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piece greim; meer: would rather take a piece of that pudding - Bare lhiam goaill meer jeh'n phutage shen. JJK idiom; peesh; ribbag; stuckan; (v.) meeraghey, peeshaghey, peeshal; brebban; prebban

Inexact matches:

piece by piece peesh as peesh

chess piece (n.) fer feeal

chimney piece (n.) skelloo chiollee

fowling piece (n.) gunney eeanlee

little piece spittag

loose piece (n.) peesh scart

penny piece (n.) ping ruy

piece together (v.) meeraghey, sniemmey ry-cheilley

Quarter Piece Meer Kerroo

sea piece mooir-chaslys

small piece (n.) beggan

test piece (n.) peesh phrowaltys

three-piece suit (n.) cullee tree peesh

large piece of timber (n.) bolk

piece of carelessness (n.) neuchurrym

piece of clothing (n.) giubbyl

piece of folly (n.) red ommidjagh

piece of furniture (n.) greasan

piece of land (n.) preaban, stuggan

piece of luggage (n.) meer scudlee

piece of poetry (n.) dreaght feeleeaght

piece of timber (n.) ammaid, foiee

piece of water (n.) loghan ushtey

piece of work (n.) shayll

pointed piece of iron (n.) pyle

small piece of land (n.) stuggey

small piece of peat (n.) kionnan

triangular piece of land (n.) buttag

very small piece (n.) minniag

meeraghey phrase, piece; piece together, put together

ammaid piece of timber

greasan (=Ir. greasan.) piece of furniture

gunney eeanlee fowling piece

Meer Kerroo Quarter Piece

peeshaghey construe, piece

peeshal piece

peesh phrowaltys (f.) test piece

peesh scart (f.) loose piece

skelloo chiollee (f.) chimney piece

stuggan piece of land

cross-piece (n.) trasnane

piece-work (n.) meer-obbyr

piece-worker (n.) meer-obbree

two-piece daa veer

daa veer two-piece

dreaght feeleeaght piece of poetry

loghan ushtey (f.) piece of water

meer-obbree piece-worker

meer-obbyr piece-work

meer scudlee (f.) piece of luggage

neuchurrym insouciance, piece of carelessness

peesh as peesh piece by piece: Smerg da'n ard-valley folley, da'n phot, ta'n veeaylys echey ayn, as nagh vel y veeaylys echey er n'gholl magh ass, cur-jee lhieu magh eh, peesh as peesh, ny lhig da cronney erbee tuittym er. Bible

red ommidjagh piece of folly

brebban (=Ir. breban) COMPARE prebban patch; piece; allotment; manor; waste

buttag (f.) gore, small heap, triangular piece of land

cullee tree peesh (f.) three-piece suit

giubbyl (pl -yn) piece of clothing, rag, tatter

mooir-chaslys (f.) sea chart, sea piece, seascape

prebban (=Ir. preaban) patch; allotment; piece; manor; waste

pyle (f.) ferrule, pointed piece of iron

stuckan pl. stuckanyn COMPARE stuggey :5 piece

trasnane beam, cross-piece, serif, sleeper, transom

fer feeal chessman, chess piece: Fer feeal y scughey. DF

ping ruy (f.) penny piece, sou, stiver: Cha nel ping ruy echey. DF

ribbag (f.) coupon, fragment of cloth, piece, scrap; dulse leaf; (of cloth) shred

sniemmey ry-cheilley alligate, anchylose, conjoin, join, piece together, unite

again (adv.) reesht: Give a piece to the raven and he'll come again - Cur meer da'n feeagh as hig eh reesht. JJK idiom; (emph.) reeshtagh

come again cheet reesht: Give a piece to the raven and he'll come again - Cur meer da'n feeagh as hig eh reesht. JJK idiom

give1 coyrt: Silence gives consent - Ta tostid coyrt cochoardailys. JJK idiom; cur: Give a piece to the raven and he'll come again - Cur meer da'n feeagh as hig eh reesht. JJK idiom; sheeyney; toyr

