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perceive (v.) ennaghtyn, toiggal; gennaghtyn; leayr: Can't you perceive the ship in the distance - Nagh leayr dhyt y lhong foddey jeh. JJK idiom; goaill baght; cronnaghey: Hast thou perceived the breadth of the earth? Vel oo er chronnaghey lheead y thalloo? Bible

Inexact matches:

did not perceive cha dennee

ship (v.) cheet er boayrd, shiaulley, troggal er boayrd; (n.) lhong: Can't you perceive the ship in the distance? - Nagh leayr dhyt y lhong foddey jeh? JJK idiom; saagh

cha dennee did not perceive: cha dennee eh cren traa lhie ee sheese Bible

cronnaghey check over, detect, determine, mark, miss, observe, perceive, scan: ta ny sooillyn eck cronnaghey foddey jeh. Bible

ennaghtyn atmosphere, consider, experience, feel, feeling, gratitude, noble sentiments, perceive, realization, respect, sensation, sense, sensibility, sympathy: cha vel ennaghtyn ayd jeh ny reddyn ta bentyn rish Jee Bible

gennaghtyn (=Ir. aithniú) feel, know, perceive: cha vel oo gennaghtyn yn darrag t'ayns dty hooill hene Bible; conceive: Son ren Sarah gennaghtyn, as gymmyrkey mac da Abraham Bible; feeling

leayr clear, clear-headed, discernible, distinct, evident, explicit, glaring, graphic, obvious, perceivable, unequivocal, clearheaded: cha bleayr yn derrey yeh yn jeh elley Bible; perceive

toiggal (=Ir. tuiscint) (f.) See toiggyl 1 (n.) apprehension, comprehension, construction, realization a: bee toiggal eu jeh'n irriney Bible; 2 (v.) comprehend, conceive, construe, digest, figure, mean, perceive, realize, realising, understand; 3 understanding

goaill baght comprehend; consider: nagh vel eshyn ta ronsagh y chree? goaill baght jeed? Bible; searching: As hyndaa ad veih goaill baght jehn cheer Bible; observing: As haink eh gy-kione, myr va Joab goaill baght jehn ard-valley Bible; perceive: teh myrgeddin goll shaghym, as cha voddym goaill baght jeh Bible


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