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portion aart, ayrn, cooid ronney, cron, cronney, kuse, lott, lowance, meer, rheynn, rheynn er, ronney, skibbag, toghyr, cronchor

Inexact matches:

Barley Portion (n.) Ayrn Oarney

Great Portion (n.) Ayrn Wooar

major portion (n.) mooar-chooid

Malt Portion (n.) Bry Ayrn

marriage portion (n.) toghyr

Penny Portion (n.) Cooid ny Pingey

selected portion (n.) cutremys

their portion nyn ayrn: let them take their portion - lhig dauesyn nyn ayrn y ghoaill Bible

William's Portion (n.) Peesh Illiam

Fold of the Portion (n.) Bwoaillee Chooidey

Red Headland Portion (n.) Ayrn Howe Ruy

Ayrn Oarney Barley Portion

Bry Ayrn Malt Portion

cutremys selected portion

mooar-chooid (f.) major portion

Peesh Illiam William's Portion

rheynn er portion

toghyr (f.) pl. toghyryn, togharaghyn dower, dowery, dowry, endowment, marriage portion, marriage settlement, portion, tocher: Cha vel y ree shirrey toghyr erbee, agh keead chymmylt jeh ny Philistinee Bible

Cooid ny Pingey Penny Portion

Ayrn Howe Ruy Red Headland Portion

Bwoaillee Chooidey Fold of the Portion

aart portion: Cha vel aart ny paart ayd Bible

cronney fate, lot, portion, share: ta Jacob cronney e eiraght Bible; bass

kuse (f.) portion, quantity, some: kuse fardalagh dy eeastyn beggey Bible

skibbag (f.) portion; elflock; hopper, skipper; skip, skipping: Corlheim, skibbag as lheim. DF

assigned (v.) livreit; pointit: for the priests had a portion assigned them - son va beaghey ec ny saggyrtyn pointit daue Bible

Holy Land (n.) (The); (Yn) Cheer Vannee; thalloo sheaynt: And the Lord shall inherit Judah his portion in the holy land - As nee yn Chiarn goaill huggey hene myr eiraght Judah e chronney ayns y thalloo sheaynt, Bible

like them gollroo; goll roosyn: The portion of Jacob is not like them - Cha vel eiraght Yacob goll roosyn Bible

shall appoint pointee: and will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers - as pointee eh e chronney marish y vooinjer veechredjuagh Bible

ayrn (=Ir. urrann) pl. ayrnyn division, fraction, part, portion, section, share: ghow eh yn chied ayrn myr reih da hene Bible

Ayrn Wooar Great Portion: Myr shen ayns earish feer yiare, va ayrn wooar jeh'n teihll er ny hyndaa gys Creesteeagh CS

cooid ronney (=Ir. cuid-ronna) (f.) allowance, dividend, portion: Cur cooid ronney da shiaght, as myrgeddin da hoght ; son cha vel fys ayd, cre'n lhag-haghyrt hig er yn ooir. Bible

cron 1 blemish, scar, speck, spot, stain, stigma a: ayns yn eill vio loshtee cron sollys Bible; 2 draw, job lot, lot, portion: reynn eh yn thalloo oc orroo liorish cron Bible; 3 frame

cronchor lot, portion: as hugg ayd magh 'an grangheryn, as huitt y kraingher er Matthias, as ve erna eriu marish yn yn austylyn jeeg. PB1610; lottery, raffle, sweepstake

lott (f.) job lot, portion: hilg ad lottyn chammah son beg as mooar Bible; wound: Lostey son lostey, lhott, son lhott, builley son builley Bible

lowance allowance, portion: hoig mee nagh row lowance ny Leviteyn er ny choyrt daue Bible

nyn ayrn our share, your share, their share; their portion: lhig dauesyn nyn ayrn y ghoaill Bible

ronney 1 beat, category, departmental, division, lot, part, political ward, portion, quota, share, verse; 2 (gen.) of a division a: Ta mee myrgeddin er choyrt dhyt cooid-ronney sodjey, erskyn dty vraaraghyn Bible; 3 (of land) claim; 4 (of land) parcel

meer1 (=Ir. mír) (f.) pl. meeryn bit, element, extract, fleck of dust, item, number, part, passage, patch, piece, portion, scrap, section, segment, par: Agh hie ooilley ny Israeliteyn sheese gys ny Philistinee, dagh dooinney dy choyrt skain er e hock, as meer er e choulter, dy shleeu e heigh, as e chiebbey. Bible; (of food) bait, bite, mouthful; coin; particle

rheynn (f.) pl. rheynnyn allocation, bill, class, compartment, dichotomy, dismemberment, dissection, distribution, divide, division, form, graduation, partition, portion, quota, ration, rationing, resolution, resolve, section, segmentation, share, sphere; (of land) parcel, precinct; bureau, department: Shirveishagh Cooishyn Sthie, Phil Braidwood, dooyrt eh dy row eh currym e Rheynn dy chur kiartaghyn shinsharagh da ny yeearreyderyn smoo cooie BS; mountain ridge; (v.) break up, classify, dispense, distribute, graduate, measure out: Rheynn ad my gharmadyn ny mastoc Bible; divided; dividing


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