreish da; lurg: After tearing it up, he stamped on it - Lurg raipey eh, stamp eh er. JJK idiom; (ny) yei: I'll practice on the piano after him - Cliaghtym er y phiano ny yei. JJK idiom


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