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phoosey (dy); (to) marry: Cha jig fer erbee eu er-gerrey jeeish ta faggys caardys da, dy phoosey ee Bible

Inexact matches:

'sy phoosey conjugally

yeearree ry-phoosey propose

ben daa phoosey (f.) (female) bigamist

ben y phoosey (f.) (to) take a wife

fer daa phoosey bigamist

kiangley yn phoosey marriage knot

lught yn daa phoosey bigamist

lurg y phoosey post-nuptial

roish y phoosey antenuptial

bigamist1 (n.) fer daa phoosey, lught yn daa phoosey

bigamist2 (n.) (female) ben daa phoosey

post-nuptial lurg y phoosey

bigamy (n.) daa-phoosey

intermarriage (n.) eddyr-phoosey; poosey mooinjerey

marriage knot (n.) kiangley yn phoosey

marriage match (n.) co-phoosey

nubile (adj.) yn-phoosey

polygamy (n.) yl-phoosey

unmarriageable (adj.) do-phoosey

co-phoosey marriage match

daa-phoosey bigamy

do-phoosey unmarriageable

eddyr-phoosey intermarriage, intermarry

yl-phoosey polygamy

yn-phoosey nubile

antenuptial (adj.) roish y phoosey, roish y vannish, rophooseydagh

conjugally (adv.) rere yn poosey; 'sy phoosey

intermarry (v.) eddyr-phoosey; poosey vooinjey hene

marry (v.) poose, poosey; (to); (dy) phoosey; sheeyney, sheeyney ry-cheilley; (teaddyn) cubblaghey

take a wife (v.) (to) ben y phoosey

couple (v.) coupley, cubbley, cuppley, lannoonaghey, piyral; (n.) coraid; piyr; jees: Couple of horses - Jees dy chabbil. DF idiom; cubbyl: Wed a couple - Cubbyl y phoosey. DF idiom

caardys allied to, blood relationship, friendship, genealogy, kin, kinship, pedigree, wood sanicle: Cha jig fer erbee eu er-gerrey jeeish ta faggys caardys da, dy phoosey ee Bible

faggys caardys da near of kin: Cha jig fer erbee eu er-gerrey jeeish ta faggys caardys da, dy phoosey ee Bible

giootal2 (da) bestow, gift: cur-jee my-ner, yn ree Solomon, ceau yn chrown ren e voir giootal da er laa e phoosey, eer laa gennallys e chree. Bible

moidyn (f.) pl. moidynyn celibate woman, maiden, virgin: nee eh ben y phoosey ta ny moidyn Bible; damsel

robaig (f.) whisker, whiskers: ta caa eu dy phoosey yn çhiarn smoo ayns America Jiass, echey ta robaig feer stoamey CnyO

propose (v.) cur roish, yeearree ry-phoosey; treeal: I propose to do it - Ta mee treeal jannoo eh. DF idiom


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