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put1 (v.) chur; cur-jee; cur: Put a few shavings on top - Cur paart dy lockerskeeagh er. JJK idiom; hug: Where did you put my letter? - C'raad hug shiu my lettyr? JJK idiom

put2 (interrog.) dug

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put about (v.) hyndaa mygeayrt

put away (v.) cur ersooyl; scarrys

put back (v.) meayllaghey; coyrt cooyll

put by (v.) tashtey: Money put by to fall back on - Argid tasht seose ry-hoi traa chionn. DF idiom

put forth (v.) sheeyn; cur magh

put forward (v.) cur er oai, cur er oaie, moylley

put from cur cooyl

put in (v.) cur stiagh

put off (v.) cur shaghey

put on (v.) chionney; cur er bun; cur er obbyr; ginsh breag; cur mysh: He put on his clothes - Hug eh mysh. DF idiom

put out callit; cur ass; cur magh: He put out his tongue - Hug eh magh e hengey. DF idiom; sheeyney magh; currit ass

put through (v.) cur trooid

put together (v.) meeraghey

put up (v.) ardjaghey, cur aaght da, cur seose, festal, fuillaghtyn, troggal

put upon (v.) boirey er

shall put ver: they shall put bands upon thee - ver ad geulaghyn ort Bible; (interrog.) der

will put ver: He will put things straight - Ver eh reaghys er. DF idiom

would put verragh

did not put cha dug

I shall put derym, derrym; yioym, yioyms, yioym's; ver-yms: when I shall put my sword into the hand of the king of Babylon - tra ver-yms my chliwe ayns laue ree Vabylon Bible

I would put verrin

meal put on a cake (n.) follick, follyd

put a point on (v.) brackey

put in the ground (v.) currit 'sy thalloo

put it into practice eiyrt er

put up with fuillagh

shall not put cha der

put a page on the web (v.) duillag y chur er yn eddyr-voggyl

coal (n.) clagh gheayil, peesh gheayil; geayl: If you put too much coal on, you'll put the fire out - My verrys shiu rouyr geayl er, mooghee shiu yn aile. JJK idiom

gave2 (interrog.) dug; put: Did Hezekiah king of Judah and all Judah put him at all to death? - Dug Hezekiah ree Yudah as ooilley Judah eshyn gy-baase? Bible

cur trooid put through

cur magh (v.) board out, bring forth, deal, delegate, dispatch, dispense, displace, eject, emit, evacuate, exude, give out, issue, lay out, publish, put forth, put out, send out, yield: t'eh cur magh tendreilyn lesh fliaghey Bible; utterance; edition, publication; delegation, dispensation, ejection, emission, evacuation

cur ny chadley put down

cur er oaie further, promote, put forward

cur er obbyr put on, set going

currit 'sy thalloo layered; put in the ground

follick meal put on a cake; shake

follyd meal put on a cake, shake

fuillagh put up with, suffer, tolerate

meeraghey phrase, piece; piece together, put together

brackey put a point on, sharpen, whittle; bracket; variegate

cur aaght da (of people) board; harbour, house, lodge, put up, room

cur cooyl depart; put from; run away; reject; turn away; turn back

cur er oai further, promote, put forward, bring forward

cur shaghey lead away, parry, put off, refer back

derrym I shall put: mannagh derrym my vair ayns ynnyd ny treinaghyn Bible

dug (interrog.) gave, put: Dug Hezekiah ree Yudah as ooilley Judah eshyn gy-baase? Bible

duillag y chur er yn eddyr-voggyl put a page on the web

meayllaghey bald, bare, damp, depilation; flatten: Tonnyn gyn meayllaghey. DF; depilate; put back

sheeyn stretch, put forth: Sheeyn magh dty laue Bible

ver will put, will give: Ver e hooillyn hene my-ner e hoyrt-mow Bible

verragh would give, would put: Cre'n eash verragh oo er? DF

verrin I would give; I would put: Verrin ommidan er. DF

yioym I shall put, I shall get: kys yioym ad moom? Bible

yioyms I shall put: yioyms fys er bun y chooish eu Bible

above you er-dty-skyn: I would not put her above you - Cha derrin ee er dty skyn. DF idiom; er-nyn-skyn

alongside cur liorish: Put it alongside the other one - Cur eh liorish y fer elley. DF idiom

