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Polish (n., adj.) Polynnagh; (n.) Polynnish

polish (v.) cur sollyssid er, gloasaghey, gloasey; scooirey: Shoe polish - Follid braag. DF idiom; (n.) follid, gloas; sollyssid: He has a certain polish - Ta sollysid ennagh er. DF idiom; stoo-gloasee

Inexact matches:

boot polish (n.) sollyssid braag

floor polish (n.) follid laare; gloasey laarey

French polish (v.) cur gloasey Frangagh er; (n.) gloasey Frangagh, sollyssid Frangagh

furniture polish (n.) gloasey greasan

grate polish (n.) smarrey clean-aile

Polish Corridor (n.) Bollagh ny Polann

polish off (v.) sluggey sheese

polish up (v.) cur foyr er, cur gloas er, cur sollyssid er, gloasaghey, gloasey

shoe polish (n.) follid braag

spit and polish (n.) scooirey as glenney

cur sollyssid er polish, polish up

gloasaghey gloss, polish, polish up, shine

gloasey glaze, glazing, gloss, polish, polishing, polish up, rub up

follid braag shoe polish

follid laare floor polish

gloasey Frangagh French polish

gloasey greasan furniture polish

gloasey laarey floor polish

Polynnagh Pole, Polish

Polynnish (f.) Polish

smarrey clean-aile grate polish

sollyssid braag boot polish

sollyssid Frangagh French polish

stoo-gloasee polish

Bollagh ny Polann Polish Corridor

cur gloas er glaze, polish up

cur gloasey Frangagh er French polish

gloas glaze, gloss, polish, shine; (on fruit) bloom

scooirey catharsis, looseness, purge; furbish, polish; scour, scrub

scooirey as glenney bull, spit and polish

poem (n.) daan: Polish the poem up a bit - Jean yn daan red beg share. DF idiom; daane: It gave birth to a poem - Haink daane magh er coontey jeh. DF idiom; drane

cur foyr er chamfer, grind, oilstone, polish up, sharpen: T'eh cur foyr er e Ghaelg. DF

follid polish: V'eh geabey dy chur follid er e ghleashtan cha tappee as dod eh. Dhoor

sluggey sheese drink off, gobble, polish off, quaff, swallow up, wolf: ren lorg Aaron sluggey sheese ny luirg ocsyn. Bible

sollyssid (=Ir. soillskidh) brightness, brilliance, clearness, gloss, illustration, lightness, luminosity, lustre, polish, radiance, resplendence, sheen, transparency: Trooid y sollyssid hie roish va smarageyn aile er n'oaddey Bible


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