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prepared aarlit; kiarit; kiartit; ullee: Be prepared - Bee ullee. DF idiom; daarlee; greihit; chiare: And the Lord God prepared a gourd - As chiare yn Chiarn Jee gourd Bible

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Be prepared (intj) Bee ullee

prepared for them nyn gour: for their brethren the Levites prepared for them - son ren nyn mraaraghyn ny Leviteyn kiarail nyn gour Bible

Bee ullee (impv) Be prepared, Stand by

chiare meant, purposed, assayed: chiare Jee eh son bannaght Bible; prepared

daarlee dressed, made ready, prepared: As daarlee ad ny eayin-caisht Bible

greihit prepared: Ta'n niagh greihit cour laa yn chaggey Bible

kiartit adjusted, corrected, modified, settled; prepared: Vel my lhiabbee kiartit? JJK

ullee conversant, operational, prepared, ready: bee-jee ullee son y chaggey Bible

foresee (v.) fakin rolaue: I foresee all that we must be prepared for - Ta mee fakin ro-laue ooilley shegin dooin ve aarloo er e hon. JJK idiom

ointments (npl.) ooilyn: And they returned, and prepared spices and ointments - as hooar ad aarloo spisyn as ooilyn Bible; ooillyn; shelliuyn

aarlit cooked, groomed, prepared: dty oural arran dy ve aarlit ayns frynepan Bible; dressed

kiarit deliberate, designed, intended, prepared, provided, resolved, settled: cre ta kiarit da dy yannoo? Bible

fools (npl.) ommidanyn; ommydanyn: thou shalt be as one of the fools in Israel - bee oo myr fer jeh ny ommydanyn scammyltagh ayns Israel Bible; mee-cheeayllee: Judgments are prepared for scorners, and stripes for the back of fools - Ta kerraghey kiarit son ny craidoilee as scutchal son dreeym ny mee cheeayllee Bible

horse (n.) cabbyl: I wish you had a better horse - Saillym dy beagh cabbyl ny share eu. JJK idiom; eagh; marksleih; mark; niagh: The horse is prepared against the day of battle - Tan niagh greihit cour laa yn chaggey Bible

nyn gour for them, prepared for them: Coyrt seose ayns stoyr nyn gour oc hene undin mie ry-hoi yn traa ta ry-heet Bible; for you, towards you: Gys eiraght shickyr as casherick, as nagh vel lheie ersooyl, kiarit ayns niau nyn gour euish Bible; for us


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