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post cur er list, ynnyd; cur 'sy phost; currym; oik; post: Is it for the post? - Vel eh son y phost? JJK idiom; postal; staag; sthock; ynnyd post

post pl. postyn correspondence, mail, post: Roieys post quail post, as chaghter quail chaghter Bible

Inexact matches:

advanced post (n.) post toshee

aid post (n.) boayl couyr

banging post (n.) lieckan

blog post (n.) post-blog

book post post lioaragh

direction post (n.) stob leeideilagh

guard post (n.) arrey

king post (n.) reehackey

lamp post (n.) post lampey; post-soilshey

last post (n.) gerrym s'jerree

listening post (n.) boayl eaishtaght

mile post (n.) stob meeilley

parcel post (n.) post mynjeigagh

penny post (n.) post ny pingyn

pigeon post (n.) calmane-phost

post boy (n.) guilley post

post card (n.) caart post

post chaise (n.) couch post

post free seyr 'sy phost

post-graduate programmes (npl.) claareyn eear-cheimagh

post house (n.) thie post

post-it note (n.) duillag Ƨhaghteragh

post meridiem (adj., adv.) 'syn astyr

post mortem erreish da baase

post office (n.) oik post, oik postagh

post paper pabyr post

queen post (n.) rein-phost

rudder post (n.) pinn stiuree

sign post (n.) post-stiuree

starting post (n.) post toshee

trading post (n.) stashoon

winning post (n.) post cosnee

baatey post mail boat, packet boat

caart post post card; postcard

chaghteraght post-L (f.) e-mail message

couch post mail coach, post chaise

cowrey post postmark

dooinney post postman

enmys post-thallooin snail-mail address

fer post postman

guilley post post boy

gyn post unplaced

kaart post postcard

kishtey post post office box

leagh post postage paid

mainshtyr post postmaster

oik post post office: My va'n chleaysh follit shoh currit sy bwaane dyn yss da'n Oik Post Goaldagh, ta turneyryn as sleih elley gra dy row shen jeant noi'n leigh. Carn

pabyr post post paper

poagey post postbag

post aer airmail, air-post

post armee military station

post arrey look out

post cosnee winning post

post eaishtaght listening station

post follym vacancy

post lampey lamp post

post lectraneagh electronic mail; e-mail; email

post lioaragh book post

post mynjeigagh parcel post

post toshee advanced post, starting post

post traen mail train

thie post post house

ynnyd post post

by return of post rish cassey yn phost

General Post Office (n.) Ard-oik yn Phost

Isle of Man Post (n.) Post Ellan Vannin

Manx Telecom Post TT Races (npl.) Ratchyn Lurg TT Chellinsh Vannin

Old Post Office Lane (n.) Lhoan y Chenn Oik Post

Post Office Authority (n.) Fir-reill yn Oik Postagh

Post Office Box (n.) Kishtey Oik Post

post office box (n.) kishtey post, kishtey screeuyn

sub post office (n.) fo-oik yn phost

sub-post office services (npl.) shirveishyn fo-oikyn postagh

Cowraghyn Post Ellan Vannin Isle of Man Stamps

Kishtey Oik Post Post Office Box

Lhoan y Chenn Oik Post Old Post Office Lane

Post Ellan Vannin Isle of Man Post

post ny pingyn penny post

Chief Executive of Isle of Man Post Office (n.) Ard-sheckteragh jeh Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin

Cowraghyn Post as Cooinaghyn Ellan Vannin Isle of Man Stamps and Coins

postcard (n.) caart post, kaart post

postman (n.) dooinney post, fer post; fer y phost

shall run roieys: One post shall run to meet another - Roieys post quail post Bible; roie-ee: they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord - roie-ee ad noon as noal dy hirrey goo yn Chiarn Bible

airmail (n.) post aer

air-post post aer

correspondence (n.) coreggyrtys, post

electronic mail (n.) post lectraneagh

e-mail (n.) post-L; post lectraneagh

listening station (n.) post eaishtaght

mail boat (n.) baatey post

mail coach (n.) couch post

mail train (n.) post traen

military station (n.) post armee

packet boat (n.) baatey post

postbag (n.) poagey post

postmark (n.) cowrey post

postmaster (n.) mainshtyr post

boayl couyr aid post

boayl eaishtaght listening post

calmane-phost pigeon post

cur er list post

enmys thie home address: Bishaghey staydys y Ghaelg myr shoh: yn oik postagh dy chur niart da polasee nee shickyraghey dy bee post as enmys thie Gaelgagh currit 'sy traa cheddin as post Baarlagh Dhoor

gerrym s'jerree last post

post-blog blog post

post-L e-mail: Ta'n enmys post-L echey ry gheddyn er ynnyd-eggey Radio Vannin BS

post-soilshey lamp post

post-stiuree sign post

reehackey king post

rein-phost queen post

staag pl. staagyn post

stob leeideilagh direction post

stob meeilley mile post

e-mail message (n.) chaghteraght post-L

hanging-post (n.) (of gate) leaystan

junk mail (n.) post-orch

mail-order business (n.) post-traght

post-alveolar lurg-chooyleeacklagh

post-impressionist (n.) heearimpressionaghys

post-nuptial lurg y phoosey

post-paid postys eeckit

snail-mail (n.) post-thallooin

snail-mail address (n.) enmys post-thallooin

stern-post (n.) staik yerree

tether-post (n.) stob eiystyr

voicemail (n.) post-coraa

whipping-post (n.) stang cherree

claareyn eear-cheimagh post-graduate programmes

cowraghyn-post. postage-stamps

cur 'sy phost mail, post

duillag Ƨhaghteragh (f.) post-it note

heearimpressionaghys post-impressionist

kishtey screeuyn post office box

leaystan (of gate) hanging-post

lurg-chooyleeacklagh post-alveolar

lurg y phoosey post-nuptial

post-coraa voicemail

post-orch junk mail

post-thallooin snail-mail

post-traght mail-order business

seyr 'sy phost post free

staik yerree (f.) stern-post

stang cherree (f.) whipping-post

stob eiystyr tether-post

Isle of Man Stamps (npl.) Cowraghyn Post Ellan Vannin

look out arrey; boayl arrey, post arrey; trow

postage paid leagh post; postys eeckit

vacancy (n.) barney, folmid, folmidys, post follym, staartey follym

Ard-oik yn Phost General Post Office

erreish da baase posthumous, post mortem; postmortem

Fir-reill yn Oik Postagh Post Office Authority

fo-oik yn phost sub post office

pinn stiuree pintle, rudder post, tiller

postys eeckit postage paid, post-paid

rish cassey yn phost by return of post

shirveishyn fo-oikyn postagh (f.) sub-post office services

Isle of Man Stamps and Coins (npl.) Cowraghyn Post as Cooinaghyn Ellan Vannin

sub fo: Sub post office - Fo-oik yn phost. DF idiom

unplaced (adj.) gyn kiartey, gyn oik, gyn post, gyn ynnyd


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