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pen croa; cur 'sy phaal; fedjag screeuee; ollay woirrin; paal; penn, pen: She has lent me her inkstand, her pen and her scissors - T'ee er n'eeasaghey dou e dooagan, e penn as e shuddyryn. JJK idiom; penney; screeu

pen (=Ir. pinn, binn) COMPARE beinn pen: cha jean-ym lesh ink as pen scrieu hood Bible; summit, top, crown, head

Inexact matches:

ballpoint pen (n.) penn grine-virragh

colour pen (n.) penn daah

drawing pen (n.) penn linneeaght

ewe pen (n.) booght

fountain pen (n.) penn chybbyrt; penn-geill: I've bought a new fountain pen - Ta mee er gionnagh penn-geill noa. JJK idiom

Gelding's Pen (n.) Cro ny Bock

highlighter pen (n.) penn-soilshee

pen feather (n.) fedjag screeuee

pen nib (n.) gob penney

pen tray (n.) dollan penney

quill pen (n.) fedjag screeuee

rabbit pen (n.) paal chonning

Sheep Pen (n.) Fang

sheep pen (n.) croa cheyrragh, fank, paal cheyrragh

Pen Sans Penzance: Bentyn rish yn chied skeeal, fodmayd gra dy row chenjeanyn lostit ayns Nerin, Mannin, Nalbin, ayns Glamorgan ayns Bretin, as ayns Pen Sans er-lheh 'sy Chorn. Dhoor

Callin's Sheep Pen (n.) Croa Callin

Farm of the Sheep-pen (n.) Balley Nank

Pen of the Sheep (n.) Croa ny Geyrragh

Sheep Pen Ground (n.) Thalloo ny Groa

fedjag screeuee (f.) calamus, pen, pen feather, quill pen: Ta my hengey myr fedjag-screeuee Bible

I will not Cha jeanym; Cha jean-ym: I will not with ink and pen write unto thee - cha jean-ym lesh ink as pen scrieu hood Bible

booght ewe pen

cur 'sy phaal pen

dollan penney pen tray

Fang Sheep Pen

fank (f.) sheep pen; turf

gob penney pen nib

ollay woirrin (f.) pen

paal cheyrragh (f.) sheep pen

paal chonning (f.) rabbit pen

penn chybbyrt fountain pen

penn daah colour pen

penney pen

penn-geill fountain pen

penn grine-virragh ballpoint pen

penn linneeaght drawing pen

penn-soilshee highlighter pen

pen-holder (n.) cass phenney

pen-name (n.) ennym screeuee

pen-pusher (n.) myn-chleragh

Penzance (n.) Kione Casherick, Pen Sans

cass phenney (f.) pen-holder

Croa Callin Callin's Sheep Pen

croa cheyrragh (f.) sheepcote, sheep pen

Cro ny Bock Gelding's Pen

myn-chleragh junior clerk, pen-pusher

Balley Nank Farm of the Sheep-pen

Croa ny Geyrragh Pen of the Sheep

ennym screeuee nom de plume, pen-name

Thalloo ny Groa Sheep Pen Ground

paal (f.) (pl -yn) (fold) circle; coop, enclave, enclosure, fold, pale, pen, ring; pavilion

crown1 (n.) attan, attey; crooin: After having resigned the crown, he retired into a monastery - Erreish cur seose yn chrooin, hie eh stiagh ayns manishter. JJK idiom; crown; rimmey; (v.) crooinaghey, cur crooin er; karraghey; pen

given in return for (v.) coonrit: Pen given in return for a pencil - Penn er coonrit son penn-leoie. DF idiom

head1 ard-chaptan, ard-chione, enmys; kione: A kind heart is better than a crafty head - Ta cree dooie ny share na kione croutagh. JJK idiom; pen; (v.) cruinnaghey, cur kione da, kionaghey

summit (n.) ard-veinn, baare, beinn; mullagh: We spent two hours on the summit of the mountain - Cheau shin daa oor er mullagh y clieau. JJK idiom; pen

top1 baare; mullagh: I hope to be top of my form - Ta mee treishteil dy bee'm ec mullagh my vrastyl. JJK idiom; baarelagh; (v.) cur baare er; pen

baare diamond point of a diamond: Ta peccah Yudah scruit lesh pen yiarn, as lesh baare diamond; te grainnit er glaare nyn gree, as er eairkyn nyn altaryn Bible

penn (f.) pen: Ta Inry er choayl y penn ayms agh eeasee eh y penn echeysyn dhyt. JJK

screeu (=Ir. scríobh) 1 (n.) document, writing: Quoi gys ta'n cowrey as y screeu shoh bentyn?; 2 (v.) inscribe, pen, scribe, write a: Hiarn jean myghin orrin, as screeu ooilley dty leighaghyn shoh ayns nyn greeaghyn CS; 3 signed

could oddagh: You could see that with half an eye - Oddagh oo fakin shen dy beagh oo doal. DF idiom; dod: As well as I could - Cha mie as dod mee. DF idiom; (interrog.) noddagh, voddagh: Could you lend me your pen? - Noddagh oo eeasaghey dou dty phenn? JJK idiom

hide follaghey; follaghtyn, keiltyn; keill: Go and hide behind the door - Immee as keil cooyl y dorrys. JJK idiom; follee: Don't hide my pen - Ny follee my phenn. JJK idiom; (n.) crackan; sheh: One must take the horns with the hide - Shegin goaill ny eairkyn marish y cheh. JJK idiom; oayll

is t': He is exceedingly angry - T'eh corree ass towse. JJK idiom; ta: Gold is yellow - Ta airh buigh. JJK idiom; (interrog.) vel: Is dinner ready? - Vel jinnair aarloo? JJK idiom; (emph.) she: He is an Englishman - She Sostnagh eh. JJK idiom; (interrog.) nee: Is that your pen? - Nee shen y penn ayd? JJK idiom

your (pron) dt', dty: Your cousins speak French very well - Ta dty gheiney-vooinjerey loayrt Frangish feer vie. JJK idiom; ayd: Is that your pen? - Nee shen y penn ayd? JJK idiom; eu: Your brother is a doctor, isn't he? - Ta'n braar eu ny er-lhee, nagh vel? JJK idiom; nyn: Have you changed your money? - Vel shiu er chaghlaa nyn argid? JJK idiom

croa (f.) aperture, eyehole, notch; compound, coop, corral, enclave, enclosure, fold, pen, ring: Roish my jagh Ninian dy lhie, ghow eh yn baghyl echey as hayrn eh kiarkyl er y thalloo mygeayrt y croa, boayl veagh yn ollagh ceau yn oie. Dhoor


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