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pian cree heartache

pian (=Ir. pian) pl. pianyn ache, aching, anguish, dolour, grief, pain: ta my veeghyn guint lesh pian; ta pianyn er my ghreimmey Bible

Inexact matches:

ayns pian pained: Eisht va ny creeaghyn as ny laueyn oc er-creau, as eisht v'ad ayns pian myr mraane er-troailt. Apoc

meeineyder pian analgesic, analgetic, anodyne, painkiller

moogheyder pian analgesic, analgetic

pian bolgey stomach pain

pian lheshey (f.) coxalgia

pian lieh-eddinagh (f.) megrim

pian vooar (f.) grievious pain

ayns pian y ghraih lovelorn

analgesic anloaghtagh; kyrloghee; moogheyder pian; meeineyder pian

analgetic (adj.) kyrloghee; (n.) moogheyder pian; meeineyder pian

pain gaer, geir, geiy; geu, gew; gonnid; guin, guinn; pian: I can bear the pain - Foddym surral y pian. DF idiom; doccar; pian: Pain of death - Guinn y vaaish. DF idiom; (v.) gortaghey, pianey, geiyaghey, guinney

ache (n.) criu, pian; (v.) pianey

anodyne (n.) meeineyder pian

coxalgia (n.) pian lheshey

dolour (n.) pian, trimshey

grievious pain (n.) pian vooar

heartache (n.) boirey, pian cree

megrim (n.) pian lieh-eddinagh

anguish angaaish; ard-ghuinn; torchagh; pian

pained criuit; gortit; guint: I am pained at my very heart - ta mee guint, eer ec my chree Bible; pianit; seaghnit: so shall they be sorely pained at the report of Tyre - myr shen bee ad dy mooar seaghnit ec y skeeal mychione Tyre Bible; ayns pian: travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered - er-troailt, as ayns pian dy ve livreit Bible

painkiller (n.) moogheyder guinn; meeineyder pian

aching criu; criuagh; gewagh; gonnagh; pian; piandagh; guintagh

grief (n.) graue, guiy boght, seaghyn; pian

lovelorn (adj.) treigit; ayns pian y ghraih

stomach pain (n.) chingys gailley, gailley ching, pian bolgey

ass bree null, null and void, void: Agh s'leah t'eh cur yn baase ass bree, Soilshean ayns gloyr as pooar; O quoi hur pian myr ren Eayn Yee? LH

brisht stiagh baptized with fire: scolt ad hene lesh lhieggey er nyn mooin, ad broojit fo; nyn armyn creoi cur guin, torchagh as pian, myr v'ad brisht stiagh ayndoo lesh trimmid wooar PC

chumm held: Chumm mee my hengey, as cha loayr mee veg: va mee my-host, dy jarroo veih goan mie; agh va shoh pian as trimshey dou. Bible

crubbit bowed: Er-y-fa shen ta my veeghyn guint lesh pian ; ta pianyn er my ghreimmey, myr pianyn ben ta er-troailt: va mee crubbit sheese ec clashtyn eh Bible

doill desire: Shoh m'aggle jeed's, dy vod foall y volteyr dty resoon 'chassey veih e hushtey cair; ayns ynnyd mie dy jean oo olk y reih, lurg dty veerioose dy doill oo pian y leigh. PC

feer chreoi adamantine, very hard: Vraaraghyn dooie, marym's t'er surranse jiu tooilleil as pian da'n dooghys ain feer chreoi PC

gollriu-hene like you: Mysh shiaght er y chlag hie Wil huggey, as dooyrt Wil, "John Jones, cha nel shiu jeeaghyn gollriu-hene jiu, vel pian 'sy chione eu? Coraa

grinney (f.) gateway, portcullis: Pian as angaish v'eck ee hene y leaydey lhee seose gys y yiat, nagh row agh gerrit voee; yn grinney lajer hayrn ee seose lesh aash PC

gyn grunt bottomless, characterless, fathomless, unfathomable: ta'n Goo ginsh dooin jeh'n dor'ghys sodjey magh, jeh ooig gyn grunt, as pian gyn aash dy bragh, jeh aile gyn vooghey, beishteig kinjagh bio, jeh ster'm, dorrin as brimstone lheit heese fo. CS

gyn treisht forlorn: dy roostey jeh dagh fea ny h-eebyrtee 's dy reayll ad ayns anvea, torchagh as pian, gyn gerjagh laa ny oie, as gyn treishteil livrey y gheddyn choiee. PC

gyn vooghey unquenchable, unquenched: ta'n Goo ginsh dooin jeh'n dor'ghys sodjey magh, jeh ooig gyn grunt, as pian gyn aash dy bragh, jeh aile gyn vooghey PC

hoie2 (v.) 1 (ny) seated, sitting a: veh ny hoie ayns shamyr souree, va echey da hene Bible; 2 (gen.) of the night: Ta my chraueyn guint lesh pian ayns imbagh ny hoie Bible

imbagh ny hoie night season: Ta my chraueyn guint lesh pian ayns imbagh ny hoie as cha vel aash ec my fehyn Bible

mreih (gen.) of a woman: as pooar y noid vees brisht, caillee'n baase 'ghah, yn leigh chaillys e vree, sheelnaue sauit vees, gyn pian, gyn guin, ayns shee; rass feer ny mreih ver ooilley shoh gys kione Bible

surrym I will suffer: Nee shid y stock oc ta dy ghoaill my rooym ayns rheam ny maynrys; torchagh, aile as pian neem's choiee y hurranse, roish my surrym shen. Bible

cure castey: That will cure the pain - Nee shen castey y pian. DF idiom; chirmaghey; couyr; cur couyr da: They cannot cure it - Cha nod ad cur couyr da. DF idiom; kiarail anmey; lheihys: The doctors will never cure him - Cha jean ny fir-lhee dy-bragh lheihys eh. JJK idiom; lhiasaghey; sailley; lheeys: Cure for sickness - Lheeys noi chingys. DF idiom


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