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principal ard-chione; ard-vainshtyr; bun-argid; cubbyl; ard ghooinney: He was the principal man in the affair - V'eh yn ard ghooinney 'sy chooish. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

principal area (n.) ard-ard

principal clerk (n.) ard-chleragh

principal Sword Bearer (n.) Ard-er-Cliwe

ard-ard principal area

Ard-er-Cliwe principal Sword Bearer

vice-principal (n.) lhiass-ardvainshtyr, lhiass-stiureyder

ard-chione head, principal, superior, supremo

lhiass-ardvainshtyr vice-principal

ard-vainshtyr headmaster; master: O Velteshazzar, ard-vainshtyr ny deiney creeney Bible; principal

contents (n.) cummal: These are the principal contents - T'ad shoh yn ard-chummal DF idiom; lanid; rolley dy chooishyn; cooishyn; sthoo thie

mightiest (adj.) stroshee; by-niartal: the most principal and mightiest in the dwellings of Ham - yn vooinjer byrjey as by-niartal ayns cummallyn Ham Bible

ard-chleragh (=Ir. airdchlier; lat. arduus and clericus) (adj.) hierarchic, hierarchical; (n.) principal clerk, recorder: As va Joab mac Zeruiah harrish y sheshaght-caggee; Jehoshaphat mac Ahilud ard-chleragh ny lioaryn

bun-argid capital, floating capital, principal: Yn chhiaghtin shoh cheet, bee shirveishee shirrey er Tinvaal kied y chur daue dy cheau bunnys queig millioon punt myr bun-argid. BS

cubbyl (=Ir. cupla) brace, couple, coupler, in pairs, principal, yoke: As ghow eh cubbyl dy ghew Bible

howling (v.) gullagh; gullal: and an howling from the second gate - as gullal veih yn nah yiat Bible; gullarnee; nullarnee; yllaghey: A voice of the cry of the shepherds, and an howling of the principal of the flock - Bee eam keayney ny bochillyn, as yllaghey leeideilee yn chioltane Bible

lhiass-stiureyder Deputy director, vice-principal: Hie mee gys leaght mysh y Coardail Anglo-Yernagh va currit ec leaghteyr veih'n Rheynn jeh Politickaght syn ollooscoill (y lhiass-stiureyder jeh'n Chommyn, my ta). Carn


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