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place1 (v.) cur: Place it in God's hands - Cur eh ayns laueyn Yee. DF idiom; soiaghey

place2 (n.) (spot) boayl: A place quite new to me - Boayl nagh vel enney erbee aym er. DF idiom; ynnyd: It's in place now - T'eh ayns ynnyd nish. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

another place (n.) boayl elley

any place (n.) ard erbee, boayl erbee, raad erbee

Bath Place (n.) Kerrin Oonlee

Beast's Place (n.) Boayl ny Beisht

Big Place (n.) Boayl Mooar

Bird Place (n.) Boayl Ushag

black place (n.) dooaghan

Broom Place (n.) Guilcagh

burial place (n.) boayl oanluckee, ynnyd oanluckee; rhullic

Carnigan's Place (n.) Carnigan

clean place (n.) boayl glen

Coalfish Place (n.) Boayl ny Blockan

couching place ynnyd fynneragh

Crokane's Place (n.) Crokane

Crossing Place (n.) Crossag

Daly's Place (n.) Boayl Daly

Dawson's Place (n.) Boayl Dawson

decimal place (n., adj.) ynnyd jeihoil

Deep Place (n.) Dowin, Dhowin, Dhowinane

Downey's Place (n.) Johneois

Dry Place (n.) Boayl Chirrym

Dug Place (n.) Reuyran

dwelling place (n.) caayr, cummal, ynnyd vaghee; ynnyd-vaghee

Dyer's Place (n.) Boayl y Daahder

Eachainn's Place (n.) Lann Eachainn

empty place (n.) feaynid; feaynid vooar: He stretcheth out the north over the empty place - Teh sheeyney magh yn twoaie harrish y feaynid vooar Bible

