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plain baghtal; blaare; magh; neuchast, neuchialgagh, neuwoyagh, plain, sockeragh; (n.) cheer rea, rea, strah, thalloo rea; kiart

plain evident, plain: nagh vel dooinney erbee er ny heyrey ayns shilley Yee liorish y leigh, te plain Bible

Inexact matches:

plain answer (n.) ansoor gyn kialg

plain chant (n.) canteyraght agglish

plain chocolate (n.) shocklaid ghoo

plain clothes (npl.) cullee cadjin

plain cooking (n.) coagyraght chadjin

plain dealing (n.) dellal ynrick

plain fare (n.) sailjys

plain food (n.) bee cadjin

plain speech (n.) loayrtys jeeragh

plain truth (n.) irriney lhome

dy plain expressly: Mish tan Spyrryd ginsh dy plain, dy jean paart ayns sjerree tuittym veihn chredjue Bible; plainly: Son tadsyn ta gra lheid ny reddyn, soilshaghey dy plain dy vel ad jeeaghyn son cheer elley. Bible

Bank of the Plain (n.) Broogh ny Dayllagh

in the open plain er y trah follym

Lake of the Plain (n.) Magher Lough

Plain of the Cattle (n.) Dayll yn Ollee

plain writing paper (n.) pabyr-screeuee rea

bee cadjin plain food

blaare plain

canteyraght agglish (f.) plain chant

coagyraght chadjin plain cooking

cullee cadjin (f.) plain clothes

loayrtys jeeragh plain speech

neuchast plain

shocklaid ghoo (f.) plain chocolate

plain-speaking jeerid loayrtys

plain-spoken neu-ymloayrtagh

ansoor gyn kialg plain answer

jeerid loayrtys plain-speaking

neuwoyagh plain, unbeautiful, uncomely, unlovely

neu-ymloayrtagh plain-spoken, plainspoken

pabyr-screeuee rea plain writing paper

expressly (adv.) slane ry-hoi red; dy plain

Broogh ny Dayllagh Bank of the Plain

Dayll yn Ollee Plain of the Cattle

dellal ynrick plain dealing, square dealing

er y trah follym in the open plain

irriney lhome blunt fact, plain truth

Magher Lough Lake Field, Lake of the Plain

cheer rea (f.) plain: ren eh cummal ayns cheer rea Mamre Bible; flatness

sockeragh plain: agh va Jacob ny ghooinney sockeragh cummal ayns cabbaneyn Bible

thalloo rea plain: hamoo jean cumrail raad erbee 'sy thalloo rea Bible

evident (adj.) leayr: It is evident to me - S'leayr dou. DF idiom; plain; baghtal: It is evident enough - T'eh baghtal dy liooar. DF idiom; cronnal: It is evident enough - T'eh cronnal dy liooar. DF idiom

baghtal clear, definable, distinct, implicit, noticeable, obvious, plain, unmistakable: Gow lioar vooar, as scrieu ayn lesh goan baghtal Bible

kiart (=Ir. ceart) 1 accurate, concession, correct, due, equity, even, exact, just, level, orthodox, precise, prerogative, proper, pukka, right, thorough-paced, title, undeviating, upright, plain, meet, indifferent a: eer y raad kiart roish y voalley lesh y niar Bible; 2 (real) true; 3 apposite [O.Ir. cert]

magh (=Ir. amach) forth, out: dy chur drogh ennym da sleih, dy insh magh ny hannoonidyn oc CS; outboard, outdoors, outward, outwards: Magh-jee voym dy chooilley ghooinney j'iu Bible; plain; exit; onwards

neuchialgagh guileless, plain, simple, undeceitful, unfeigned: Sheign da ny cumraagyn geddyn cooney dy reayll aght-vioys neuchialgagh as obbyr chreoi. GB

rea (=Ir. réidh) (adj.) 1 even, facile, flat, horizontal, level, plain, plane, sleek, smooth, steady a: ren eh cummal ayns cheer rea Mamre Bible; 2 (as water) clear; 3 (of manner) easy; 4 (adv.) continuously, regularly; 5 (n.) pl. reaghyn male sheep, ram, tup: rea three bleeaney dy eash Bible; 6 flatness [O.Ir. réid]

sailjys (f.) saltness, brackishness, salinity, saltiness: Ta soar y sailjys jeh. DF; plain fare: Ta sailjys feer vie lurg y Nollick. DF

strah (f.) pl. strahghyn level valley, plain, strath: As veih'n strah gys faarkey Cinneroth cheu-har Bible; flatness

tuittym veih'n chredjue apostasy: Mish ta'n Spyrryd ginsh dy plain, dy jean paart ayns ny laghyn s'jerree tuittym veih'n chredjue Bible

I will tarry fuirree-ym: I will tarry until thou come again - Fuirree-ym derrey hig oo Bible; fuir-yms: I will tarry in the plain of the wilderness - fuir-yms ayns cheer-rea yn aasagh Bible; fuirr-ym: But I will tarry at Ephesus until Pentecost - Agh fuirr-ym Bible; fuirr-yms


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