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plait claight; claightey; fee; filley

plait pl. plaityn 1 plate a: Ta argid bwoailt magh ayns plaityn Bible; 2 clutch plate

Inexact matches:

plait airhey gold plate

plait argid silver plate

plait argidit electro-plate

plait cheh hotplate

plait cobbyr copperplate

plait dellal trade plate

plait greimmagh sensitive plate

plait lectrit electro-plate

plait meainagh metal plate

plait smalee snuffdish

plait staillinagh steel plate

plait stainnagh tin plate

plait ught breastplate: shassigi erryfa shen, as nan miaghyn chianchy rish yn yirriny, as erru playt-ught ny kayrys. PB1610

plait uillinagh corner plate

cur plait stainney er tin-plate

grainnaghey plait cobbyr copperplate engraving

electro-plate (v.) argidey, lectro-plaital; (n.) plait argidit, plait lectrit

clutch plate (n.) plait

corner plate (n.) plait uillinagh

gold plate (n.) plait airhey

hotplate (n.) plait cheh

metal plate (n.) plait meainagh

sensitive plate (n.) plait greimmagh

snuffdish plait smalee

steel plate (n.) plait staillinagh

tin plate (n.) plait stainnagh

trade plate (n.) plait dellal

claight braid, plait

claightey braid, plait, plaiting

copperplate engraving (n.) grainnaghey plait cobbyr

plate moggaid; plait; plaitaghey, plate

plate glass (n.) plait-ghlonney

silver plate (v.) argidaghey; (n.) plait argid

plait-ghlonney (f.) plate glass

copperplate (n.) plait cobbyr, screeueyrys gyn chron

tin-plate cur plait stainney er; stainnaghey; stainney

breastplate (n.) eilley chleeau, eilley vroghil, playt, plait ught, playt ught

fee1 1 (v.) braid, interlace, intertwine, knit, mat, plait, weave a: ren ad fee duillagyn figgagh cooidjagh, dy choodaghey ad hene. Bible; 2 (npl.) ravens: Ta coyrt foddyr dan maase: as beaghey ny fee aegey ta geamagh huggey Bible

filley braid, collapse, corrugate, crease, crinkle, double, double up, folding, fold up, furl, jack-knife, lap, plait, ply, roll up, turn up, jackknife; fold: As myr coamrey nee uss filley ad seose Bible; wrap: ghow Elijah e chloagey, as ren eh filley eh dy cheilley Bible


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