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pheesh (y) apiece: ny lhig da daa chooat y pheesh y ve eu. Bible

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daeed y pheesh forty apiece, forty each: Coardail rish ronsaghey jeant sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, t'ad ceau eddyr daeed as jeih punt as daeed y pheesh as ad er çheer. BS; deuce

obbyr er y pheesh (f.) job work

queig y pheesh deuce

startey er y pheesh job work

deuce (n.) daa; daeed y pheesh; queig y pheesh

job work obbyr er y pheesh; startey er y pheesh

apiece (adv.) (y) chione; (y) kione; (y) pheesh

firkin firkin: cummal ghaa ny three dy firkinyn y pheesh Bible

carr laadee caisson, lorry, wagon: Myr sampleyr, y pheesh veg ren taishbyney sidooryn Goaldagh ceau corp Sheain Threasaigh stiagh ayns carr-laadee ayns Divlyn. Carn

choayl (dy); (to) lose: Ny cren ven ta jeih peeshyn dy argid eck, as ee dy choayl un pheesh Bible

coardail2 See cordail (rish) according to, agree, assent, OK, pursuant: cha vel yn pheesh va goit ass yn noa coardail rish y chenn. Bible

firkinyn firkins: As va soit ayns shen shey siyn cloaie ry-hoi ushtey, lurg cliaghtey ny Hewnyn son glenney, cummal ghaa ny three dy firkinyn y pheesh. Bible

kainlt joined: Bee'n daa pheesh gheaylin kainlt dy cheilley er y daa oirr Bible

ping (=Ir. pinginn) (f.) pl. pingyn (money) copper; penny, pennyweight: hooar ad dagh dooinney jeu ping y pheesh Bible [O.E penig]

ry chreck for sale, venal: Va ny Manninee 'sy chiaghtoo keead jeig agglit dy row ad ry chreck son daa phing y pheesh as dy beagh nyn ashoon currit mow. Carn

coardail rish agree: cha vel yn pheesh va goit ass yn noa coardail rish y chenn Bible; according to, assent, OK, pursuant; in league with: Son bee oo ayns coardail rish claghyn y vagher; as bee beishtyn feïe ny hooirrey ec shee rhyt. Bible; confederate with: As ve er ny insh da thie Ghavid, gra, Ta Syria ayns coardail rish Ephraim Bible; according

doarnane haft, hilt, spoke; (of door) handle, hand grip: Va ooigyn-saaue smoo ec ny marchanyn, lesh saaue hoght trieyn er-lhiurid as trie er lheead ec y vean, lesh doarnane mooar ec dagh kione, Dhoor; fistful: va gamman faro fo raad ayns shen; va daa phunter treih jeig cummal doarnane dy chaartyn y pheesh ny laue CnyO; sheaf of papers


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