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picture (n.) caslys: A picture rises in my mind - Ta caslys cheet gys my chione. DF idiom; cochaslys, jalloo, scannane, tuarystal; picture

picture (pl -yn) picture

Inexact matches:

mind picture (n.) soylley

motion picture (n.) jalloo roie

picture book (n.) lioar yallooyn

picture card (n.) ree-chaart

picture frame (n.) clowan caslys

picture framer (n.) clowanagh caslyssyn

picture goer (n.) lught ny scannaneyn, scannaneyder

picture palace (n.) thie jalloo

picture postcard (n.) caart caslyssagh

picture rail (n.) skelloo chaslyssyn

picture theatre (n.) thie jalloo

word picture (n.) jalloo ayns focklyn

caart caslyssagh picture postcard

clowanagh caslyssyn picture framer

clowan caslys picture frame

jalloo roie motion picture

lioar yallooyn (f.) picture book

scannaneyder picture goer

skelloo chaslyssyn (f.) picture rail

thie jalloo cinema, picture palace, picture theatre: T'eh mychione thie-jalloo er y jiass jeh'n Thalloo Bretnagh, choud's ta fys aym. Carn

jalloo ayns focklyn word picture

lught ny scannaneyn picture goer

ree-chaart court card, picture card

caslys (=Ir. cosĂșil) (pl -syn) appearance, chart, design, drawing, elevation, illustration, imitation, painting, picture, shape: Ayns caslys Yee chroo eh eh Bible; likeness

cochaslys pl. co-chaslyssyn allegory, image, picture, portrait, portraiture, similitude: ass y vean echey haink cochaslys kiare cretooryn bio Bible; likeness

jalloo (=Ir. dealbh) pl. jallooyn altarpiece, bust, carving, drawing, effigy, figure, guy, icon, idol, image, joss, painting, picture, sculpture, statue: Ta'n obbree cummey jalloo grainnit Bible

scannane pl. scannaneyn 1 cine-film, diaphragm, movie, picture a: Shinyn va goaill ayrn sy scannane Ny Kirree fo Niaghtey, va shin jeant magh dy row sleih dy liooar coontey yn scannane shoh y ve foaysagh. Carn; 2 (of oil) film

soylley (=Ir. sola) 1 embodiment, enjoyment, fruition, indulgence, matching a: nee ad soylley y ghoaill jeh mess nyn yannoo. Bible; 2 mind picture, mock up, pattern, possession

tuarystal (f.) appearance, fashion, likeness, model, picture, portrayal, resemblance, shape, similitude, simulacrum: jeeagh daue cummey yn thie, as y tuarystal echey Bible


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