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public (adj.) foshlit, er fys; cadjinagh; theayagh: Is there a public convenience here? - Vel premmee theayagh ayn ayns shoh? DF idiom; pobbylagh: Public works - Obbraghyn pobbylagh. DF idiom; (n.) seihll, sleih, theay; (y) phobble: Public holiday - Laa seyr y phobble. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

general public (n.) theay

notary public (n.) noteyr theayagh, scrudeyr oikoil

public authority (n.) lught-reill ny theay

public baths (npl.) loghan faarkee, poyll faarkee, thie faarkee

public body (n.) boayrd scrutee

public consultation (n.) cochoyrle heayagh; barelyn y theay

public convenience (n.) premmee

public enquiry (n.) brialtys theayagh

Public Entrance (n.) Entreilys y Phobble, Entreilys y Theay

public funds (npl.) kishtey theayagh

public gallery lout yn phobble

public garden (n.) pairk

public health (n.) slaynt y theay, slaynt ny theay

public holiday (n.) laa seyr yn theay, laa seyr y phobble

public house (n.) thie oast

public housing (n.) thieys theayagh

public image (n.) co-yalloo

public justice (n.) cairys theayagh

public meeting (n.) chaglym theayagh

public notary (n.) screeudeyr ny teay

public notice (n.) fogrey theayagh

public opinion (n.) aigney yn phobble; aigney yn theay

public order (n.) ymmyrkey-bea yn theay

public ownership (n.) shellooderys y theay

public park (n.) pairk ny theay

public-private partnerships (npl.) boodeeyssyn theayagh-preevaadjagh

public purse (n.) kishtey yn staait

public records (npl.) recortyssyn y theay

public school (n.) scoill phreevaadjagh

public sector (n.) kerroo theayagh

public service (n.) shirveish theayagh

public services (npl.) shirveishyn theayagh

Public Transport Arraghey Theayagh

public way (n.) bayr mooar, raad mooar

public welfare (n.) lhiasaghey yn phobble

public works (npl.) obbraghyn pobbylagh, obbraghyn theayagh

Director of Public Prosecution (n.) Stiureyder Shualtys Theayagh

Director of Public Transport (n.) Stiureyder Arraghey Theayagh

Isle of Man Public Services (npl.) Shirveishyn Theayagh Ellan Vannin

Manx Public Law (n.) Leigh Theayagh Vanninagh

public house licence (n.) oastys

Public Lottery Trust (n.) Treisht y Chronghyr Theayagh

public opinion survey (n.) creearey barelyn y theay

Public Records Office (n.) Oik Recortyssyn y Theay

public rights of way (npl.) cassanyn foshlit

public sector flat (n.) cummal-rea theayagh

Public Sector Pensions Act (n.) Slattys Penshynyn y Cherroo Theayagh

Public Sector Pensions Authority (n.) Lught-reill Penshynyn y Cherroo Theayagh

public service broadcasting (n.) ymskeaylley shirveish heayagh

Public Service Employing Authority (n.) Lught-reill Failley Shirveish Heayagh

Isle of Man Public Service Pension Scheme (n.) Skeim Penshyn Shirveish Theayagh Ellan Vannin

Manx National Heritage Public Services Division (n.) Fo-rheynn Shirveishyn Theayagh Eiraght Ashoonagh Vannin

Select Committee of Tynwald on Public Service Broadcasting (n.) Bing Er Lheh Tinvaal mychione Scaalheaney Shirveish Heayagh

Arraghey Theayagh Public Transport

boayrd scrutee public body

brialtys theayagh public enquiry

cairys theayagh public justice

chaglym theayagh public meeting

cochoyrle heayagh public consultation

fogrey theayagh public notice

kerroo theayagh public sector

kishtey theayagh public funds

loghan faarkee public baths

noteyr theayagh notary public

obbraghyn pobbylagh public works

obbraghyn theayagh public works

scoill phreevaadjagh (f.) public school

scrudeyr oikoil notary public

shirveish theayagh (f.) public service

shirveishyn theayagh (f.) public services

theay (=Ir. tuath) (f.) citizens, commonalty, common people, general public, hoi polloi, laity, layman, peasantry, plebs, public, populace, subjects, subject: ta fer-reill olkyssagh harrish theay seaghnit Bible

