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people (n.) ashoon; feallagh; feallee; kynney; mooinjer; pobble; sleih: I'm sure few people can have slept - Ta mee shickyr nagh vod monney sleih er chadley. JJK idiom; ashoonee; (v.) cur cummaltee ayn, cur sleih ayn; persoonyn: This bed has been slept in by many notable people - Ta ymmodee persoonyn ardghooagh chadley 'sy lhiabbee shoh. JJK idiom

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common people (n.) theay: And if any one of the common people sin through ignorance - As my ta fer erbee jehn theay er duittym ayns peccah trooid marrannys Bible

geriatric people (npl.) (y) feer-henndiaght

God's People (n.) Pobble Yee

highland people (npl.) Gaelgagh

little people (npl.) (ny) deiney veggey; feallagh veggey, mooinjey veggey; sleih beggey

low-class people (npl.) scran

mountain people (npl.) lught ny sleityn

much people (n.) niart sleih: horses and much people - cabbil, as niart sleih Bible; mooarane pobble: to save much people alive - dy hauail mooarane pobble bio Bible; weight sleih: And Edom came out against him with much people - As haink Edom magh n lesh weight sleih Bible; ymmodee sleih: And they went out, they and all their hosts with them, much people - As hie ad magh, ad-hene as ooilley ny deiney caggee oc mâroo, ymmodee sleih Bible; earroo mooar dy leih: much people gathered unto him - va earroo mooar dy leih er nyn jaglym cooidjagh huggey Bible; mooarane sleih: with horsemen, and companies, and much people - lesh markee, as sheshaghtyn-caggee, as mooarane sleih Bible; ymmodee dy leih: and much people followed him - as deiyr ymmodee dy leih Bible; shiartanse mooar dy leih

numerous people (n.) sleih mooar; ram sleih

of people mooinjerey; (dy) lieh: These sort of people - Yn lheid shoh dy leih. DF idiom

old people (npl.) shenn sleih: Old people are like that - Ta'n shenn shenn sleih myr shen. DF idiom

Scottish people (npl.) Albinee

sighted people (npl.) sleih shillagh

travelling people (npl.) (ny) jinnyn

wicked people (npl.) drogh leih

young people (npl.) aegid; sleih aegey

among the people (prep.) masteyn pobble

Farm of the People (n.) Balley ny Sleih

great many people niart mooinjer

investors in people (npl.) lhiaseyderyn skimmee

lot of people (n.) ram sleih; niart sleih

of the common people jeh'n theay

powerful lot of people niart sleih

representation of the people tuarystallys y phobble

rule of the people (n.) theayreill

weal of the people mie yn pobble

niart sleih lot of people, much people, powerful lot of people: dirree eh magh noi, ayns cur e haghteryn reeoil gys Egypt, son cabbil, as niart sleih Bible; manpower

I will advertise soilshee-ym: I will advertise thee what this people shall do to thy people in the latter days - soilshee-ym dhyt, cre neen pobble shoh rish y pobble ayds, ayns ny earishyn ta ry-heet Bible

cur cummaltee ayn people

cur sleih ayn people

feallagh veggey little people

feer-henndiaght (y) geriatric people

ram sleih lot of people: Ta ny skibbaltee boghtey ayns Doolish cur argid-bea da ram sleih, as ta treisht orrym dy jean ad ooilley goaill boggey jeh nyn laaghyn seyrey. Carn; numerous people

sleih shillagh sighted people

faint1 gannooinee: lest they faint in the way - er aggle dy gannooinee ad er y raad Bible; annooiney; gannooinaghey: for my spirit waxeth faint son ta my spyrryd gannooinaghey Bible; gannoonaghey: Give, I pray you, loaves of bread unto the people that follow me; for they be faint - Cur-jee, ta mee guee erriu, bwilleenyn arran dan pobble ta geiyrt orrymorrym; son tad gannoonaghey Bible; goaill neeal; goll neeal: and they shall be as when a standardbearer - as bee ad myr tra ta fer-cullee goll neeal Bible; faiynt: Esau came from the field, and he was faint - haink Esau veihn vagher, as veh faiynt Bible; traishtit, traashtit: my heart is faint in me - ta my chree traashtit cheusthie jeem Bible; naardey; neeal: She went off into a faint - Hie ee neeal. DF idiom; eighid; eigid; tooillit: and the people were very faint. - as van pobble slane tooillit Bible

