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profession1 (n.) breearrey: She made her profession - Ren ee e breearrey. DF idiom; gerrym: It is a crowded profession - She gerrym eh gyn reamys da tooilley ayn. DF idiom; keird

profession2 (n.) (the) lught yn keirdey

Inexact matches:

legal profession (n.) lught yn leigh

medical profession (n.) gerrym-lhee, lught lhee

scholastic profession (n.) lught ynsee

teaching profession (n.) lught ynsee

lught lhee medical profession

lught yn keirdey (the) profession

lught ynsee scholastic profession, teaching profession: Ta drogh ourys ec Bretnee dooie nagh vel y lught-ynsee slane ayns foayr jeh ynsaghey trooid Bretnish. Carn

lught yn leigh legal profession

breearrey (f.) pl. breearraghyn 1 avowal, profess, profession, solemn promise, swear, troth, vow a: ta mee breearrey liorym pene Bible; 2 (gen.) of a vow

gerrym (f.) 1 crowing, outcry, shouting, whoop, whooping a: nee'n dooinney girree ec gerrym y chellee Bible; 2 (of bird) call; 3 (v.) (of cock) crow: ren y kellagh gerrym yn nah cheayrt Bible; 4 avocation, mission, profession, vocation: She lheeys yn gerrym echey DF

gerrym-lhee medical profession: Hirr sleih ass gerrym-lhee yn Ellan er Mainshtyr Cannan eh dy chur faaue da Tinvaal dy lhisagh ad cur sheear resooney mychione Bing- Choyrlee ny Shirveishyn Slaynt BS

keird (=Ir. ceard) (f.) pl. keirdyn avocation, business, calling, craft, discipline, employment, finish, line, occupation, profession, professional skill, pursuit, trade, vocation: cha bee fir-cheirdey jeh keird erbee, arragh ry-gheddyn aynyd's Bible; art [O.Ir. cerd]


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