Ferny Place1 (n.) Rhenniagh, Rhennee

Ferny Place2 (n.) Boayl Rhennee, Boayl ny Rhennee

foreign place (n.) joarreeaght; joarreeys

Frog Place (n.) Boayl ny Frog

Gorsy Place (n.) Connag

Greedy Place (n.) Boayl Joogh

hairy place (n.) cuinnag, mollaghan

Hard Place (n.) Boayl Creoi

hiding place (n.) boayl keiltynys, chagh, cooill, follaght

High Place (n.) Boayl Ard

high place (n.) alt, ard, boayl ard, ard-ynnyd

Holly Place (n.) Hollyn

Hospital Place (n.) Boayl y Spital

Hunting Place (n.) Shughlaig

Kewe's Place (n.) Kew

landing place (n.) callee; ynnyd traieagh

Level Place (n.) Boayl Rea

lodging place (n.) lhiaght

lonely place (n.) fadanys, fardane

Low Place (n.) Boayl Injil

lurking place (n.) boayl keiltynys

lying place (n.) lhiaght

McKym's Place (n.) Kimmeragh

Miry Place (n.) Creelagh

muddy place (n.) laaghan

Old Place (n.) Shenn Voayl

parking place (n.) boayl pairkal

place hunter postaghan

place kick (n.) breb thallooin

place name (n.) ennym ynnyd

pleasant place (n.) boayl aalin

private place (n.) boayl er lheh, boayl follit

Quiet Place (n.) Boayl Feagh

Red Place (n.) Ynnyd Jiarg, Boayl Ruy

reedy place (n.) guilckagh

resting place (n.) soie, ynnyd fea

Rocky Place (n.) Scregganagh, Creggan, Carrthure

rocky place (n.) borrane, corragh, creggan, foltey, loaganagh

Rough Place (n.) Garraghan

rushy place (n.) leaghyrnee

sheltering place (n.) boayl fastee

show place (n.) ynnyd taishbynys, ynnyd haishbynys

Solitary Place (n.) Boayl Fadane

South Place (n.) Boayl Jiass

Speckled Place (n.) Breckee, Breckan

Stack Place (n.) Boayl Stack

starting place (n.) kione toshee

steep place (n.) eaynee

Stony Place (n.) Clogher

stopping place (n.) stad

Sunny Place (n.) Granane

sunny place (n.) grianane

take place (v.) (to) dy ve ayn

Thorny Place (n.) Drine, Drinagh

Thrumr's Place (n.) Tremode

Trollag's Place (n.) Trolliag

trysting place (n.) boayl reaghit

Turbary Place (n.) Moanee Chas

Turfy Place (n.) Monall

uncultivated place (n.) fadane, fadanys

unfrequented place (n.) fadane, fadaneys

waiting place (n.) boayl farkee

waste place (n.) faasagh

watering place (n.) balley ushtey, boayl faarkee, poyll ushtey, traie-valley

Wet Place (n.) Fliughlagh

what place (adv.) (to) kayrt

Windy Place (n.) Sheidaghan, Boayl ny Geayee

windy place (n.) sheidaghan

Winnowing Place (n.) Boayl Fasnagh

winnowing place (n.) boayl fasnee

Withered Place (n.) Creelagh

withered place (n.) creelagh

Wooded Place (n.) Keyljee

wooded place (n.) keyll

Yellow Place (n.) Ynnyd Buigh

at any place (adv.) boayl erbee

Barley Green Place (n.) Tuar Oarn

Big Barren Place (n.) Shaslagh Vooar

Big Ferny Place (n.) Rhenniagh Vooar

Big Gorsy Place (n.) Aittin Wooar, Aittin Mooar

Big Rocky Place (npl.) Creggan Mooar

Big Rough Place (n.) Mollagh Mooar

Big White Ferny Place (n.) Rhennee Vane Vooar

Black Pool Place (n.) Doo Poyllagh

Black Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Doo

Cain's Hunting Place (n.) Shughlaig y Cain

Crow's Rocky Place (n.) Creggan yn Annag

Ferny Place Church (n.) Rhennee Killey

Fish Net Place (n.) Jeebin

Gorse Bon Place (n.) Connaghan

Gorsy Place Croft (n.) Croit Chonnag

Gorsy Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Aittin

Grey Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Lheeah

Grey Stone Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Creg Lheeah

High Briery Place (n.) Ard Ghressagh

in any place (adv.) ard erbee: And whosoever remaineth in any place - As quoi-erbee, ter mayrn ayns ard erbee Bible; boayl erbee

in place of ayns ynnyd: In place of her - Ayns ynnyd j'ee. DF idiom

in the first place 'sy chied cheayrt; 'sy chied ynnyd

jumping off place ynnyd toshee

Little Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Beg

Little Windy Place (n.) (Yn) Volgan

Moor Gall Place (n.) Roddagagh

North Meeting Place (n.) Normode

out of place (adj., adv.) ass ynnyd, meehraaoil, neuchooie

Place by the Sea (n.) Mooiragh

Place For Us (n.) Boayl Dooin

place in control (v.) cur ayns pooar

Place of Birds (n.) Ein

Place of Darnel (n.) Jeddin

place of devotion (n.) ulican

Place of Hip Thorn (n.) Drughaig

Place of Hunting (n.) Shelgee

Place of Industry (n.) Thalloo ny Grease

Place of Justice (n.) Algayre

Place of Large Gorse (n.) Conney Frangagh

Place of May Festivity (n.) Byultan, Bolthann

Place of Oaks (n.) Darree, Darragh

Place of Peace (n.) Boayl Sheeant

Place of Pleasure (n.) Boayl Taitnys

Place of Rest (n.) Boayl Fea

Place of the Bird (n.) Boayl Ushag; Boayl yn Ushag

Place of the Birds (n.) Boayl Ein

Place of the Cairn (n.) Boayl y Carn

Place of the Drinks (n.) Boayl ny Jough

Place of the Gravel (n.) Boayl ny h'Ayrey

Place of the Graves (n.) Boayl ny h'Oaie

Place of the Height (n.) Boayl ny h'Ughtee

Place of the Horns (n.) Beinnar

Place of the Hunt (n.) Shelgagh

Place of the Marsh (n.) Boayl y Churree

Place of the Nest (n.) Boayl yn Edd

Place of the Nooks (n.) Boayl Injeigyn

Place of the Pigs (n.) Boayl ny Muc

Place of the Pot (n.) Poddaugh

Place of the Precipice (n.) Boayl ny h'Eaynin

Place of the Road (n.) Boayl y Vayr

Place of the Sheep (n.) Boayl ny Gerragh

Place of the Smith (n.) Boayl y Gaaue

Place of the Stream (n.) Boayl y Trooan

Place of the Tree (n.) Boayl y Croaw

Place of the Washing (n.) Boayl ny Niee

Place of the Wing (n.) Boayl ny Skeiy

Place of Wells (n.) Chibbran

Place of Wool (n.) Boayl Olley

place of worship (n.) boayl ooashlee, keeill

Quark's Willow Place (n.) Shellagh y Quark

Quiggin's Hunting Place (n.) Shughlaig Quiggin

Red Ferny Place (n.) Jiarg Rhennee

Red Point Place (n.) Ruy Gobbagh

Road of the Rocky Place (n.) Bayr y Creggan

Rocky Place Fold (n.) Bwoaillee ny Greggan

Rocky Place of the Nook (n.) Creggan ny Cooilley

Small White Ferny Place (n.) Rhennee Vane Veg

Speckled Gorsy Place (n.) Breck Aittin

Speckled Place Hill (n.) Cronk Breckan

Thick Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Roauyr

Thorny Rocky Place (n.) Creggan Drine

to any place (adv.) boayl erbee

White Rough Place (n.) Mollagh Vane

Women's Rocky Place (n.) Creggan ny Mraane

boayl erbee any place, anywhere, any whither, wherever: Son ta ooilley ny buird sollit lesh skeay as broïd, myr shen nagh vel boayl erbee glen. Bible; at any place, in any place, to any place; nowhere

boayl keiltynys hiding place, lurking place

Creelagh Miry Place, Morass, Shaking Bog; Withered Place

fadane (=Ir. fadhain) desolate, solitude, wild: ayns yn aasagh fadane atchimagh Bible; uncultivated place, unfrequented place, wilderness; chaos

of refuge (dy) chemmyrk: and his children shall have a place of refuge - as ec y chloan echey vees boayl dy chemmyrk Bible; (dy) hauchys: and for a place of refuge - as son ynnyd dy hauchys Bible


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