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punt (n.) punt: It will cost a pound - Costee eh punt. DF idiom; (v.) puntal

punt pl. puint pound, punt, quid: Gow-jee yn punt voishyn as cur-jee eh da fer ny jeih puint. Bible

Inexact matches:

punt gun (n.) punt-ghunn

keead punt cental, hundred pounds: As veagh ad eginit kiare feed punt ass keead punt (er y chooid sloo) y chosney veih'n eirinys.

punt airhey sovereign

punt ommidjagh pound-foolish

punt Sostynagh pound sterling

raatys punt-airhey sovereign rating

bwilleen kiare punt (f.) quartern loaf

Close ny Punt Pinfold Enclosure

pabyr queig punt five pound note

queig cheead punt five hundred pounds, monkey: Y daa chuirrey-chiaullee ayns garaghyn y Villa Marina, chaill ad hoght meeilley as queig cheead punt ooilley cooidjagh. BS

queig punt as feed (money) pony

hundred pounds (npl.) keead punt: I'll draw a hundred pounds tomorrow - Gowym magh keead punt mairagh. DF idiom

kiare feed eighty: As veagh ad eginit kiare feed punt ass keead punt (er y chooid sloo) y chosney veih'n eirinys. Carn

cental (n.) keead punt

pound (v.) broojey, bwoalley er, cur 'sy phundail, mynvroojey; (n.) pundail; punt: Were you even to give him a pound, he wouldn't do it - Eer dy derragh oo punt da, cha jinnagh eh eh. JJK idiom

pound-foolish (adj.) punt ommidjagh

pound sterling (n.) punt Sostynagh

quid1 (n.) punt

puntal poundal; punt

punt-ghunn punt gun

Pinfold Enclosure (n.) Close ny Punt

pony2 (n.) (money) queig punt as feed

punt-pole (n.) maidjey seiyee

quartern loaf (n.) bwilleen kiare punt

sovereign rating (n.) raatys punt-airhey

kishan peck, skep; skip: Ta Mainshtyr Young cur sannish dy jean y costys jeh failley kishan getlagh seose dys foddey ny smoo na queig ny shey cheead punt, tra vees orçh costal keead punt y thunney ec yn ynnyd lhieeney thalloo. BS

maidjey seiyee punt-pole

five hundred pounds (n.) queig cheead punt

five pound note (n.) pabyr queig punt

monkey (n.) apag; queig cheead punt; (v.) cloie

chione2 (y) apiece: Feed punt y chione DF

sovereign (n.) ard-ree; (n.) punt airhey, feed skillin; (adj.) ard-reeoil, kionedeeagh, kionyssagh

er y chooid sloo at least: Punt er y chooid sloo. DF

millioon mega, million: Daag eh millioon punt ny yei. DF

queig jeig fifteen: Hug ad queig jeig thousane punt dou er eeasaght. DF

shugyr (=Ir. siucar) sugar: Shugyr y chreck rere y punt. DF

spikenard spikenard: ghow Moirrey punt dy ooil dy spikenard feer chostal Bible

yeearlys 1 deposit a: Hug mee keead punt yeearlys er y ghleashtan. DF; 2 handsel

at the least (yn) chooid sloo: A hundred pounds at the least - Keead punt ec y chooid sloo. DF idiom

bid1 cheb, doardee, oardraghey, oardreil, poinsheil; chebbal; oardee; oardaghey; hebb: I bid five pounds - Hebb mee queig punt. DF idiom

butter (v.) cur eeym er; (n.) eem: Butter is sold at tenpence a pound - Ta eem creckit ec jeih pingyn yn punt. JJK idiom; eeym: You have some butter - Ta eeym ayd. JJK idiom

deposit (v.) cur sheese, cur yeearlys er, jannoo fooillagh, lhiggey neose; (n.) fooillagh; stoyr; tashtee; tashtey; yeearlys: I put a hundred pounds deposit on the car - Hug mee keead punt yeearlys er y ghleashtan. DF idiom; jasscane

eighty hoghtad; kiare feed: Eighty pence a pound - Kiare feed ping y punt. DF idiom

Balley Moaney Peaty Farm, Farm of the Turbary, Turf Farm: Ta Tinvaal er choardail dy cheau ny smoo na daa cheead as feed meeilley punt er ynnyd-tarlheimagh son etlanyn-cassee ec y thie-lheihys noa ec Balley Moaney. BS

bonney bond: Deeassee y Lught-Reill Lectraghys nuy feed as queig millioon punt ec use injil liorish bonney lesh y Reiltys. BS

bun-argid capital, floating capital, principal: Yn chhiaghtin shoh cheet, bee shirveishee shirrey er Tinvaal kied y chur daue dy cheau bunnys queig millioon punt myr bun-argid. BS

chione y cheilley mixed: hug eh lesh mysh keead punt dy vyrrh as dy aloes kione y cheilley Bible

cocaine cocaine: Lurg da prowal smuggleragh cocaine as kennip va feeu daeed as hoght meeilley jeig punt stiagh syn Ellan BS

daeed y pheesh forty apiece, forty each: Coardail rish ronsaghey jeant sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, t'ad ceau eddyr daeed as jeih punt as daeed y pheesh as ad er çheer. BS; deuce

Gaelg Albinagh (f.) Scottish Gaelic: ta'n chellveeish er ngeddyn nuy milliun punt ry-hoi jannoo claareyn ayns Gaelg Albinagh. Carn

gyn tendeil (as desk) unattended: Agh y red s'cosoylee dy ventyn rish y theay, shen final daeed punt son peiagh erbee vees faagail carbyd gyn tendeil. BS; unguarded

kennip (f.) (pl -yn) cannabis, hashish, pot: Lurg da prowal smuggleragh cocaine as kennip va feeu daeed as hoght meeilley jeig punt stiagh syn Ellan, hie dooinney voish Doolish er deyrey gys tree bleeaney as hoght mee ayns pryssoon. BS; hemp, rope-yarn

kione y cheilley 1 mixed together, through others, together: hug eh lesh mysh keead punt dy vyrrh as dy aloes kione y cheilley.; 2 wits end a: Dooinney ta ec kione y cheilley cha nel eh ec kione y credjue. EF

paggey deck, wad, wadding; pack: Ta'n paggey argidoil shallidagh goaill stiagh eeck eeasaght jeh lieh-cheead millioon punt, shegin goll er eeck ayns Mean Fouyir. BS; truss

poageen budget: Va poageen jeh daa cheead thousane punt currit daue son cummaghyn aarheynn thallooin. NNS

shalee-toshee (f.) pilot project: Ta Coonceil Ghoolish sursmooinaghtyn mychione ceau feed meeilley punt er shalee-toshee syn ard. BS

shiaghteeyn weeks: Va'n chooish leigh tannaghtyn jeih shiaghteeyn sy whaiyl - as v'ee costal mysh milliun punt. Carn


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