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pretty (adj.) breagh, bwoyagh; bwaagh: The garden is looking very pretty now - Ta'n garey jeeaghyn feer waagh nish. JJK idiom; aalin: He has two pretty children - Ta daa lhiannoo aalin echey. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

pretty penny argid mooar

pretty well cossalagh, cossyllagh; lane vie; feer vie: I know it pretty well - Shione dou eh feer vie. JJK idiom

pretty much the same mooarane myr yn cheddin; bunnys yn un red

breagh handsome, pretty

strong1 dy lajer, dy niartal, dy trean; (adj.) lajer: Though she's small and looks delicate, she's nevertheless pretty strong - Ga dy vel ee beg as jeeaghyn mettey, t'ee paart lajer son ooilley shen. JJK idiom; niartal: There are it seems to me, pretty strong proofs of it - Er lhiam dy vel prowallyn feer niartal jeh ayn. JJK idiom; troshtagh

bwoyagh attractive, beauteous, beautiful, comely, handsome, lovely, pretty

cossalagh tolerable; pretty well; indifferent; so-so

mooarane myr yn cheddin pretty much the same

cossyllagh fair, mediocre, middling, passable, presentable, pretty well, so-so: Ta mee cossyllagh. DF

lane vie middling, pretty well: T'eh jannoo eh lane vie. DF

it seems to me er lhiam: There are it seems to me, pretty strong proofs of it - Er lhiam dy vel prowallyn feer niartal jeh ayn. JJK idiom

sing (v.) cronnaney, kiaulley; kiaulleeagh: Doesn't he sing pretty well? - Nagh vel eh kiaulleeagh feer vie? JJK idiom; goaill arrane: Let us sing more loudly - Lhig dooin goaill arrane ny s'yrjey. JJK idiom

argid mooar pretty penny: credjal dy vel Radio Vannin costal rouyr as dy vel y sleih ta gobbraghey da cosney argid mooar. Dhoor

bunnys yn un red pretty much the same: Ta shoh bunnys yn un red as ny va ry lhaih ayns screeunyn haink veih'n Naigeer. BS

bwaagh See bwoyagh beauteous, beautiful, comely, courteous, handsome, lovely, pretty: va Rachel bwaagh as aalin Bible; graceful

feer vie excellent, exquisite, first rate: Ta mooyn feer vie dy veeinaghey ollan. DF; pretty well; very well

know (v.) ennys; gennaghtyn; nione, nhione: Do you know the child with the blue eye? - Nhione diu yn lhiannoo ta sooillyn gorrym echey. JJK idiom; fys ec: I can't say anything that you do not already know - Cha n'oddym gra veg, nagh vel fys hannah ayd. JJK idiom; shione: I know it pretty well - Shione dou eh feer vie. JJK idiom; toig; shoyl; fys ec er: Therefore he knoweth their works - Shen-y-fa ta fys echey er nyn obbraghyn Bible; cur enney er: knowing that it was the Lord. - cur enney er dy nee eh van Chiarn Bible

aalin (=Ir. álainn) beautiful, fair, handsome, splendid: Dy vaik mec Yee inneenyn gheiney dy row ad aalin. Bible; pretty; lovely; comely: Va enn eu er Paquette, inney-veyl waagh y ven- çhiarn onneragh ain: ayns ny roihaghyn ecksh vlasht mee er eunyssyn pargys, ren cur orrym yn torçhagh iurinagh ta shiu fakin mee goll er gee CnyO; goodly; well favoured [OIr. álaind]


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