Ark of the Testimony (n.) Arg yn Eanish: And thou shalt put it before the vail that is by the ark of the testimony - As ver oo eh roish y choodagh ta liorish arg yn eanish Bible

armholes (npl.) achlishyn: Put now these old cast clouts and rotten rags under thine armholes - Cur nish ny shenn chloodyn ceaut, as ny frytlaggyn loau shoh fo dty achlishyn Bible

array coamraghey; oardagh; straneys; order-caggee: and put themselves in array at Baaltamar as hug ad ad-hene ayns order-caggee ec Baal-tamar Bible

beside (prep.) liorish: Put it beside the other one - Cur eh liorish y fer elley. DF idiom; rish: Green hills beside the sea - Cruink ghlassey rish y cheayn. DF idiom; liorish lhiattee

bill of divorcement (n.) screeuyn-scarree: Moses suffered to write a bill of divorcement, and to put her away - Lhow Moses screeuyn scarree y yannoo, as dy choyrt ee ersooyl Bible

buoy (n.) booie: Put down a buoy - Booie y chur magh. DF idiom; (n.) booie stiuree, mollag; (v.) cur magh booieyn

bushel (n.) tubbag; saagh: Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel - Chamoo ta sleih foaddey cainle, as dy choyrt ee fo saagh Bible

cart cairt: The cart was caught in the bog - Va'n cairt fest 'sy voglagh. DF idiom; cart: To put the cart before the horse - Cur yn cart roish y chabbyl. JJK idiom; caart; (v.) cartey, cairtey, tayrn

childish (adj.) lambaanagh; lambanagh: I put away childish things - hug mee reddyn lambanagh dy lhiattee Bible; lhampanagh

coffin (n.) coavin, coyr-verriu, kishtey keyl, koir-verriu, koir-oanluckee; crub; coffin: they embalmed him, and he was put in a coffin in Egypt. - ren ad yn corp echeyspiceal, as veh er ny choyrt ayns coffin ayns Egypt Bible

deposit (v.) cur sheese, cur yeearlys er, jannoo fooillagh, lhiggey neose; (n.) fooillagh; stoyr; tashtee; tashtey; yeearlys: I put a hundred pounds deposit on the car - Hug mee keead punt yeearlys er y ghleashtan. DF idiom; jasscane

foremost (adj.) red toshee; 'sy toshiaght: And he put the handmaids and their children foremost - As hug eh ny sharvaantyn, as y chloan ocsynsy toshiaght Bible

for sale (adj.) ry chreck; er y vargey: Put it up for sale - Cur eh er y vargey. DF idiom

green1 eayney; geayney: Put more of the green in - Cur tooilley geayney stiagh. DF idiom; glassey: Green hills beside the sea - Cruink ghlassey rish y cheayn. DF idiom; faaie; foain; oor

heads (npl.) king: The dogs have put their heads in the pot - Ta ny moddee er chur nyn ging 'sy phott. DF idiom; (people) leeideilee, fir ching

jewel (n.) cliegeen: As a jewel of gold in a swine's snout - Myr cliegeen dy airh ayns stroin muickey Bible; cliejeen; jewel: And I put a jewel on thy forehead - As hug mee jewel er glaare dty eddin Bible

pieces (npl.) stuckanyn; meeryn; peeshyn: Now put two or three pieces of wood on - Nish cur er ghaa ny tree peeshyn dy fuygh. JJK idiom

plates (npl.) siyn; plaityn; moggaidyn: Put the plates on the table - Cur er ny moggaidyn. JJK idiom

pledge breearey, ayns gioal; cur ayns gioal; gialtagh; gioal: He put it in pledge - Hug eh ayns gioal eh. DF idiom; gioaldaghey; iu slaynt; iulaynt; naishtey; raane; gialtaghey

