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persons (npl.) feallagh, feallee; persoonyn: Person or persons unknown - Persoon ny persoonyn gyn enney. DF idiom; sleih: He is no respecter of persons - S'cummey leshyn sleih. DF idiom

Inexact matches:

private persons (npl.) sleih gyn oik

three persons (npl.) troor

uninjured persons (npl.) neughuintee

unjust persons (npl.) meechairysee

young persons (npl.) aeglagh, sleih aegey; aeglee

Children and Young Persons Act Slattys Cloan as Sleih Aegey

estates of deceased persons (npl.) cooid-seihlt ny merriu

new married persons (npl.) lannoonyn noa poost

worldly minded persons (npl.) cloan ny cruinney, cloan y theihll

Lazy Person's Croft (n.) Croit y Drammag

aeglee young persons

meechairysee unjust persons

neughuintee uninjured persons

sleih gyn oik private persons

cooid-seihlt ny merriu estates of deceased persons

Croit y Drammag Lazy Person's Croft

feallagh folk, ones, people, persons: va feallagh ny lhie follit 'sy chamyr Bible

Slattys Cloan as Sleih Aegey Children and Young Persons Act

unknown gyn enney: Person or persons unknown - Persoon ny persoonyn gyn enney. DF idiom; gyn yss: He did it unknown to me - Ren eh gyn yss dou eh. DF idiom

aeglagh adolescent, juvenile, young ones, young persons, youth: shegin dauesyn kinjagh cooinaghtyn dy vel ad laccal nyn jengey ennoil dy ve currit veih sheeloghe dys sheeloghe elley, veih'n chenndiaght dys yn aeglagh. Carn

cloan ny cruinney (f.) mankind, worldly minded persons: Shen ta ny bodjallyn deayrtey as shilley neose dy palchey er cloan ny cruinney. Bible

cloan y theihll (f.) mankind, worldly minded persons: As dreggyr Yeesey as dooyrt eh roo, Ta cloan y theihll shoh poosey, as er nyn goyrt ayns poosey Bible

feallee people, persons: Agh, foddee dy vel Juan er nakin y cheu elley jeh'n chooish nagh row ny saggyrtyn red beg share na feallee elley Dhoor

lannoonyn noa poost new married persons: Sh'egyn dy ny lanunyn noo puyst yn la kedyn d'an busey yn ghristiyght ghasserick y goyl. PB1610

persoonyn souls, persons: va ooilley ny persoonyn jeh thie Yacob haink gys Egypt, three-feed as jeih. Bible

sleih (=Ir. slua) commonalty, crowd, family, inhabitants, people, populace, public, relations: haink yn sleih cheddin dy ve deiney niartal Bible; masses; persons

sleih aegey minors, young people, young persons, youth, young ones: Myrgeddin shiuish sleih aegey Bible

troor (=Ir. triar) three, three persons, threesome, trey, triad, Trinity, trio, triplet: As ny shamyryn beggey v'ayn, v'ad troor er dagh cheu Bible

secretly (adv.) dy follit: Wherefore didst thou flee away secretly - Cren fa chossyn oo ersooyl dy follit Bible; gyn yss; gy-follit: He will surely reprove you, if ye do secretly accept persons - Nee eh son shickyrys shiu y cherraghey, my ta shiu gy-follit soiagh jeh persoonyn Bible


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