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poagey liareagh leather bag

poagey pl. poagaghyn bag, bursa, kit, pocket, poke, pouch, sac, scrip, wallet, windbag: feed bwilleen oarn, as jeeassyn creen dy arroo ayns poagey. Bible

Inexact matches:

argid poagey pin money

eaddagh poagey bagging

flask poagey hipflask

lane poagey bagful

londeyr poagey electric torch

lostan poagey pocket lamp

poagey argid moneybag

poagey cadlee fleabag, sleeping bag

poagey cartoose cartridge pouch

poagey doo ink bag

poagey drommey haversack, knapsack, rucksack

poagey dullag portfolio

poagey eaddagh clothes bag

poagey eaddee cloak bag, clothes bag

poagey faastguin sponge-bag

poagey feieys game-bag

poagey fritlagyn rag-bag

poagey gas gasbag

poagey geinnee sandbag

poagey gleihagh jelly-bag

poagey greieyn toolbag

poagey jeeltagh saddlebag

poagey jeirk alms-bag

poagey laue handbag

poagey markee sabretache

poagey millish sachet

poagey moggyllagh net-bag, reticule

poagey olley woolsack

poagey post postbag

poagey rio ice bag, ice pack

poagey screeuee cover

poagey screeuyn envelope

poagey shappal shopping bag

poagey sheeley straining bag

poagey stroaney nosebag

poagey thoanney hip pocket

poagey tombagey tobacco pouch

poagey trelloo kitbag

poagey troailt carpet-bag

poagey whaalee ditty-bag, work-bag

cur bluckan ayns poagey pocket

poagey yn ghorrym blue-bag

clothes bag (n.) poagey eaddagh, poagey eaddee

poke broddey; poagey: To buy a pig in a poke - Kionnagh muc ayns poagey. JJK idiom; snug

alms-bag (n.) poagey jeirk

bagful (n.) lane poagey

blue-bag (n.) poagey yn ghorrym

bursa (n.) poagey, sporran

carpet-bag (n.) poagey troailt

cartridge pouch (n.) poagey cartoose

cloak bag (n.) poagey eaddee

ditty-bag (n.) poagey whaalee

fleabag (n.) poagey cadlee

game-bag (n.) poagey feieys

gasbag (n.) poagey gas

handbag (n.) poagey laue, spagey

haversack (n.) poagey drommey

hipflask (n.) flask poagey

hip pocket (n.) poagey thoanney

ice bag (n.) poagey rio

ink bag (n.) poagey doo

jelly-bag (n.) poagey gleihagh

kitbag (n.) poagey trelloo

knapsack (n.) poagey drommey

leather bag (n.) poagey liareagh

moneybag (n.) poagey argid

net-bag (n.) poagey moggyllagh

nosebag (n.) poagey stroaney

pocket (v.) cur bluckan ayns poagey, cur 'sy phoggaid, geid argid; (n.) poagey: Money burns a hole in his pocket - Ta argid lostey towl ny phoagey. JJK idiom; poggaid

pocket lamp (n.) lostan poagey

postbag (n.) poagey post

rag-bag (n.) poagey fritlagyn

reticule (n.) poagey moggyllagh

rucksack (n.) poagey drommey

sabretache (n.) poagey markee

sachet (n.) poagey millish

saddlebag (n.) poagey jeeltagh

sandbag (n.) poagey geinnee

shopping bag (n.) poagey shappal

sleeping bag (n.) poagey cadlee

sponge-bag (n.) poagey faastguin

straining bag (n.) poagey sheeley

tobacco pouch (n.) poagey tombagey

toolbag (n.) poagey greieyn

wallet (n.) poagey, spoagey; wollad

windbag1 (n.) poagey

woolsack (n.) poagey olley

work-bag (n.) poagey whaalee

pouch poagey; pooitch; pootch; spaagey

sac (n.) bolgan, poagey, sac, sack

scrip (n.) spagey, spaagey; mollag; poagey

bagging (v.) cur ayns poagaghyn; (n.) eaddagh poagey

electric torch (n.) londeyr poagey, soilshey lectragh

kit (n.) cullee, cullee cheirdey, poagey, scudlagh, trelloo

pin money (n.) argid poagey; argid ullee

ice pack (n.) broogh rioee; poagey rio; rio goll lesh y troa; rio-phaggey

portfolio (n.) currym: Without portfolio - Gyn currym er lheh. DF idiom; poagey dullag

bag1 (v.) bolgaghey, cur ayns poagaghyn, cur ayns seck; (n.) poagey: The man came in with a bag - Haink yn dooinney stiagh as poaghey echey. DF idiom; spagey; sac, sack: Bag of coal - Sack dy gheayl. DF idiom

buy1 (v.) chionnys; kionnaghey; kionnee: You'll buy a cake - Kionnee shiu berreen. JJK idiom; (n.) kionneeaght; kionnagh: To buy a pig in a poke - Kionnagh muc ayns poagey. JJK idiom

envelope (n.) coodagh: Envelope stuck all over with stamps - Coodagh breckit lesh clouagyn. DF idiom; poagey screeuyn; truailley

in1 ayns: To buy a pig in a poke - Kionnagh muc ayns poagey. JJK idiom; kione

pig (n.) muc: To buy a pig in a poke - Kionnagh muc ayns poagey. JJK idiom; muck; muickey; muigey

bwilleen (f.) pl. bwilleenyn loaf: As haink dooinney veih Baal-shalisha as hug eh lesh arran gys y dooinney dy Yee jeh ny chied-vessyn, feed bwilleen oarn, as jeeassyn creen dy arroo ayns poagey. Bible [O.Ir. bairgen]

bwilleen oarn (f.) barley loaf: hug eh lesh arran gys y dooinney dy Yee jeh ny chied-vessyn, feed bwilleen oarn, as jeeassyn creen dy arroo ayns poagey. Bible

crackan keyrragh sheepskin, wool-fell: Neayr's va mee ayn va'n crackan keyrragh v'ec Juan dy chur mygeayrt y chiarkyl freayllt ayns ushtey as eayl ayns poagey plastagh sy chamyr echey as v'eh freayllt aynshen rish queig laghyn. GB

cover coodagh: Under separate cover - Fo coodagh er lheh. DF idiom; moggaid, brat, farkyl, coamree, coodee; breidaghey; gioal; keiltyn: It is only a cover-up - Cha nel eh agh keiltyn. DF idiom; mooinney; poagey screeuee; scaa: Under cover of your wings - Fo scaa dty skianyn. DF idiom; urrysaght; fastee: To break cover - Dy irree ass yn fastee. DF idiom; (v.) coodaghey; (y) choodaghey; cur harrish


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