rack (n.) carree; cratch; crib; latt: Put it on the rack - Cur er y latt eh. DF idiom; rack; sheeyneyder

shawl (n.) filleag: She put on her shawl - Hug ee mooee e filleag. DF idiom

shovel (n.) sleayst: Take the shovel and put some coal on - Gow yn shleayst as cur geayl er. JJK idiom; (v.) sleaystey

signature (n.) ennym screeuit, screeuys; ennym: Put your signature to it - Cur dty ennym rish. DF idiom

special ard-ghooghyssagh; er lheh: They put a special train on - Roie ad traen er lheh. DF idiom

thee2 (pron, emph.) uss: And I will put enmity between thee and the woman - As ver-yms noidys eddyr uss as y ven Bible

too much roud; rour; rouyr: Don't put too much on at a time - Ny cur rouyr er ec keayrt. JJK idiom

widow (n.) ben hreoghe; ben treoghe: and put on the garments of her widowhood - as hug ee e garmadyn ben treoghe urree Bible

ardjaghey1 (=Ir. ardú) change up, increase, lift, mount up, overbid, pitch, prefer, promote, ramp, steepen, uplift; (as fever) worsen; inflation, preferment, promotion, upheaval; put up: Yn railley y ardjaghey. DF; raise: Armyn y ardjaghey. DF; climb: Ta ny hetlanyn shoh mie dy ardjaghey. DF

boirey er aggrieve, bother, disconcert, disrupt, distract, embarrass, madden, niggle, perplex, perturb, pester, put upon, trouble, unsettle, vex, worry: Ta'n feeyn boirey er y volg echey. DF

callit ceased, done away, put out, stolen: nagh bee'n ennym echey callit ayns Israel Bible

cha der 1 shall not give a: cha der shiu state-hallooin daue ayns Israel Bible; 2 shall not put a: cha der ad moo red erbee ta jannoo ollish. Bible

cha dug did not put, did not give: As cha dug eh enney er, er-yn-oyr dy row e laueyn geyshteenagh Bible

chionney beset: ren ad chionney orrym mygeayrt y thie Bible; clench, cog, fasten, gird, grit, inflate, momentum, press, pressurize, pump up, put on, screw up, straighten, strain, tauten, tighten; erection; throng

chur1 1 put, laid a: Chur eh e laueyn orroosyn va ayns shee rish Bible; 2 sent: Chur eh magh e ockle, as ren eh ad y lheihys: as v'ad er ny hauail veih nyn doyrt-mow. Bible

coyrt cooyll put back: Agh my nee shiu er aght erbee coyrt cooyll Bible

cur (=Ir. cuir) add, communicate, consign, lay, lead, putting, render, site, send; give, place, put: Gow saagh, as cur lane omer dy vanna ayn Bible; giveth [O.Ir. cor]

cur ass annoy, cancel, deprive, emit, extrude, inconvenience, put out, repeal: Maghey shen va greienyn-kiaullee neu-ghooghysagh snaue stiagh neesht as cur ass ynnyd yn bombarde as biniou. Carn

cur cheb er guess; put an attempt on, try: Foast, ta'n chooid smoo dy Hostnee goaill aggle roish cur cheb er chengaghyn elley, er nonney t'ad noi chengaghyn elley. Carn

cur eab er essay, try over as music; put an attempt on: shegin dooin cur er bun startey noa dy chooney lesh ooilley ny possanyn, sheshaghtyn, sleih as Rheynnyn y Reiltys ta cur eab er bishaghey y Ghaelg. Dhoor; trying

cur er bun engender, engineer, establish, inaugurate, instigate, launch, open up, organise, organize, put on, stage, start: T'ad er chee cur er bun bing ayns Dyfed dy hayrn cooidjagh ooilley ny jannooaghyn bentyn da'n chengey. Carn; set up

cur ersooyl discharge, dismiss, give away, put away, send away: Nish lhig dauesyn cur ersooyl nyn maarderys Bible

