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persoon (=Ir. pearsa) pl. persoonyn being, individual, person, personage: cha bee un feanish fondagh noi persoon erbee Bible [L. persona]

Inexact matches:

persoon neuchooie undesirable

persoon er lheh private person

persoon feer scanshoil very important person

persoon gyn tort thoughtless person

urraghys treeoo persoon third party insurance

being2 (n.) (person) bioagh, persoon

personage (n.) ard-phersoon; persoon

private person (n.) persoon er lheh

P.F.S. = persoon feer scanshoil V.I.P.

individual (adj.) er lheh, neurheynnagh; (n.) fer, persoon, reggyr

person (n.) p'agh, peiagh, pyagh; peccagh; persoon

thoughtless person (n.) meerioosagh, persoon gyn tort

undesirable (adj.) neuchooie, neuyeearreeoil, neuyesh; (n.) persoon neuchooie

very important person (n.) persoon feer scanshoil

important (adj.) mooar-chooishagh, trome-chooishagh; scanshoil: Very important person - Persoon feer scanshoil. DF idiom

third party insurance (n.) urraghys treeoo persoon, urrysaght da'n treeoo fer

hyssop hyssop: nee persoon glen goaill hyssop, as thummey eh 'syn ushtey Bible

eloquence (n.) jesh-focklaght: Has anybody ever spoken with more eloquence than Cicero and Demosthenes? - Vel persoon erbee rieau er loayrt lesh ny smoo dy yesh-focklaght na Cicero as Demosthenes? JJK idiom; loayrtalys

mistake (n.) marran; marranys: The person who told you so was mistaken - Ta'n persoon d'insh dhyt myr shen, ren eh marranys. JJK idiom

persons (npl.) feallagh, feallee; persoonyn: Person or persons unknown - Persoon ny persoonyn gyn enney. DF idiom; sleih: He is no respecter of persons - S'cummey leshyn sleih. DF idiom

unknown gyn enney: Person or persons unknown - Persoon ny persoonyn gyn enney. DF idiom; gyn yss: He did it unknown to me - Ren eh gyn yss dou eh. DF idiom

were it not er be dy: surely, were it not that I regard the presence of Jehoshaphat the king of Judah - son shickyrys, er-be dy vel mee soiaghey jeh persoon Jehoshaphat ree Yudah Bible; erbey dy

baskadyn baskets: varr ad three-feed persoon as jeih, as hug ad ny king oc ayns baskadyn huggey gys Jezreel Bible

dy breagagh fictitiously, spuriously, falsely: My ta persoon erbee jannoo peccah as loght noi'n Chiarn, as dy breagagh gobbal da e naboo shen ny va currit da, fo e churrym, ny ayns dellal Bible

farvish (f., v.) forfeit: as my nee persoon erbee lhiettal constable ta myr shen cooilleeney yn currym echey, as feddynit oollee jeh'n loght cheddin, nee eh farvish as geek sym argid erbee nagh bee erskyn jeih puint. Coraa

feeaih mooar elk, moose; roebuck: nee'n persoon glen as neu-ghlen gee jeh co-laik, myr jeh'n feeaih mooar fyrryn, ny bwoirryn. Bible

oltey (=Ir. alt) pl. oltaghyn (of group) member: ta'n persoon ta bashtit jeant oltey bio jeh Agglish Chreest CS Yn vondeish mooar ta dy ve oltey jeh Agglish Chreest. CS

reih dooinney aeg choice young man: As va mac echey va'n ennym echey Saul, reih dooinney aeg as aalin; as cha row mastey cloan Israel persoon ny stoamey na eh Bible

'syn ushtey awash, in the water: As nee persoon glen goaill hyssop, as thummey ehsyn ushtey Bible


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