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raane (pl -yn) assurance, bail, bond, collateral, guarantee, hostage, pledge, surety: Beem's raane er e hon; jeh my laue's nee oo y hirrey eh Bible; unwarranted

Inexact matches:

fegooish raane unsecured

raane gialtagh security

cur myr raane pledging

cur raane son guarantee

goll raane er son guarantee

yeearreydys son raane bail application

guarantee (n.) raanteenys; barrantys: Clock with guarantee for two years - Clag as barrantys daa vlein lesh. DF idiom; raane; (v.) cur raane son, goll raane er son

bail1 kit; (n.) raane: He jumped his bail - Vrish eh e raane. DF idiom

bond boandey, bonney, geuley, kiangley, chiangley; (v.) cur ayns thie custam, cur fo ghlass; gioal, nastey; glass; boand; raane: His word is his bond - Ta e ghoo e raane. DF idiom

collateral co-cheimnagh; co-heuagh; (n.) raane

hostage (n.) raane

surety (n.) gioaldagh, raane

bail application (n.) yeearreydys son raane

unwarranted (adv.) gyn barrantys, neuvarrantit, raane

pledging cur myr raane; gialtaghey; gioaldaghey

unsecured (adj.) fegooish raane, gyn kiangley, gyn raanteenys, neuchianglt, neuhickyrit

assurance1 (n.) raane, urrysaght; shickyrys: and shalt have none assurance of thy life - as cha bee shickyrys erbee ayd jeh dty vioys Bible

pledge breearey, ayns gioal; cur ayns gioal; gialtagh; gioal: He put it in pledge - Hug eh ayns gioal eh. DF idiom; gioaldaghey; iu slaynt; iulaynt; naishtey; raane; gialtaghey

security (n.) lhiettal loghtyn, raane gialtagh, sauchys; raanteenys: He has ample security - Ta raanteenys lhean echey. DF idiom; shickyrys: Financial security - Shickyrys argidagh. DF idiom

cagh elley everyone else, rest: Shoh yn bardoon myr hooar mee eh bleeantyn er dy henney, agh va'n pabyr raipit ec yn jeihoo raane, as cagh elley caillt. Coraa

lhag-hushtagh nutcase; void of understanding: Ta'n dooinney lhag-hushtagh coyrt e laue, as t'eh goll raane fenish e charrey. Bible

shual prosecute, sue: Vrish nane jeu shoh e raane, va nane er ny heyrey lesh coardailys y lught- shual, dooyrt nane dy row bleaysteyderyn echey as va fer elley faagit mooie er y fa dy row bleaysteyderyn echey. Carn

'sy chooish re, in the business, in the matter: Cur dou gioal nish, cur raane dou, quoi ghoys my lauesy chooish? Bible

ring bingys, clinc, rhollan; (v.) cur fainey er, cur stroineen er, clinck, craa, clinckal, clinckeragh, glingal; broo: Ring the doorbell - Broo yn claggan. DF idiom; bwoalley: Ring the bell - Bwoaill yn clag. DF idiom; crie: Ring the bell - Crie yn kiaullane. DF idiom; (n.) bwoaillee, croa, fainney, kiarkyl, loop, paal, scoodyn; fainey: He pledged the ring - Hug eh yn ainey myr raane. DF idiom


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