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pointit appointed: duirree eh ny sodjey na'n traa pointit Bible; assigned

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appointed doardee; oardit; soit magh; phoint; pointit: Appointed to be read in churches - Pointit dy ve lhaiht ayns kialteenyn. DF idiom

assigned (v.) livreit; pointit: for the priests had a portion assigned them - son va beaghey ec ny saggyrtyn pointit daue Bible

dy valley home, homeward: hig eh dy valley ec laa pointit. Bible

s'odjey (na) farther: duirree eh ny sodjey nan traa pointit. Bible; utmost

tashtaghyn treasures: va paart pointit harrish ny shamyryn, son ny tashtaghyn Bible

churches (npl.) kialteenyn: Appointed to be read in churches - Pointit dy ve lhaiht ayns kialteenyn. DF idiom

treasures (npl.) tashtaghyn: And at that time were some appointed over the chambers for the treasures - Ec y traa shen, va paart pointit harrish ny shamyryn, son ny tashtaghyn Bible; creaghyn

ard-veoir chief steward, Lord Mayor: Tra v'eh pointit myr ard-veoir Chorcaigh, va MacSuibhne er ghra dy row yn sleih va abyl dy hurranse ny smoo na sleih elley geddyn y varriaght sy jerrey. Carn

aspit bishop: Dy cliaghtagh, veagh aspit noa pointit tappee dy liooar, agh cha ren shen taghyrt. Carn

breearraghyn vows: Ny reddyn shoh nee shiu chebbal gys y Chiarn, er ny feaillaghyn pointit, marish ny breearraghyn Bible

eaystyn moons: Son yn arran-casherick, son yn oural-arran, as yn oural-losht, son ny dooneeyn, ny eaystyn-noa, son ny feaillaghyn pointit, as son ny nheeghyn casherick, son ourallyn-peccah, dy yannoo lhiasaghey son Israel, as cour slane obbyr thie Yee. Bible

lurg coyrle advisedly: Ayn myrgeddin ta shin er gheddyn eiraght, myr va shin pointit ro-laue cordail rish y chiarail echeysyn ta gobbraghey dy chooilley nhee lurg coyrle e aigney hene Bible

mârish with: T'eh er ghoaill sporran argid mârish, as hig eh dy valley ec laa pointit. Bible

oural-arryltagh freewill offering: chammah jeh ny eaystyn-noa, as jeh ooilley feaillaghyn pointit y Chiarn, v'er ny chasherickey, as jeh dy chooilley unnane va chebbal dy aggindagh oural-arryltagh gys y Chiarn. Bible

singers (npl.) arranee: So the singers, Heman, Asaph, and Ethan, were appointed - Myrgeddin va ny arranee, Heman Asaph, as Ethan, pointit Bible; arraneyderyn; fir arrane; fir chiaullee: Chenaniah the master of the song with the singers - Chenaniah mainshtyr yn arrane, marish ny firchiaullee Bible; kiaulleyderyn: Also the Levites which were the singers - Myrgeddin, ny Leviteyn, ny kiaulleyderyn Bible

straneyn lines: Er y laa pointit, haink y ghaa heshaght ry cheilley ec Rhumsaa as hoie ad sheese ayns straneyn, y ree as y vooinjer echey er yn derrey heu as ny braaraghyn as adsyn maroo, er y cheu elley. Chron; ranks; series


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