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pollal 1 crop, dress, poll, prune, pruning a: as shey bleeaney nee oo pollal dty gharey-feeyney Bible; 2 (on ticket) clip

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clip3 (on ticket) pollal

pruning (v.) giarrey, pollal

corran-pollal pruning hook: giare-ee eh jeh ny slattagyn lesh corranyn-pollal Bible

prune (v.) baarey, giarrey, pollal; (n.) plumbis chirmit, plumbis shirgit

pruning hook (n.) corran baaree, corran-pollal, yiarn-foldyragh, yiarnyn follderagh

crop1 baair, baar: Give me a close crop - Jean baarey lhome orrym. DF idiom; pollal, troarey; (n.) scrobbag, sproghan; troar, troayr

poll (v.) baarey; ceau voteyn, geddyn voteyn, pollal, teiy; (n.) claigeen; co-earroo; kione; reihys: He headed the poll - V'eh ec mullagh y reihys. DF idiom; teiys

dress (n.) eaddagh: Native dress - Eaddagh ny cheerey. DF idiom; gooyn: A dress in white silk - Gooyn jeh sheeidey bane. DF idiom; (v.) baarey; coamrey; cur eaddagh er; cur mysh: Dress the children as quickly as possible - Cur mysh ny paitchyn cha tappee as oddys shiu. JJK idiom; jannoo coamrey da; jeshaghey; jesheenaghey; lhiasaghey; pollal; screebey; skeoghey; stolkey; kiartaghey

chaglym (=Ir. teaglaim) (v.) accumulate, assemble, collect, gather, whip round: Cha jean shiu cuirr, ny buinn shen ny ta gaase jeh hene, ny chaglym messyn dty villey feeyney gyn-pollal Bible; (n.) collection, gathering, convocation: Er yn chied laa, bee chaglym casherick Bible; conclusion; effort; contribution; meeting; gathereth

corranyn hooks: Son roish yn ouyr, lurg da'n blaa v'er jeet gys slane aase, as y berrish-feeyney geayr er n'appaghey ayns y vlaa, giare-ee eh jeh ny slattagyn lesh corranyn-pollal, as gowee eh ersooyl, as giare-ee eh sheese ny banglaneyn. Bible


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