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race (n.) area, arey, clash, race, stroo; dooghys, reis; ratch, ratçh: Leading car in a race - Gleashtan toshee ayns ratch. DF idiom; roie: His race is run - Ta'n roie echey roit. DF idiom; kynney: The human race - Yn kynney deiney. DF idiom; sluight: He comes from a long race of seafaring men - Marrinnee va'n sluight echey er dy rieau. DF idiom; fraue; (v.) ratchal, roie ratch

race race: lhig dooin dy jeean roie yn race ta soit kiongoyrt rooin Bible

Inexact matches:

ball race (n.) ammyr vluckan

boat race (n.) ratch baatey

feathered race (npl.) eeanlee yn aer

foot race (n.) ratch coshey

horse race (n.) ratch cabbil; ratch cabbyl

human race (n.) kynney deiney

mill race (n.) arey

obstacle race (n.) bac-ratch

pigeon race (n.) ratch calmane

race card (n.) caart ratch

race course (n.) coorse ratchal

race format (n.) cummey-ratch

race goer (female) ben ratch

race horse (n.) cabbyl roie

race meeting (n.) ratch cabbil

race relations commeeys eddyr kynneeyn, commeeys kynnee, cooidjaght-chynney

race through (v.) raipey trooid

road race (n.) ratch bayrey

sack race (n.) ratch saick

walking race (n.) ratch cosheeaght, ratch shooyl

Flat Mill Race (n.) Arey Rea

Manx Grand Prix Race Week (n.) Shiaghtin Ratchyn Grand Prix Vannin

mountain bike race (n.) ratch roar-slieau

of noble race d'uill ooasle

point to point race (n.) ratch eddyr daa phoynt

Race Relations Act (n.) Slattys Cooidjaght Chynneeagh

Round the Island Yacht Race (n.) Ratch Birling Mygeayrt Mannin

Senior Race Day (n.) Laa yn Ratch Mooar

arey headrace, mill race, race, watercourse

ratch cabbil horse race, race meeting

ammyr vluckan (f.) ball race

area race

bac-ratch obstacle race

ben ratch (f.) (female) race goer

caart ratch race card

cabbyl roie race horse

commeeys kynnee race relations

cooidjaght-chynney race relations

coorse ratchal race course

cummey-ratch race format

raipey trooid race through

ratch baatey boat race

ratch bayrey road race

ratch cabbyl horse race

ratch calmane pigeon race

ratch cosheeaght walking race

ratch coshey foot race

ratch saick sack race

ratch shooyl walking race

reis race

roie ratch race

mixed-race (n.) kynney covestit

tide-race (n.) stroo

Arey Rea Flat Mill Race

commeeys eddyr kynneeyn race relations

d'uill ooasle of noble race

eeanlee yn aer feathered race

kynney covestit mixed-race

kynney deiney humankind, human race

ratch roar-slieau mountain bike race

Laa yn Ratch Mooar Senior Race Day

ratch eddyr daa phoynt point to point race

Ratch Birling Mygeayrt Mannin Round the Island Yacht Race

Shiaghtin Ratchyn Grand Prix Vannin Manx Grand Prix Race Week

bill2 (n.) (proposed law) billey: To race a bill through the Keys - Billey y raipey trooid yn Kiare as Feed. DF idiom

entered (v.) currit stiagh: I entered him in the race - Hug mee eh stiagh 'sy ratch. DF idiom

clash (f.) channel, cleft, gorge, groove, hollow, open furrow, race, rubbish tip, trench, vale: Ta'n ollish roie sheese clash e hoyn. DF; sewer

dooghys (f.) heredity, instinct, kind, kindness, nation, nature, quality, race, sex, species, temper, temperament: y dooghys oc myr dooghys cabbil Bible

fraue (=Ir. fréamh, préamh, Sc.G. freumh) (f.) pl. fraueyn 1 bulb, derivation, radical, radicle, root a: cha gow yn bun oc fraue ayns yn ooir Bible; 2 (of family) stem; 3 race; 4 fang [O.Ir. frém]

kynney pl. kynnee, kynnaghyn breed, connection, family, folk, genus, kin, kind, kindred, lineage, people, race, species, stock, tribe: cordail rish thie ayraghyn kynney nyn bobble Bible

ratch1 (=Ir. rás) pl. ratchyn burst of speed, dart, dash, race, run, rush, sprint: Hug mee eh stiagh 'sy ratch. DF

ratçh2 race: V'eh marrooit ayns drogh-haghyrt ayns ratçh syn Esthoin ayns Jerrey Souree sy vlein daa veeilley. BS

ratchal (=Ir. rásáil) 1 dart, race, racing, sprint, sprinting a: Ren eh ratchal sheese y traid. DF; 2 work spasmodically: T'eh ratchal ec yn obbyr. DF

Slattys Cooidjaght Chynneeagh Race Relations Act: Syn ynnyd jeh shen, ta reiltys yn RU meenaghey mynlught ashoonagh myr 'possan kynneeagh', geiyrt er Slattys Cooidjaght Chynneeagh ayns 1976. Carn

sluight children's children, descendant, family, lineage, offspring, parentage, passage, posterity, progeniture, race, remnant, seed: ver-yms noidys eddyr uss as y ven, as eddyr y sluight ayd's, as y sluight eck's

stroo pl. strooghyn, strooyn current, race, stream, tidal flow, tide-race, watercourse: as veih e hooillyn graih myr stroo ren roie PC

roie (=Ir. rith) bolt, burst, cursive, dart, flow, full retreat, melt, race, range, run, scurry, slip, sprinting: roie dy mooar ayns eash Bible; raced; smuggle, smuggling; (as animals) charging; (as pain) shooting; (ale) draught; ladder; flowing, flying, running; See roïe before: Myr dooyrt shin roie Bible; ran; rushed; See roïe previously; heretofore


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