lhiaseyderyn skimmee investors in people

lught ny sleityn mountain people

niart mooinjer great many people

sleih beggey fairies; little people

theayreill rule of the people

Balley ny Sleih Farm of the People

mie yn pobble weal of the people

mooinjey veggey (f.) little ones, little people

tuarystallys y phobble representation of the people

risen irrit: The risen people of Ulster - Mooinjer irrit Ullee. DF idiom

feallagh folk, ones, people, persons: va feallagh ny lhie follit 'sy chamyr Bible

masteyn pobble among the people: Ver-ym booise dhyts, O Hiarn, masteyn pobble Bible

mooinjerey domestic; of people: braaragh yn as deiney mooinjerey, as caarjyn Bible

scran common herd, low-class people; inedible fish, rubbish in net, scrap

sleih mooar numerous people: Va sleih mooar ny lhie jiass voin. DF

about you my-dty-chione, miu, mood; (npl.) mygeayrt-y-miu: the gods of the people which are round about you - jeeghyn y pobble ta mygeayrt-y-miu Bible; my nyn gione shiuish

as heretofore (adv.) myr v'eh roie; myr bollagh: Ye shall no more give the people straw to make brick, as heretofore - Cha der shiu maghey shoh coonlagh dan pobble, dy yannoo breekyn, myr bollagh shiu Bible

bulk (n.) lught, mooads, thummid; (yn) chooid smoo: The great bulk of the people - Yn chooid smoo jeh'n sleih. DF idiom

crowding jingey: The people were crowding into the hall - Va'n sleih jingey stiagh 'sy halley. DF idiom

did not let cha lhig: and he did not let the people go - as cha lhig eh yn raad dan pobble Bible

fewest (adj.) (yn) chooid sloo; earroo sloo; by loo: You were the fewest of all people - Va shiuish yn ashoon by loo jeh dy chooilley ashoon. DF idiom

for nothing son veg: You sell your people for nothing - T'ou creck dty phobble son veg. DF idiom

gross darkness (n.) dullyr dowin: the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people - nee dorraghys coodaghey yn thalloo, as dullyr dowin y pobble Bible

imagine (v.) sheiltyn, shein; smooinys; smooinaghtyn: The Manx language is not so easy to learn as some people imagine - Cha nel y Ghaelg cha aashagh dy ynsagh myr ta sleih ennagh smooinaghtyn. JJK idiom; smooinee

increased vishee: And he increased his people exceedingly - As vishee eh yn pobble echey dy yindyssagh Bible

Jehovah (n.) Jehovah: Blessed are the people, whose God is the Lord - Bannit yn pobble tan Jee oc yn Chiarn Jehovah Bible; Yahvey

lets lhiggey: He lets people ride over him - T'eh lhiggey da sleih markiagh harrish. JJK idiom

much more foddey ny smoo; foddey smoo: The people bring much more than enough for the service of the work - Tan pobble coyrt lhieu foddey smoo ny ta ymmyrchagh son shirveish yn obbyr Bible

of rest (dy) ea: There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. - Ta laa dy ea er-y-fa shen B ible; (dy) aash: a sabbath of rest to the Lord - doonaght dy aash dan Chiarn Bible

out of the way (adj., adv.) cooyl raaidjey; cooyl-raadagh; fadaneagh; neuchadjin; ass raad: take up the stumblingblock out of the way of my people - scugh-jee yn kiap-snapperal ass raad my phobble Bible

over him harrish: He lets people ride over him - T'eh lhiggey da sleih markiagh harrish. JJK idiom; (emph.) harrishyn

reputation (n.) ambee; ard-ghoo: a doctor of the law, had in reputation among all the people - fer-ynsee jehn leigh, ayns ard-ghoo mastey ooilley yn pobble Bible; goo; foaynoo

ride (n.) cassan markee; (v.) markiagh: He lets people ride over him - T'eh lhiggey da sleih markiagh harrish. JJK idiom; markiaght; raadey; (to); (dy) varkiagh

score agg; feed: A score of people - Feed dy leih. DF idiom; schimmeig; scoar; screeb; scench, skensh: What's the score? - Cre ta'n scensh? DF idiom; tailley; (v.) coontey, cosney, cur agg ayn, schimmeigey, scoaral

