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poosey (=Ir. pósadh) (v.) marry, wed; (adj.) bridal, wedding; (n.) marriage, matrimony, union, wedlock, espousal: cur-jee ny inneenyn eu ayns poosey Bible; espouse

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gyn poosey celibate, unmarried, unwed: Ny lhig da'n ven ve er ny scarrey veih'n sheshey eck: Agh my t'ee son scarrey, lhig ee cummal gyn poosey reesht, er-nonney lhig ee ve coardit rish e sheshey: as ny lhig da'n dooinney cur ersooyl e ven. Bible

poosey casherick holy matrimony: My ta fys ec veg jiuish er ayr erbee lowal dy lhiettal yn daa phersoon shoh dy gholl cooidjagh ayns Poosey casherick, ta shiu dy hoilshaghey eh PB1765

poosey croiagh incestuous marriage

poosey fannag (no relatives) wedding

poosey mooinjerey intermarriage

poosey pieannad (no relatives) wedding

trooid poosey by marriage

bea gyn poosey (f.) celibacy

caillin gyn poosey spinster

casherickey poosey as e recortyssey solemnization and registration of marriage

fer gyn poosey (man) celibate

moir gyn poosey (f.) unmarried mother

poosey vooinjey hene intermarry

poosey y vrishey commit adultery: Ny jean poosey y vrishey Bible; adultery

rere yn poosey conjugally

wedding2 (n.) (no relatives) poosey fannag, poosey pieannad

unmarried (adj.) gyn poosey: Unmarried mother - Moir gyn poosey. DF idiom; neuphoost

brishey-poosey adultery: va'n ven shoh goit ayns brishey-poosey Bible

marriage (n.) poosey: She died the day after her marriage - Hooar ee baase yn laa lurg e poosey. JJK idiom

bridal bannish; poosey

celibacy (n.) bea gyn poosey

celibate2 (n.) (man) fer gyn poosey

holy matrimony (n.) poosey casherick

incestuous marriage (n.) poosey croiagh

intermarriage (n.) eddyr-phoosey; poosey mooinjerey

matrimony (n.) poosey

unwed (adj.) gyn poosey, neuphoost

wed (v.) poosey

wedding1 bannish; poosey

wedlock (n.) poosey; quing phoost

cloan y theihll (f.) mankind, worldly minded persons: As dreggyr Yeesey as dooyrt eh roo, Ta cloan y theihll shoh poosey, as er nyn goyrt ayns poosey Bible

roish y thooilley antediluvian; before the flood: Son myr ayns ny laghyn va roish y thooilley, v'ad gee as giu, poosey as coyrt ayns poosey, derrey yn laa hie Noe stiagh ayns yn arg Bible

vaih drowned: V'ad gee, v'ad giu, v'ad poosey, v'ad er nyn goyrt ayns poosey, derrey'n laa hie Noe stiagh ayns yn arg: as haink y thooilley as vaih eh ad ooilley. Bible

celibate1 (adj.) gyn poosey; gyn comyssey

commit adultery poosey y vrishey

espousal (n.) cheuaghey lesh, naishtey, poosey

espouse (v.) cheuaghey lesh; nastey; poosey

intermarry (v.) eddyr-phoosey; poosey vooinjey hene

Resurrection (n.) Irree Seose Reesht: And came out of the graves after his resurrection - As cheet ass ny oaiaghyn oc lurg yn irree-seose-reesht echey Bible; irree reesht: For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage - Son ec yn irree-reesht, cha vel ad poosey, ny er nyn goyrt ayns poosey Bible; irree seose: I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day - Ta fys aym dy nirree eh reesht ec yn irree-seosesy laa jerrinagh Bible

unmarried mother (n.) moir gyn poosey

adultery (n.) adultrinys, brishey-poosey; poosey y vrishey; maarderys

conjugally (adv.) rere yn poosey; 'sy phoosey

marry (v.) poose, poosey; (to); (dy) phoosey; sheeyney, sheeyney ry-cheilley; (teaddyn) cubblaghey

spinster (n.) ben neuphoost, ben sneeuee, caillin gyn poosey

solemnization and registration of marriage casherickey poosey as e recortyssey

jinnagh (interrog.) would do: jinnagh shiu fuirriaght gyn poosey er nyn son? Bible

troopyn troops: vrish ad poosey, taaghey ayns troopyn ny thieyn streebee Bible

by marriage trooid poosey: We have a distant relationship by marriage - Ta cleuinys foddey magh ain. DF idiom

union cochiangley; poosey; taah; unnaneys: The Union of Socialist Soviet Republics - Unnaneys ny Poblaghtyn Soveidjagh Soshallagh. DF idiom

