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person (n.) p'agh, peiagh, pyagh; peccagh; persoon

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absent-minded person (n.) meehastagh, shagh-smooinaghtagh

abusive person (n.) caartragh

any person (n.) peccagh erbee; peiagh erbee

arrogant person (n.) ard-wannalagh, mooaralagh

bad-tempered person (n.) niuniag

banished person (n.) eebyrtagh

base person (n.) kercheen

blindfold person (n.) doalan

bold person (n.) fer daaney

boring person (n.) blaader

brutal person (n.) brout

cadaverous person (n.) fer shang

careful person (n.) kiarailagh

coloured person (n.) fer daahit, fer jeh'n chynney ghaait, meshtagh

contentious person (n.) streeuailtagh

contrary person (n.) condaig

cowed person (n.) cruill

crafty person (n.) lhooberey

dead person (n.) peccagh marroo

deceitful person (n.) kialgeyr, sleetch

deceptive person (n.) fer shliawin

detestable person (n.) dwoaieysagh

diminutive person (n.) minniag

dirty person (n.) kecksee

disgruntled person (n.) talleyder

displaced person (n.) fer gyn cheer

Douglas person (n.) Buttee, Doolishagh

dreamy person (n.) branlaadagh

dumb person (n.) balloo

fat person (n.) roauyragh

fearful person (n.) agglaghin

feeble person (n.) anheiltagh

fickle person (n.) lhiam-lhiat

forbearing person (n.) cleaysh liauyr

foremost person (n.) fer toshee: And he commanded the foremost - As hug eh currym er yn fertoshee Bible

frivolous person (n.) kione tap

funny person (n.) dromlaa

furious person (n.) eulyssagh

giddy person (n.) thollane

haughty person (n.) mooaralagh

headstrong person (n.) raghtane

humpbacked person (n.) cruitin

hungry person (n.) accryssagh, shanglaneagh

ignorant person (n.) fer er drogh ynsagh

ill-natured person (n.) scryss

impenitent person (n.) creoi-wannalagh, meearrysagh

imperious person (n.) mooarlagh

impertinent person (n.) perkin

importunate person (n.) lhiannan, sheer-voireyder

impotent person (n.) annoonagh; annooinagh: The impotent man answered him - Dreggyr yn annooinagh eh Bible; baccagh

inconstant person (n.) flid anhickyragh, kirkin

indolent person (n.) drammag, drollane, lhiggey my hraa, skeeder, cadlag

in person (adj., adv.) dy persoonagh

inquisitive person (n.) feyshteyder

intestate person (n.) neuhymnagh

jealous person (n.) eadagh

languid person (n.) lambane

lesser person (n.) fer sloo

light-headed person (n.) kione eairkanagh

live person (n.) bio, bioagh

loquacious person (n.) perkin

merciful person (n.) myghinagh

mucky person (n.) slob

naked person (n.) roosteen

nasty person (n.) dooinney graney

needy person (n.) arkyssagh, femagh

niggly person (n.) granganagh

nimble person (n.) skibbyltagh

nondescript person (n.) neughooinney

northern person (n.) twoaieagh

obedient person (n.) biallagh

obeisant person (n.) ammyssagh

outsize person (n.) cullimer

Peel person (n.) gobbag

peevish person (n.) grangan

perjured person (n.) oaiaghtagh

perverse person (n.) frourtagh

pitiful person (n.) dreih

plump-cheeked person (n.) puissag

pompous person (n.) staydoilagh

poor person (n.) anverchagh

private person (n.) persoon er lheh

protected person (n.) coadan

proud person (n.) moyrnagh

puny person (n.) peeoge

queer person (n.) dromlaa

religious person (n.) fer crauee

retarded person (n.) lag-hushtagh

rich person (n.) fer berchagh

rude person (n.) lunagh

sad person (n.) trimshagh

saucy person (n.) fer daaney, perkin

selfish person (n.) sonderey

servile person (n.) kercheen

shifty person (n.) fer shliawin

short-winded person (n.) reeanagh

shy person (n.) faitagh

sick person (n.) asslayntagh, doghanagh

silly person (n.) blebbin, flid

slippery person (n.) sleetch

slow person (n.) drammag

slow-witted person (n.) tromlag

small person (n.) burdoge, fer beg, minniag

smelly person (n.) breinnag, breinnagh

solitary person lomarcan

sorrowful person (n.) trimshagh; truanagh

spiteful person (n.) goanlyssagh

stiff-necked person (n.) creoi-wannalagh

stooped person (n.) croymmagh

strong person (n.) niartallagh, troshagh

stubborn person (n.) condaig, sturneishagh

stupid person (n.) bolvane, bouyran, donnan

talkative person (n.) beealerey, chengleyr, gob-rollian, perkin, pleateyder, pleateyr