shall abhor dwoaiyssee: him shall the people curse, nations shall abhor him - ersyn hig mollaght y theay, dwoaiyssee ashoonyn eh Bible

shall hear2 (interrog.) chluinnee; clynnee: The people shall hear, and be afraid - Clynnee yn pobble, as bee aggle orroo Bible

sinful (adj.) meechrauee, olk; peccoil: Ah, sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity - Ah, ashoon peccoil, pobble laadit lesh olk Bible

stubbornness (n.) condaigys, sturneish; roonid: look not unto the stubbornness of this people - ny jeeagh er roonid y pobble shoh Bible

stumblingblocks (npl.) kiapyn snapperal: I will lay stumblingblocks before this people - neems kiapyn snapperal y hoiaghey ayns raad y phobble shoh Bible

thickets (npl.) keylljyn: then the people did hide themselves in caves, and in thickets - eisht dollee yn pobble ad-hene ayns ooigyn, as ayns keylljyn Bible; thammagyn: they shall go into thickets - hed ad stiagh ayns ny thammagyn Bible

thronged chionney er; chionney stiagh er: much people followed him, and thronged him deiyr ymmodee dy leih, as ren ad chionney stiagh er. Bible; jingit

Ulster (n.) cooat Ultagh; Ullee: The risen people of Ulster - Mooinjer irrit Ullee. DF idiom [Ir. Ulaidh]

welfare (n.) foays: for this man seeketh not the welfare of this people - son cha vel eh shoh shirrey foays y phobble; lhiass

we will beemayd: we will become one people - bee mayd yn un phobble Bible

worry1 boirey: Worry kills people quicker than work - Ta boirey marroo sleih ny s'tappee na obbyr. DF idiom; (n.) imnea: Don't worry! - Ny bee imnea ort! DF idiom; (v.) cur imnea er; (to); (dy) voirey

aegid adolescence, immaturity, young people, youth: dynsee dooinney mee veih my aegid dy vochillaght ollagh Bible

Albinee Scottish people: ta ram Sostnee treishteil nagh bee yn ooill mygeayrt y mysh ny hellanyn shen fo reill ny Albinee. Carn

ashoon (=Ir. náisiún) pl. ashoonee, ashoonyn nation, people, state: veih mac yn inney-veyl trog-yms seose ashoon mooar Bible

chea roish avoid; flee: and the people fled eisht ren adsyn myrgeddin chea roish Abishai, as chossyn ad stiagh 'syn ard-valley. Bible

deiney veggey (ny) little people: Hie eh lesh shilley as cre honnick eh agh deiney veggey kiaulleaght as jannoo daunseyn sy choan shen, as by haittin lesh yn kiaull y chlashtyn. GB

drogh leih 1 wicked people a: Agh nagh jean shoh drogh leih y vrasnagh dy chur aggair da nyn naboonyn onnoragh? CS; 2 wicked

earroo mooar dy leih much people: As va coraa earroo mooar dy leih rouanagh mâree Bible

feallee people, persons: Agh, foddee dy vel Juan er nakin y cheu elley jeh'n chooish nagh row ny saggyrtyn red beg share na feallee elley Dhoor

Gaelgagh Gaelic, Manx, Scottish Gaelic: Eer ayns scoill-cloie Gaelgagh, cha nod oo ve shickyr dy loayragh paitchyn Gaelg Carn; highland people

jeh'n theay colloquial; of the common people: As my ta fer erbee jeh'n theay er duittym ayns peccah trooid marrannys Bible

jinnyn (ny) travelling people; I should: Agh er my hons, ny lhig eh Jee dy jinnyn peccah noin Chiarn Bible

kynney pl. kynnee, kynnaghyn breed, connection, family, folk, genus, kin, kind, kindred, lineage, people, race, species, stock, tribe: cordail rish thie ayraghyn kynney nyn bobble Bible

lieh (=Ir. leath) (f.) moiety, part; half, one of two things, mezzo: mâroosyn hie Hoshaiah, as lieh jeh princeyn Yudah Bible; behalf; makeshift; (dy) of people

mooarane pobble much people: nee eh creenagh ayns ooilley ny duillagyn ver eh magh, eer fegooish pooar niartal, ny mooarane pobble, dy astyrt eh ass ny fraueyn. Bible

mooarane sleih much people: Son ta mish mayrt, as cha soie-ee dooinney erbee ort dy yannoo aggair dhyt: son ta mooarane sleih aym's 'syn ard-valley shoh. Bible

mooinjer (=Ir. muintir) (f.) (pl -yn) entourage, family, folk, folks, inhabitants, kin, kinsfolk, meiny, people, relations, tribe: chuir eh e gheiney-mooinjer dy ghoaill beaghey Bible; servant, servants; farmhand; households

pobble commonalty, community, congregation, folk, masses, people, population: Lhig y raad da'n pobble Bible