Aaue (f.) Eve: O Yee Ooilley-niartal, ren ec y toshiaght croo nyn ghied ayr as moir, Adam as Aaue, as ren casherickey as ad y choyrt cooidjagh ayns poosey PB1765

dy oaiagh falsely: Jean shiu geid, jannoo dunverys, as brishey poosey, as loo dy oaiagh, as lostey incense gys Baal, as geiyrt er jeeghyn elley nagh vel enney eu orroo Bible

jannoo dunverys murder, murdering, slaughter: Jean shiu geid, jannoo dunverys, as brishey poosey, as loo dy oaiagh Bible

jannoo ny share better: eshyn nagh vel dy choyrt ee ayns poosey, t'eh jannoo ny share. Bible

looderyn swearers: beems my eanish gyere noi ny fir-obbee, as noi ocsyn ta brishey poosey, as noi ny looderyn-oaiagh Bible

scarrys put away: Quoi-erbee scarrys rish e ven, as phoosys ben elley, t'eh brishey poosey Bible

snee (f.) crossness, offence, vexation: T'eh dy jarroo ny ghooinney-seyr, doaieagh as kenjal, as cha ghow eh snee tra dinsh Paaie da nagh voddagh ee poosey rish. Dhoor

soailtee effeminate: ny adsyn ta brishey-poosey, ny ny soailtee, ny adsyn ta cur rish peccah noi dooghys Bible

her (pron) eck: What is her complaint? - Cre'n doghan t'eck? JJK idiom; (emph.) ecksh: My sister will give me hers - Ver my huyr y fer ecksh dou. JJK idiom; ee: Perhaps we shall see her to-morrow - Foddee dy vaikmayd ee mairagh. JJK idiom; e: She died the day after her marriage - Hooar ee baase yn laa lurg e poosey. JJK idiom; ee hene: She has hidden herself behind the arbour - T'ee er n'ollaghey ee hene cooyl y waag-gharey. JJK idiom; (emph.) ish

until derrey: I shan't send them to him until he asks me for them - Cha derym huggey ad derrey hirrys eh orrym ad. JJK idiom; er derrey; dys: Until the crack of doom - Dys laa ny briwnys. DF idiom; gys: Your son is your son until marriage - Ta dty vac dty vac gys poosey. DF idiom; choud cheddin

cummal cooidjagh cohabit, cohabitation, live together: My ta braaraghyn cummal cooidjagh, as fer jeu dy gheddyn baase gyn cloan, cha jean ben y varroo poosey, ass e kynney, rish joarree: te kainlt er braar y dooinney dy ghoaill ee son ben Bible

drogh-choardail conspire: Boirey shee deiney mie, jarrood thurnyn dooie, tayrn anmeenyn fo peccah, caghlaa dooghys, drogh-choardail 'sy stayd-phoosee, brishey-poosey, as neu- ghlennid gyn-nearey. Apoc

fer aitt clown, comedian, comic: Agh y viggar, hed er cloie liorish y fer aitt Rowan Atkinson, t'eh eeit seose liorish y screeudeyrys echey as, myr shen, cha nel eh cur geill da brishey-poosey yn ven echey BS; quiz

rouanys (f.) excess, immorality, profligacy, wantonness: Ayns dty vroïd ta rouanys Bible; lewdness: Ta mee er vakin kys tou er vrishey poosey m, yllaghey dty reaid, rouanys dty vaarderys, as dty obbraghyn naareydagh Bible; drunkenness: ta dty phrinceyn gee ayns traa cooie, son ooraghey, as cha nee son rouanys Bible; lasciviousness, lust: Maarlys, saynt, olkys, molteyrys, rouanys, drogh-hooill, goan mollaghtagh, moyrn, ommijys Bible; rioting, riotousness: Lhig dooin gimmeeaght dy onneragh myr ayns y laa: cha nee ayns rouanys as meshtyrys Bible


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