meat pie (n.) pye foalley; pye-feill: Now, I'm going to offer you a piece of this meat pie - Nish, nee'm arral erriu meer jeh'n phye-feill shoh. JJK idiom

pie (n.) pye: Now, I'm going to offer you a piece of this meat pie - Nish, nee'm arral erriu meer jeh'n phye-feill shoh. JJK idiom

poetry (n.) bardaght; drane; bardys; bardoonys; feeleeaght: Piece of poetry - Dreaght feeleeaght. DF idiom

pudding (n.) puiddin; putage: I would rather take a piece of that pudding - Bare lhiam goaill meer jeh'n phutage shen. JJK idiom

seweth (v.) whaaley: No man also seweth a piece of new cloth on an old garment - As cha vel dooinney erbee whaaley peesh dy eaddagh noa er shenn gharmad Bible

skirt (v.) goll mygeayrt; lent, skyrt; rumbyl, rhumbyl: Let a piece into a skirt - Peesh y chur ayns rhumbyl. DF idiom

split (v.) gaaigey, skeiltey; scoltit, skeilt; scolt; scoltey: Why have you split this piece of wood? - Cre'n oyr dy vel shiu er scoltey yn veer dy fuygh shoh? JJK idiom

beggan (=Ir. beagán) few, little: bee shiu faagit beggan ayns earroo Bible; faintly, partly, slightly, somewhat; small piece; too little; meagre [O.Ir. bec]

bolk large piece of timber: Ghow dew caartyn jeant jeh bolk as daa wheeyl vooarey. Dhoor; longline

dreaght draft: Barrantee Skylley Rosien, t'ad shirrey er y theay barelyn y chur stiagh mychione Dreaght y Phlan Strateyshagh son Skylley Rosien. BS; number; piece: Dreaght feeleeaght. DF

foiee boarding, piece of timber, timber, wood: Erskyn ooilley t'ad laccal shenn ghreieyn-whaaley as greieyn ry hoi obbyr-foiee. BS; timbered

greim (=Ir. greim) bite, catch, clutch, grab, grapple, grasp, grip, hold, piece, snap, snatch: Ghow eh greim y dooinney va baih rish. DF; (needlework) tack; stitch; scrap; commissure; handhold; bit, gobbet, morsel [O.Ir. greimm]

kionnan bale, bundle: As heih Paul kionnan dy vrasnagyn Bible; lump; small piece of peat

minniag (f.) nip, pinch, twinge: Ta minniag ayns my vair. DF; (of insect) bite; diminutive person, small person, tiny person; cookie, very small piece; scrap

peesh (=Ir. píosa) (f.) pl. peeshyn bit, cutting, patch, piece: hug ad peesh dy cheeak figgagh da Bible; (of thread) length; parcel: Ta mee er chionnaghey peesh dy halloo, as shegin dou goll dy yeeaghyn er Bible

preaban circus, fair, fairground, hippodrome; demesne, patch, piece of land, plot: T'eh credjal dy lhisagh Preaban Peveril goll er lhiasaghey myr ynnyd ghialdynagh. BS

shayll (f.) bout, piece of work, rotating, share, spell, stint, trick, turn: Nish tra haink shayll dagh moidyn mygeayrt, dy gholl stiagh gys ree Ahasuerus Bible; (of work) bout; shift

spittag (f.) sharp-tongued woman, shrew, spitfire, verbose woman, vixen; little piece: Va dagh gharmin ayndoo jeh fuygh darragh, trome as lajer, chionnit rish fer elley lesh spittag fuygh, cha nee treiney yiarn! JG

stuggey lump, lumper; half grown girl: Stuggey dy ghoodee. DF; lad, stoutling; small hill on a hill; small piece of land

meer1 (=Ir. mír) (f.) pl. meeryn bit, element, extract, fleck of dust, item, number, part, passage, patch, piece, portion, scrap, section, segment, par: Agh hie ooilley ny Israeliteyn sheese gys ny Philistinee, dagh dooinney dy choyrt skain er e hock, as meer er e choulter, dy shleeu e heigh, as e chiebbey. Bible; (of food) bait, bite, mouthful; coin; particle


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