cur-jee put: Cur-jee lhieu hyms crushtin noa, as cur-jee sollan ayn. As hug ad lhieu eh huggey Bible

cur mysh attire, clothe, don, draw on, dress: cur mysh e gharmadyn Bible; put on

cur neose dismount; lower; send down: Cur neose dty Spyrryd casherick, as deayrt ayns ny creeaghyn ain yn gioot smoo ooasle shen dy ghiastyllys, yn eer kiangley dy hee, as jeh dy chooilley ghrays PB1765; put down

currit ass annoyed, cancelled, deprived; quenched, put out, extinguished: t'ad currit ass myr cainle Bible

currit ry-cheilley compiled, connected, put together: Bee ny cowraghyn currit ry-cheilley ec jerrey y choorse dy gheddyn magh y graayd ta'n studeyr er chosney ayns TCG. Dhoor

der (interrog.) shall give: der oo lhiat mee reesht gys y joan? Bible; will give; shall put

derym I shall put: giarey eh ayns peeshyn, as cur eh ny lhie er y fuygh, as gyn veg yn aile y chur fo Bible

eiyrt er attend on, chase, emulate, ensue, follow through, pursue, put it into practice, result, shadow, stalk, tail: dy eiyrt er ny cliaghtaghyn oc Bible

festal adhere, fit out, fix, mount, put up, set out, stickiness, stick on: Festal fograghyn er ny boallaghyn. DF

fuillaghtyn endure, forbear, permit, put up, suffer, tolerate: Fuillaghtyn dagh nhee Bible; endurance, sufferance, patience

ginsh breag put on, tell a lie: S'feer eh,' dreggyr Peddyr, 'as my ta mee ginsh breag, she breag va inshit dou. Dhoor

hug 1 gave, put, send, toward a: Hug eh lesh mee magh neesht gys boayl dy reamys Bible; 2 (motion) to

hug shoh so far; this put: As hug shoh jymmoose er y Chiarn; shen-y-fa hug eh eshyn dy-baase myrgeddin. Bible

hyndaa mygeayrt put about: As te er ny hyndaa mygeayrt ec e harey Bible

moylley (f.) pl. moyllaghyn advocate, applaud, applause, cheering, commend, commendation, compliment, compliments, laud, plaudits, praise, promotion, put forward, recommend, recommendation, tribute: hug ad moylley da'n jee oc Bible; (praise) boost; (praise) cheer

scarrys put away: Quoi-erbee scarrys rish e ven, as phoosys ben elley, t'eh brishey poosey Bible

sheeyney magh attenuate, attenuation, distend, distension, expand, expansion, extend, fork out, hold out, lengthen, pass round, prolong, protract, protraction, push out, put out, reach, stretch out: nee eh sheeyney magh e laue noi yn twoaie Bible; (as landscape) unfold

skeaylley magh extend, put down, set down, spread out, untuck: Drappal er yn 'aal, cassaghey as skeaylley magh, geiyrt er y ghrian. Dhoor

stroie (v.) annihilate, destroy, despoil, dissipate, kill, kill off, overthrow, put down, slay, smite: nee shiu stroie ny altaryn oc Bible; devour, consume; (wealth) waste; (n.) dissipation, destruction

ver-yms I shall put: tra ver-yms my chliwe ayns laue ree Vabylon Bible; I shall give: Ver-yms booise dhyt's, O Hiarn as Ree, as nee'm oo y voylley Apoc; I will give

yioym's (emph.) I shall put: 3 Cre'n raad yioym's feill dy choyrt da ooilley'n pobble shoh? Bible

bottom1 (n.) bun: At the bottom of the stairs - Ec bun ny greeishyn. DF idiom; cass, jerrey, kione, laare; grunt: Fishing on the bottom - Eeastagh er y ghrunt. DF idiom; iightyr, iyghtyr; (n.) curp: Hit him across the bottom - Bwoaill eh er ny curpyn echey. DF idiom; thoyn: His bottom was wet - Va'n thoyn echey fliugh. DF idiom; toinn; (v.) cur ashvuilley er: To put bottom on a ball - Dy chur ashvuilley er bluckan. DF idiom

