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plooghit chesty, choked, close, congested, frowsty, fuggy, glutted, inundated, overcome with smoke, plagued, smothered, stifled, stunk out, suffocated, suppressed, teeming: shen-y-fa ta my ghoan plooghit ayns my-chree. Bible; thick; (as voice) thick; crowded

Inexact matches:

aer plooghit fug

drummaghyn plooghit muffled drums

fockle plooghit inarticulate word

stifled (adj.) plooghit; plooght: I am stifled - Ta mee plooghit. DF idiom

chesty (adj.) plooghit, scowanagh

choked keylit; plooghit: Harbour choked with sand - Purt plooghit lesh geinnagh. DF idiom; toghtit: Choked up with sand - Toghtit ec geinnagh. DF idiom

congested glooagh; peeaghaneagh; plooghit

frowsty (adj.) plooghit

fug (n.) aer plooghit

fuggy (adj.) plooghit

inundated baiht; plooghit; thooillit

muffled drums (npl.) drummaghyn plooghit

overcome with smoke plooghit

plagued plooghit

smothered plooghit; plooght

stunk out (v.) plooghit; plooght

suffocated plooghit

thick4 (as voice) plooghit

crowded jingit; lane: The place was crowded - Va'n boayl lane gys y dorrys. DF idiom; lung lane: The roads were crowded - Va ny raaidyn lung lane. DF idiom; plooghit: Densely crowded streets - Straidyn plooghit lesh sleih. DF idiom

teeming1 er croo lesh: The bed is teeming with fleas - Ta'n lhiabbee er croo lesh jarganyn. DF idiom; plooghit: The river is teeming with fish - Ta'n awin plooghit lesh eeast. DF idiom; teaumey: We were teeming the well - Va shin teaumey yn chibbyr. DF idiom; deayrtey: It is teeming rain - T'eh deayrtyey fliaghey. DF idiom

glutted lane dy vee; lum-lane; plooghit

inarticulate word (n.) fockle do-hoiggal, fockle plooghit

suppressed currit fo chosh; mooghit; plooghit

drums (npl.) drummyn; drummaghyn: Muffled drums - Drummaghyn plooghit. DF idiom

harbour (n.) camys; purt: Harbour choked with sand - Purt plooghit lesh geinnagh. DF idiom; (v.) cur aaght da, keiltyn

streets (npl.) straiddyn; straaidyn: To walk the streets - Dy hooyl ny straaidyn. DF idiom; straidyn, straïdyn: Densely crowded streets - Straidyn plooghit lesh sleih. DF idiom

gour nyn mullee headlong: Eisht hie ny drogh-spyrrydyn ass y dooinney, as hie ad stiagh ayns ny muckyn: as roie yn ghriagh gour nyn mullee lesh yn eaynee gys y cheayn, as v'ad plooghit. Bible

greienyn caggee war equipment: ga v'ad wheesh broojit, foast veih haink ad bio; agh plooghit fo va saase y taarnagh mollee nyn eillaghyn as slane nyn greienyn caggee. PC

close1 breen: It's very close - T'eh feer vreen. JJK idiom; chion: The two houses are close together - Ta'n daa hie chionn cooidjagh. JJK idiom; dooint, dooney; close; dooin; doont; faggys da; gloo; jeigh; jerrey; kione; plooghit; tayrn cooidjagh; faggys

eunyssyn y vea pleasures of life: As shen huitt mastey drineyn, yn vooinjer, tra t'ad er chlashtyn, ta goll magh as ta plooghit lesh kiarail as berchys, as eunyssyn y vea shoh, as cha vel ad gymmyrkey magh mess gys lhieeney vie. Bible


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