Pobble Yee (The) Faithful; God's People: ta shiu nish pobble Yee Ayns traa dy row nagh nee pobble va shiu, agh ta shiu nish pobble Yee Bible

shenn sleih old folks, old people: V'ee er choayl yn sleih aeg as er chur yn olk er shenn sleih. Carn

shiartanse mooar dy leih much people: Laa-ny-vairagh hie shiartanse mooar dy leih, v'er jeet gys y feailley, tra cheayll ad dy row Yeesey er y raad gys Jerusalem. Bible

sleih (=Ir. slua) commonalty, crowd, family, inhabitants, people, populace, public, relations: haink yn sleih cheddin dy ve deiney niartal Bible; masses; persons

sleih aegey minors, young people, young persons, youth, young ones: Myrgeddin shiuish sleih aegey Bible

theay (=Ir. tuath) (f.) citizens, commonalty, common people, general public, hoi polloi, laity, layman, peasantry, plebs, public, populace, subjects, subject: ta fer-reill olkyssagh harrish theay seaghnit Bible

weight sleih much people: As haink Edom magh n'oï lesh weight sleih, as lesh laue lajer. Bible

ymmodee dy leih multitude: As hie ymmodee dy leih elley ren lhiantyn huc seose myrgeddin mâroo Bible; much people

ymmodee sleih horde: as dy jean ymmodee sleih mie nyn lhaih ad dauesyn nagh vod lhaih ad hene CS; much people

ascribe (v.) cur er; cur gys lieh; lhiassaghey da; cur da: Ascribe unto the Lord, O ye kindreds of the people - Cur-jee dan Chiarn, O shiuish chynneeyn y phobble Bible; gow rish: Ascribe ye the power to God over Israel - Gow-jee rish dy nee ec Jee tan phooar harrish Israel: Bible

as well chammah: For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them - Son dooinyn van sushtal er ny phreacheil chammah as dauesyn Bible; chammagh: And the frogs shall come up both on thee. (as well) and upon thy people - As hig ny froggyn seose chammagh ort henehene, as er dty phobble Bible

burdensome (adj.) erreydagh, laadagh, lughtagh; costyllagh: I will not be burdensome to you - cha beem costyllagh diu Bible; trome: in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people - ayns y laa shen neems Jerusalem clagh hrome son dy chooilley phobble Bible

dumb1 (adj.) amloayrtagh; balloo: How many people would remain dumb if they were forbidden to speak well of themselves and ill of others - Quoid sleih hannagh balloo dy beagh ad obbit dy loayrt dy-mie jeu hene as dy-h JJK idiom; bolvane

easy1 (adj., adv.) bog, dy aashagh, sasdagh; aashagh: The Manx language is not so easy to learn as some people imagine - Cha nel y Ghaelg cha aashagh dy ynsagh myr ta sleih ennagh smooinaghtyn. JJK idiom; soccoil: Easy life - Bea soccoil. DF idiom; (pref.) so-: That's easy done - Ta shen so-yannoo DF idiom

fan1 (v.) fasney: toward the daughter of my people, not to fan, nor to cleanse - noi inneen my phobble, cha nee son fasney, ny son reealley Bible; fasnee: Thou shalt fan them, and the wind shall carry them - Fasnee oo ad, as hed ad lesh y gheay Bible; (n.) feayragan, feayraghan, sleayst, yskyyl; (n.) dollan-bennaylt: which hath been winnowed with the shovel and with the fan - ter ny ve fasnit lesh y chleayst as lesh y dollan-bennaylt Bible; (n.) dollan; (n.) thaagheyder

fewer (adj.) loo: They are fewer now - S'loo ad nish. DF idiom; (ny) sloo: There are fewer people here this year - Ta ny sloo sleih ayns shoh mleeaney. DF idiom; (ny) s'tiarkey: They are becoming fewer - T'ad goll ny s'tiarkey. DF idiom