charm (v.) cur fo druaight, druaightey; cur y fockle er: She put a charm on me - Hug ee yn fockle orrym. DF idiom; (n.) druaight, fockle, gueshag, guess, oalys, obb, pishag, sheean; sheeanys: Woman full of charm - Ben lane dy heeanys. DF idiom

dry sponkit, reeastanagh; chirrym: The road is dry without being hard - Ta'n raad chirrym gyn ve creoi. DF idiom; creeney; creoi; cuckley; jeen; shiast: The cow is dry - Ta'n vooa shiast. DF idiom; shiastey: Dry wells - Chibbraghyn shiastey. DF idiom; sloateil; chyrmey; chyrmaghey; chirmaghey: Put out to dry - Cur magh dy chirmaghey. DF idiom

ease aash: And among these nations shalt thou find no ease - As mastey ny ashoonyn shoh, cha vow veg yn aash Bible; soccar, soccoilid; (v.) boggaghey, cur aash er, eddrymaghey, feaysley er, jannoo aashagh, seyrey; lhaggee: Ease somewhat the yoke that thy father did put upon us? - Lhaggee yn whing hug dty ayr orrin? Bible; lhaggaghey: ease thou somewhat the grievous servitude of thy father - jean uss red ennagh y lhaggaghey jeh bondiaght dewil dtayrey Bible

girded (v.) chiangle: And he put upon him the coat, and girded him with the girdle - As hug eh er yn cooat, as chiangle eh yn cryss mysh Bible; cryssit: And thus shall ye eat it; with your loins girded - As shoh myr nee shiu gee eh; lesh nyn meeghyn cryssit Bible

glass (n.) glenney: I have to put new glass in it - Shegin dou cur glenney noa aynjee. Bunnydys; gless: Will they have a glass of wine? - Bee gless dy feeyn oc? JJK idiom; glonney: Glass-works - Caardee glonney DF idiom; scaan

I should lhisin, lhisins: shew thou me the way that I should walk in - jeeagh dou yn raad ayn lhisin gimmeeaght Bible; (dy) jinnin: If it be your mind that I should bury my dead out of my sight - My she nyn aigney eh, dy jinnin my varroo y oanluckey ass my hilley Bible; (dy) jinnyn: God forbid that I should sin against the Lord - ny lhig eh Jee dy jinnyn peccah noin Chiarn Bible; veign: I should soon have put down their enemies - Veign dy leah er choyrt sheese ny noidyn oc Bible

pot1 (v.) cur ayns crockan, tilgey; cur bluckan 'sy phoagey; (n.) kennip; crockan: Flower pot - Crockan blaa. DF idiom; kishtey; pot: Take the pot off the fire - Trog yn poht jeh'n aile. DF idiom; pott: The dogs have put their heads in the pot - Ta ny moddee er chur nyn ging 'sy phott. DF idiom

seek after (v.) geiyr er; geiyrt da: and have such pleasure in vanity, and seek after lying - as goaill lheid y taitnys ayns coyrleyn fardalagh as geiyrt da breagyn Bible; (impv) eiyr- jee er: neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them - chamoo eiyr-jee er fir-obbee, dy ve cleaynit lioroo Bible; shirrey lurg: to see if there were any that would understand, and seek after God - dy akin row veg jeu yinnagh toiggal, as shirrey lurg Jee Bible; shelg lurg: Let them be confounded, and put to shame, that seek after my soul - Bee ad er nyn gastey, as er nyn goyrt gys nearey, ta shelg lurg mannym Bible; jeeaghyn son: and the Greeks seek after wisdom - as ny Greekyn jeeaghyn son creenaght

shall scourge custee: And they shall mock him, and shall scourge him - As craidee ad mysh, as custee ad eh Bible; scuitchee: And they shall scourge him, and put him to death - As scuitchee ad eh, as ver ad eh gy baase Bible

