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Quick (impv) Jean siyr

quick1 (adj.) bieau; tappee: To march in quick time - Dy ghleashagh dy tappee. DF idiom; bioal; gastey: He is quick on the uptake - T'eh gastey dy hoiggal reddyn. DF idiom

quick2 (npl.) (the); (ny) bioee

quick3 (adj.) (of sight) geyre

Inexact matches:

double quick (adj., adv.) feer happee

quick eyed bio-hooillagh

quick flash falleays

quick look sceau: I had a quick look at the sheep - Hug mee sceau er ny kirree. DF idiom

quick one (n.) scobbag

quick in succession trick

bio-hooillagh quick eyed

scobbag (f.) quick one

quick- (pref.) bio-

quick-acting tappee

quick-eared (adj.) geyre-chleayshagh

quick-growing gaase dy tappee; rank

quick-tempered (adj.) fargagh

quick-witted (adj.) bio-inchynagh, geyre-inchynagh, kioot

bio- (pref.) quick-, live-

bio-inchynagh quick-witted

geyre-chleayshagh quick-eared

geyre-inchynagh alert, quick-witted, sharp-witted

trick frequent, quick in succession; (cards) trick

bieau (=Ir. beo) express, quick, rapid, speedy, swift: ta'n Chiarn markiagh er bodjal bieau Bible

Jean siyr (intj) Hurry up, Look alive, Quick: Jean siyr mannagh veesmayd anmagh. DF

hurry (n.) driss, glistyr, quishan; (v.) jannoo siyr: Quick, make haste: Hurry up! - Jean siyr! JJK idiom; siyr: You're in a great hurry - Ta shiu ayns siyr mooar. JJK idiom; siyraghey

bioal animated, breezy, brisk, perky, vivacious; quick: Son ta goo Yee bioal, as breeoil Bible

bioee (ny); (the) living: v'eh giarit jeh veih cheer ny bioee Bible; (the) quick; (impv) revive: as vio-ee eh reesht, dy voddagh eh ve Chiarn chammah ny bio as ny merriu Bible

falleays glimmer, glimpse, quick flash: ga t'eh lostey dewil, cha vel fordrail mooar soilshey da ny jouyil, agh myr falleays beg, dy chur dauesyn fys cre'n stayd treih, boght as piandagh t'ad ayn nish shaghey v'ad roie PC

fargagh angry, enraged, furious, indignant, passion, quick-tempered, raging, vexed, wrathful: Ta dooinney fargagh bioghey anvea Bible; froward

feer happee (of pace) cracking: Agh ren ny keird heshaghtyn caggey dy 'endeil ny stiurtyn oc va goit, as lhig ny meoiryn-shee daue goll seyr feer happee. Carn; double quick, meteoric

gaase dy tappee quick-growing: Nee'n red shoh gaase dy tappee. DF; snowball

gastey active, agile, athletic, clever, lively, speedy, quick, valiant: Ta ny cassyn oc roie gys olk, as gastey dy gheayrtey foill gyn-logh Bible; stayed: va ny ushtaghyn mooarey er nyn gastey Bible; adroit

geyre abrupt, acrid, acute, austere, bitter, cutting, discerning, edged, hard, high-pitched, incisive, knifelike, penetrating, piercing, poignant, pointed, pungent, sharp, sour, stiff, twinging; strict, stringent: hug eh currym geyre er Bible; (promontory) bold; (of sight) quick [O.Ir. gér]

kioot acute, astute, canny, clever, crafty, fly, foxy, intelligent, keen-witted, quick-witted, shrewd, smart, wily [A.S. cuth]

rank pl. rankyn 1 rank a: nee ad goaill toshiaghtsy trass rank. Bible; 2 exuberant, lush, luxuriant, quick-growing, rampant

sceau grimace: Ta sceau er. DF; quick look, sweep: Hug mee sceau er ny kirree. DF; overhang, slant

tappee (=Ir. tapa) allegro, express, fast, hasty, perfunctory, quick, quick-acting, rapid, speedy, swift: ta ny cassyn oc tappee dy gheayrtey fuill Bible


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