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piob ushtey (f.) conduit, water pipe

piob (f.) pl. piobyn bagpipe, channel, pipe; smoking pipe: Lane piob dy hombaacey. DF

Inexact matches:

glenneyder piob pipe cleaner

lane piob pipeful: Lane piob dy hombaacey. DF

piob calabash (f.) calabash

piob chenntag (f.) stovepipe

piob freoaie (f.) briar pipe

piob fuillee (f.) wastepipe

piob glioonagh (f.) knee pipe

piob hassoo (f.) stand-pipe

piob heaumee (f.) drainpipe

piob hirveish (f.) service-pipe

piob hoanney (f.) exhaust pipe

piob Italianagh (f.) zampogna

piob lhiggee (f.) (of barrel) cock; discharge pipe

piob liaghee (f.) rain pipe

piob neese (f.) riser

piob neose (f.) fall pipe

piob phlooghane (f.) stench pipe

piob sornaig (f.) drainpipe

piob towlagh (f.) manifold

piob uillinagh (f.) union pipe; (Irish) bagpipe

piob veershym (f.) meerschaum

piob vooar (f.) Scottish bagpipe

piob vreinnid (f.) stench pipe

piob vroighe (f.) soil pipe

piob ynsooeeagh (f.) induction pipe

scoltey piob burst

piob liauyr kelk (f.) churchwarden

piob soo stiagh (f.) inflow pipe

drainpipe (n.) piob heaumee, piob sornaig

stench pipe (n.) piob phlooghane, piob vreinnid

bagpipe1 (n.) piob

bagpipe3 (n.) (Irish) piob uillinagh

briar pipe (n.) piob freoaie

calabash (n.) caleybash, piob calabash

cock5 (n.) (of barrel) piob lhiggee

conduit (n.) jeeig, piob ushtey

discharge pipe (n.) piob lhiggee

exhaust pipe (n.) piob hoanney

fall pipe (n.) piob neose

induction pipe (n.) piob ynsooeeagh

knee pipe (n.) piob glioonagh

pipe cleaner (n.) glenneyder piob

pipeful (n.) lane piob

rain pipe (n.) piob liaghee

riser (n.) irreyder, piob neese

Scottish bagpipe (n.) piob vooar

service-pipe (n.) piob hirveish

smoking pipe (n.) piob

soil pipe (n.) piob vroighe

stand-pipe (n.) piob hassoo

union pipe (n.) piob uillinagh

wastepipe (n.) piob fuillee

zampogna (n.) piob Italianagh

delivery pipe (n.) piob-livrey

inflow pipe piob soo stiagh

pipeline (n.) piob-linney

stovepipe (n.) edd ard; piob chenntag

water pipe (n.) lhiggey, piob ushtey

piob-heelee (f.) drain

piob-linney (f.) pipeline

piob-livrey (f.) delivery pipe

manifold piob towlagh; shamyreen towlagh; ymmodee; ymmodee-filley, ymmodee-fillee

meerschaum (n.) kesh varrey; meershym; piob veershym

churchwarden (n.) fer jeh kiare ny killagh, wardoon killagh; piob liauyr kelk

burst1 bleastey; brishey; fosley; raght; roie; sceilt; scelt; scoltey: Ready to burst - Er chee scoltey. DF idiom; scoltey piob; scoltit; skioot; (impv) bleayst; vrish: He burst his bonds - Vrish eh ny geulaghyn v'er. DF idiom

channel (n.) ammyr: It was a Manxman who discovered the channel to Liverpool - She Manninagh ren feddyn magh yn ammyr gys Lerphul. DF idiom; barrey; bollagh; clash; clasheen; feddan; keyllys; piob; (v.) giarrey clasheen; giarrey saaue

drain (v.) chirmaghey, folmaghey, jeeiganey, jeeigey, sheeley, teaumey; (n.) jeeig, piob-heelee, sornaig

pipe1 (n.) cuishley, feddan, pioban; piob: I am lighting my pipe - Ta mee jiargaghey my phiob. DF idiom; (v.) cloie er feddan

Cayr Deeth (f.) Cardiff: haink mee quaiyl rish Julian Goodacre ta er croo piob Bretnagh hannah voish sampleyr ry gheddyn ayns y Thie Tashtee Ashoonagh ayns Cayr Deeth. Carn

grape (f.) COMPARE grepp dung-pit; COMPARE grep manure fork: Fy yerrey, tra va'n piob lostey dy mie dooyrt Harry, "Ren y ven echey reuyrey eh magh ass y thorran lesh grape." MB

wed wad, wadding: Cha naik mee rieau eh giarrey yn wed son y piob. MB

meaig (=Ir. meug) (f.) whey: Hoilshee prowallyn dy row e-coli ayns piob-beeal Vollagh Lhean, ta goll er ymmydey ec Keylannyn Vannin dy phumpal meaig nagh vel ad laccal stiagh sy cheayn. BS

Poyll Roish Pulrose: Ayns y jerrey, nee yn piob-linney livrey gas gys y stashoon-pooar noa ayns Poyll Roish. BS


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