stomach (n.) bolg: Crawling on his stomach - Snaue er e volg. DF idiom; booragh, chiolg, stamach; gailley: On a full stomach - Er gailley lane. DF idiom; stamack: It will put some stomach in them - Ver e stamack ayndoo. DF idiom

wood1 (n.) aamaid; foiee; fuygh: Now put two or three pieces of wood on - Nish cur er ghaa ny tree peeshyn dy fuygh. JJK idiom; keyll: Don't lose yourself in the wood - Ny caill shiu-hene 'sy cheyll. JJK idiom; ros; magin

cur ayns clou set up; put in print: Ga dy ren yn Ayr Peadar O Laoire obbyr ass towse dy aa-vioghey Yernish, v'eh noi cur ayns clou ram jeh ny shenn arraneyn as skeealyn er y fa dy row ad 'sollagh'. Carn

currit da liable, susceptible, tendency: Gleashtan currit da chyndaa harrish. DF; given to, put to: Va bree currit da'n clattys shoh sy vlein 1974 erreish da'n thie lhionney shid ve sheidit seose ayns Birmingham as ram sleih marrooit. Carn; partial to, subject to; addicted: Ta mee currit da'n jough. DF; fond of

currit ersooyl dismissed; put away: Haink yn caggey as cha row yn obbyr shoh jeant, agh cheayll mee dy row ny rhollanyn currit ersooyl ec Marstrander dys boayl chemmyrk ayns Dublin son sauchys. MB; sent away: Cha leah's ren y laa toshiaght soilshaghey, va ny deiney currit ersooyl, ad hene as nyn assylyn. Bible

cur seose carry forward, disclaim, drop off, extradite, flush, increase, move, postulate, relinquish, represent; pitch; fit on, fix: cur seose coamraghyn myr y chray Bible; retire, surrender: Cur seose, as rish y jiass Bible; set on fire; hang; put up, mount: Cur seose claghyn soit Bible; abdication; extradition; give up

cur sheese confound, lower, put down, send down, subdue, suppress: Ny marr ad, er-aggle dy jarrood my phobble eh: agh skeayl ad dy lhean mastey'n pobble, as cur sheese ad, O Hiarn, nyn vendeilagh. Bible; book, deposit, depress, discharge, give in, lay, prescribe, salt

cur stiagh bring home, buy in, drop, embody, embrace, enclose, harvest, house, input, install, interject, lay up, pass, return; insert, put in: gys ny laueyn oc ta Jee cur stiagh dy palchey Bible; submit; insertion, installation, interruption, intervention; get in; enter; fill in

tashtey cache, deposit, dump, dumping, hoard, keep, lay up, put by, save, saving, stockpile, stock up, store, stow: Ga dy vel eh tashtey seose argid myr joan Bible; (n.) pl. tashtaghyn treasure, fund, stowage, lodgement: Ta carrey mie tashtey vooar. JJK; reserve price; gather up: As nee dooinney glen chymsaghey leoie yn cholbagh, s tashtey seose eh cheumooie Bible; damp, dew

troggal (=Ir. tógáil) arise, boost, building, elaborate, exalt, gather up, getting up, harvest, hoist, input, invoke, lift, lifting, pick off, pick up, pull in, raise, raise up, rally, rig up, set in rows, sing up, take, winch, wind; (f.) upbringing, uplift; (tax) charging; (as disease) contract; (of wind) freshen; (as shoulders) heave; (as child) bringing up, nurture, rear, train: Shegin da ve feer chronnal nish nagh vodmayd goaill yn nah chesmad er ash (troggal sheeloghe noa voish y chlean) ayns Mannin derrey ta mysh lieh-cheead dy leih ayn mysh yn eash hoght bleeaney jeig as Gaelg flaaoil oc. Carn; development, edifice, structure: cha nel troggal er-lheh oc as cha nel ad er phointeil fir-ynsee noa. Carn; breed, breeding, rearing: she eshyn van chenn-ayr ocsyn ta beaghey ayns cabbaneyn, as ta troggal ollagh. Bible; build, construct, elevate, put up: scuirr ad veih troggal yn ard-valley Bible; absorption, elaboration; hoist up


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