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pressure broo; chennar; preays: To work at high pressure - Dy obbraghey fo ard phreays. DF idiom; trimmid

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back pressure (n.) aahrimmid; aavroo

blood pressure1 (n.) broo-folley, trimmid folley

blood pressure2 (n.) (illness) ard-hrimmey folley

external pressure (n.) broo mooie

gas pressure (n.) chionnid gas

high pressure ard-vroo; traastey mooar; trome

low pressure (n.) lhag-vrooit

osmotic pressure (n.) chionnid trooid-heelagh

pressure areas (npl.) buill-hraastee

pressure cooker (n.) broo-aarleyder, broo-choageyder

pressure feed (n.) broo-beagheyder

pressure gauge (n.) broo-veih

pressure group (n.) possan-traastee

steam pressure (n.) gaal-vroo, traastey gaal

surface pressure (n.) çhionnid eaghtyragh

vapour pressure (n.) traastey gaal

water pressure broo-ushtey; chionnid ushtey; traastey ushtey; trimmid ushtey

high blood pressure (n.) ard-vroo folley

traastey gaal steam pressure, vapour pressure

aahrimmid back pressure

aavroo back pressure

ard-hrimmey folley (illness) blood pressure

ard-vroo high pressure

broo-aarleyder pressure cooker

broo-beagheyder pressure feed

broo-choageyder pressure cooker

broo-folley blood pressure

broo mooie external pressure

broo-ushtey water pressure

buill-hraastee pressure areas

chionnid gas gas pressure

chionnid ushtey water pressure

gaal-vroo steam pressure

lhag-vrooit low pressure

possan-traastee pressure group

traastey ushtey water pressure

trimmid folley blood pressure

trimmid ushtey (f.) water pressure

air-pressure (n.) chionnid aer; trimmid aer

ard-vroo folley high blood pressure

broo-veih pressure gauge, tyre gauge

chionnid aer air-pressure

trimmid aer air-pressure

chionnid eaghtyragh surface tension; surface pressure

chennar 1 birth a: Derym lhiam gys y chennar Bible; 2 fix, pressure, strait, stress

broo bruise: as nee uss broo yn voyn echeysyn Bible; cram, crunch, crush, grind, press, push, ring, squash; bruising, pounding; contusion, pressure; buzz

preays (f.) press, pressure, stress, urgency: 'Sy voghrey va mooarane preays orrin dy chur gy-kione chaglym cour curmyn kionfenee as reih ny Fir-oik Ashoonagh. Coraa

traastey mooar high pressure: Richard Senior, y Stiureyder jeh Lught-Stiuree Steatyn as Thieys, t'eh gra dy vel y jeadys-troggal fo traastey mooar. BS

trimmid (f.) 1 bounteousness, burdensomeness, emphasis, graveness, gravity, heaviness, highness, importance, intenseness, pressure, seriousness, severity, soundness, stress, weightiness; 2 (of fog) density; 3 (of work) hardness; 4 (of punishment) harshness; 5 (of tax) rate; 6 weight a: ghow yn dooinney jewel cleayshey dy airh jeh trimmid lieh shekel Bible

trome (=Ir. trom) pl. trommey 1 heavy a: Agh va laueyn Voses trome; as ghow ad clagh, as hug Bible; 2 bold, burdensome, deep-drawn, difficult, emphatic, expectant, gruelling, hard, harsh, heavyweight, high pressure, intense, laborious, onerous, ponderous, severe, sledgehammer, steep, stodgy, substantial, sweated, unwieldly, wearying, weighty; 3 (oppressive) close; 4 (burden) crippling; 5 (of smoke) dense; 6 (Jur.) grievous, grave a: As va shoh feer trome er aigney Abraham er coontey e vac Bible; 7 (of sea) rough; 8 deep a: As hug y Chiarn Jee cadley trome dy huittym er Adam Bible; 9 expecting, pregnant, with child a: ta ny shioltaneyn as ny immanyn trome ta mârym Bible; 10 great a: honnick Jee dy row mee-chraueeaght dooinney trome er y thalloo Bible; 11 sore a: As van ghortey trome ayns y cheer ad fo eh Bible [O.Ir. trom]


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