thieys theayagh public housing

aigney yn phobble public opinion

aigney yn theay public opinion

boodeeyssyn theayagh-preevaadjagh public-private partnerships

cummal-rea theayagh public sector flat

Entreilys y Phobble Public Entrance

Entreilys y Theay Public Entrance

lhiasaghey yn phobble public welfare

lout yn phobble public gallery

lught-reill ny theay public authority

pairk ny theay public park

recortyssyn y theay public records

screeudeyr ny teay public notary

shellooderys y theay public ownership

slaynt ny theay (f.) public health

slaynt y theay (f.) public health

thie faarkee bagnio, public baths

ymmyrkey-bea yn theay public order

bayr mooar highroad, main road, public way

cassanyn foshlit public rights of way

creearey barelyn y theay public opinion survey

kishtey yn staait public purse, treasury

laa seyr yn theay public holiday

laa seyr y phobble public holiday

Leigh Theayagh Vanninagh Manx Public Law

Lught-reill Failley Shirveish Heayagh Public Service Employing Authority

oastys (f.) (food) board; boarding, hostel; public house licence

Oik Recortyssyn y Theay Public Records Office

Stiureyder Arraghey Theayagh Director of Public Transport

Stiureyder Shualtys Theayagh Director of Public Prosecution

Treisht y Chronghyr Theayagh (f.) Public Lottery Trust

ymskeaylley shirveish heayagh public service broadcasting

Fo-rheynn Shirveishyn Theayagh Eiraght Ashoonagh Vannin Manx National Heritage Public Services Division

Lught-reill Penshynyn y Cherroo Theayagh Public Sector Pensions Authority

Shirveishyn Theayagh Ellan Vannin (f.) Isle of Man Public Services

Skeim Penshyn Shirveish Theayagh Ellan Vannin Isle of man Public Service Pension Scheme

Slattys Penshynyn y Cherroo Theayagh Public Sector Pensions Act

conveyance (n.) caghlaa shelloo, screeuyn shelloo; ymmyrkey: Public system of conveyance - Corys ymmyrkey. DF idiom

barelyn y theay public consultation: T'eh traa dy hirrey barelyn y theay mychione doilleeidyn lesh shirveishyn Raaidyn Aer Goaldagh gys as voish Mannin, coardail rish Bill Henderson, oltey jeh'n Chiare BS

Bing Er Lheh Tinvaal mychione Scaalheaney Shirveish Heayagh Select Committee of Tynwald on Public Service Broadcasting

cadjinagh commoner, generally, prevalent, prosaic, public, vulgarly; commonly: v'eh fakin ny smoo ass e 'nane na veagh guillyn elly fakin dy cadjinagh lesh daa hooill! Coraa

co-yalloo public image; image: ayndu ta jih yn tyyl shoanoni ern' alley ny hagnyghyn acksyn nagh vell krediu, nagh jenagh soilshe yn tuiskel dy gloyr ghrist (shen ta ko-iallu iih) soilsheyn dausyn. PB1610

er fys known, notorious, public: bee eh un laa vees er fys dan Chiarn Bible

foshlit (=Ir. oscailte) 1 agape, ajar, blatant, downright, exploded, exposed, extrovert, forthcoming, free-spoken, open, open-necked, overt, patent, public, unfastened, unobstructed, unsealed a: va uinniagyn yn aer foshlit. Bible; 2 (as credit) blank

pairk (=Ir. páirc) (f.) course, moorland, pasture field, untilled field: Pairk Valley Cheerey Connaghyn. DF; park, public garden: Hannah, t'adsyn er hroggal pairk son paitchyn aegey ec Faaie Craine. BS

phobble See pobble (y) public: As tra v'eh er ny greeshyn, shen myr ve, dy hrog ny sidooryn lhieu eh, kyndagh ish chennid y phobble. Bible

pobbylagh populous, public: Myrgeddin, ta'n Ghailck ry-akin ny s'menckey er ny straaidjyn as er troggalyn pobbylagh liorish jannooaghyn yn Cheshaght.Carn Carn

poyll faarkee baths, pool, public baths, swimming pool: Ta'n valjaght troggal poyll faarkee da'n sleih ayns shen, gollrooin hene ayns Purt ny Hinshey! Dhoor

premmee (f.) earth closet, lavatory, loo, privy, public convenience, toilet, W.C., water closet: Vel premmee theayagh ayn ayns shoh? DF

raad mooar COMPARE raad-vooar highway, main road, major road, public way, trunk road: Veih Ballakilpheric ghow mee y bayr ta goll seose da'n raad mooar er y clieau, faggys da'n tholtan aynsyn va Thom Dipper baghey Coraa

seihll (=Ir. saol) pl. seihill pl. seihllyn age, existence, life, lifetime, span; public, world: ta mee nish goll raad ooilley'n seihll Bible

sleih (=Ir. slua) commonalty, crowd, family, inhabitants, people, populace, public, relations: haink yn sleih cheddin dy ve deiney niartal Bible; masses; persons

thie oast boozer, dram shop, licensed house, pub, public house, saloon, tavern; inn: dy chur bee da e assyl ec y thie oast Bible; hotel


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