tedious person (n.) cumrailagh

thoughtless person (n.) meerioosagh, persoon gyn tort

thrifty person (n.) tarroosagh

timid person (n.) faitagh

tiny person (n.) minniag

tired person (n.) skeeder

troubled person (n.) seaghnagh

troublesome person (n.) boirane, seaghynagh; seaghnagh

turbulent person (n.) meereiltagh

unhappy person (n.) meevaynragh

uninjured person (n.) neughuintagh

unjust person (n.) meechairysagh

unmanly person (n.) dendeaysagh

unnatural person (n.) neughooghyssagh

unreliable person (n.) kirkin, lhiam-lhiat

unrepentant person (n.) meearrysagh

unsteady person (n.) kirkin

uppish person (n.) mooaralagh, stroinaasagh

vile person (n.) moodjeen

wasteful person (n.) jummallagh

weedy person skiark

Welsh person (n.) Bretnagh

white person (n.) fer bane

worthless person (n.) riftan

absent inattentive person (n.) aachooinaghtagh

flowery spoken person (n.) blaader

person in error (n.) marranagh

person in pain (n.) angaaishagh, guintagh

person of Colonsay (n.) Collasagh

person that understands (n.) toiggaltagh, toiggeyder

short fat person (n.) puttag

tackle person about (v.) cur fo

undo as person (v.) cur craght er

very important person (n.) persoon feer scanshoil

very small person (n.) burdoge

very thin person (n.) scaa, skiark, ushylagh, scanjoon, shanglane

person who is to shoot out the nets next (n.) aachorrey

perkin (f.) busybody, impertinent person, loquacious person, pragmatic, pragmatist, prater, saucy person, talkative person: Ver sleih feoh dan perkin: as bee dwoaie oc ersyn ta goaill rouyr taggloo er. Apoc; dolphin

kirkin inconstant person, unreliable person, unsteady person, waverer

minniag (f.) nip, pinch, twinge: Ta minniag ayns my vair. DF; (of insect) bite; diminutive person, small person, tiny person; cookie, very small piece; scrap

burdoge (f.) shrimp, very small person; small person

condaig (f.) contrary person, stubborn person

drammag (f.) indolent person, slow person

dromlaa funny person, queer person

fer shliawin (person) fox, shifty person, deceptive person

meearrysagh impenitent, uncontrite, unrepentant; impenitent person, unrepentant person

mooaralagh 1 (adj.) ambitious, arrogant, big-headed, conceited, dignified, haughty, imperious, insolent, majestic, ostentatious, presumptuous, proud, uppish a: ta'n cree surransagh ny share na'n chree mooaralagh Bible; 2 (n.) arrogant person, haughty person, uppish person; 3 (haughty) vain

skeeder indolent person, tired person

skiark very thin person, weedy person

sleetch deceitful person, lurker, nark, slippery person, sneak; (with intent) loiterer; (f.) slime

blaader babbler, boring person, flowery spoken person, tub thumper; (of person) wide mouth

lhiam-lhiat (m., f.) fickle person, inconsistent, turncoat, two-faced, unreliable person, Vicar of Bray

faitagh (=Ir. faiteach) cowardly, fearful, irresolute, shy, shy person, timid, timid person, abashed, troubled: adsyn ta faitagh, as mee-chredjuagh

kercheen (f.) 1 base person, cullion, down-and-out, henchman, rotter, servile person, underling, vagabond, wretch a: bee yn kercheen currit sheese Bible; 2 (of person) cringe; 3 (person) cur

oldest (adj.) by hinney: He was the oldest person - V'eshyn yn fer by hinney. DF idiom; shinney: He was the oldest person - V'eshyn yn fer shinney. DF idiom


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