learn (v.) ynsaghey; ynsagh: The Manx language is not so easy to learn as some people imagine - Cha nel y Ghaelg cha aashagh dy ynsagh myr ta sleih ennagh smooinaghtyn. JJK idiom; ynsee: Learn it by heart - Ynsee eh liorish cree. JJK idiom

lost sheep (n.) keyrrey chailjey: I have gone astray like a sheep that is lost - Ta mee er ngholl er-shaghryn myr keyrrey chailjey Bible; (npl.) kirree cailjey: My people hath been lost sheep - Ta my phobble er ve kirree cailjey Bible

much kuse vooar; lane: Shouldn't we have much pleasure? - Nagh beagh lane taitnys ain? JJK idiom; monney: Have you lost much money? - Vel shiu er choayl monney argid? JJK idiom; mooaran; mooarane: With much pleasure - Lesh mooarane taitnys. JJK idiom; mooarrane; niart; ram; weight: And Edom came out against him with much people - As haink Edom magh n'oï lesh weight sleih Bible

number cooid vooar; coontey; dreaght; dreeaght; earroo: There was a large number of people there - Va earroo mooar dy leih aynshen. DF idiom; figgyr; meer; scuitch: She had a number of children - Va scuitch dy phaitchyn eck. DF idiom; (v.) cur earroo er; earrooaghey

redeemed aachionnit; feayslit: And those that are to be redeemed from a month old - As ad shen ta dy ve feayslit, veih mee deash Bible; chionnit: The holy people, The redeemed of the Lord - Yn pobble casherick, Cloan chionnit y Chiarn Bible; feayshlit

shall kill varrys: Now if thou shalt kill all this people as one man - Nish my varrys oo ooilleyn pobble shoh myr un dooinney Bible; marree: Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you - Eisht livreyee ad shiu seose dy ve seaghnit, as marree ad shiu Bible

stand for (v.) goaill yn ynnyd jeh; shassoo er son; shassoo son: And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people - As ayns y laa shen vees fraue jeh Jesse, nee shassoo son cullee dan pobble Bible

trumpets (npl.) cayrnyn: And seven priests shall bear before the ark seven trumpets of rams' horns - As nee shiaght saggyrtyn cur lhieu roish yn arg shiaght cayrnyn dy eairkyn rea Bible; trumpetyn: all the people of the land rejoiced, and blew with trumpets - ghow ooilley pobble ny cheerey boggey, sheidey lesh trumpetyn Bible

ware (n.) cooid crayee; myn-chooid; cooid: And if the people of the land bring ware or any victuals on the sabbath day to sell - As ny yinnagh veg jeh pobble y cheer shen lhieu cooid, ny beaghey erbee er y doonaght dy chreck Bible

Whence (interrog.) Cre ass; Cre veih: Whence come ye? - Cre veih bible; Cren raad: Whence should I have flesh to give unto all this people? - Cren raad yioyms feill dy choyrt da ooilleyn pobble shoh? Bible; Cre voish: Whence then cometh wisdom? - Cre voish eisht ta creenaght cheet? Bible

wondering fo yindys; goaill yindys: wondering in himself at that which was come to pass - goaill yindys ec ny va er daghyrt Bible; jannoo yindys; goaill lane yindys: all the people ran together unto them in the porch that is called Solomon's, greatly wondering - roie ooilley yn pobble dy cheilley gys y phorch ta enmyssit porch Solomon, goaill lane yindys Bible

worst by vessey; red smessey; smessey: This man's conduct is bad, but that of his companions is worse, they're the worst people I know - Ta ymmyrkey yn dooinney shoh olk, agh ta e heshaghyn ny smessey, t'ad yn sleih smessey shione dou. JJK idiom

ashoonee 1 nationals; 2 nations a: Neen Chiarn eisht geiyrt magh reue ooilley ny ashoonee shoh, as ver eh diuish son eiraght ashoonyn ny smoo, as ny sniartal na shiu hene. Bible; 3 Gentiles, heathens a: Lioroo shoh va ellanyn ny ashoonee er nyn rheynn lurg nyn cheeraghyn Bible; 4 people a: derrey nee Shiloh cheet: as huggeysyn, vees ny ashoonee er nyn jaglym stiagh. Bible


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