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peesh (=Ir. pĂ­osa) (f.) pl. peeshyn bit, cutting, patch, piece: hug ad peesh dy cheeak figgagh da Bible; (of thread) length; parcel: Ta mee er chionnaghey peesh dy halloo, as shegin dou goll dy yeeaghyn er Bible

Inexact matches:

peesh as peesh piece by piece: Smerg da'n ard-valley folley, da'n phot, ta'n veeaylys echey ayn, as nagh vel y veeaylys echey er n'gholl magh ass, cur-jee lhieu magh eh, peesh as peesh, ny lhig da cronney erbee tuittym er. Bible

peesh argid (f.) silver coin

peesh gheayil (f.) coal

peesh gooyn (f.) dress length

Peesh Illiam William's Portion

peesh phrowaltys (f.) test piece

peesh scart (f.) loose piece

cullee tree peesh (f.) three-piece suit

cur peesh ayn let in

peesh dy chrockan potsherd

peesh jeih dollar (f.) eagle

piece by piece peesh as peesh

dress length (n.) peesh gooyn

length2 (n.) (of thread) peesh

loose piece (n.) peesh scart

parcel1 (n.) kianglaghan: Is the parcel done up? - Vel ny kianglaghan kianglt? - Vel ny kianglaghan kianglt? DF idiom; mynjeig; peesh: And he bought a parcel of a field - As chionnee eh peesh dy halloo Bible; (v.) mynjeigey

silver coin (n.) peesh argid

test piece (n.) peesh phrowaltys

William's Portion (n.) Peesh Illiam

three-piece suit (n.) cullee tree peesh

potsherd (n.) pash, pash craie; peesh dy chrockan; shlig-craie

figgagh of figs: hug ad peesh dy cheeak figgagh da Bible

shuddyryn (f.) scissor: cha greidym nagh gowin peesh ass lesh ny shuddyryn! GB

tosheeaght (f.) antecedence, precedence, preference, priority: Dy chur tosheeaght da peesh dy naight. DF

coal (n.) clagh gheayil, peesh gheayil; geayl: If you put too much coal on, you'll put the fire out - My verrys shiu rouyr geayl er, mooghee shiu yn aile. JJK idiom

cutting bangan; foyragh; geyre; giarrag; giarree; peesh; sharroo; slissag; giarrey: Knife for cutting bread - Skynn chum giarrey arran. DF idiom

eagle (n.) peesh jeih dollar; eagle; urley: The Imperial Eagle - Yn Urley Impiroil. DF idiom

let in (v.) cur peesh ayn, jingey, ushtey y yannoo; lhiggey stiagh: To let in a breath of air - Dy lhiggey stiagh readan geayee. DF idiom

patch1 clamp; clampey; clooidaghey; clooideraght; clout; karraghey; meer; paddag; paitsey; peesh; preaban; qwom; brebban, prebban

piece greim; meer: would rather take a piece of that pudding - Bare lhiam goaill meer jeh'n phutage shen. JJK idiom; peesh; ribbag; stuckan; (v.) meeraghey, peeshaghey, peeshal; brebban; prebban

seweth (v.) whaaley: No man also seweth a piece of new cloth on an old garment - As cha vel dooinney erbee whaaley peesh dy eaddagh noa er shenn gharmad Bible

skirt (v.) goll mygeayrt; lent, skyrt; rumbyl, rhumbyl: Let a piece into a skirt - Peesh y chur ayns rhumbyl. DF idiom

soap1 (v.) cur sheeabin er; (n.) sheeabin: Give me a little soap - Cur dou peesh dy heeabin. JJK idiom; sheeabyn

fainney-cleaysh earring: hug ad dy chooilley ghooinney da myrgeddin peesh dy argid, as fainney-cleaysh Bible

Joseph Joseph: hayrn ad, as hrog ad Joseph seose ass yn ooig, as chreck ad Joseph rish ny Ishmaeliteyn, son feed peesh dy argid Bible

mayl pl. maylteeyn See mayle rent, rental, tribute: va dagh fer jeu son mayl y troar dy eeck thousane peesh dy argid. Bible; impost

raisinyn raisins: As hug ad peesh dy cheeak figgagh da, as daa ghossan dy raisinyn Bible

shleayst (f.) pl. shleaystyn haunch, thigh: dy chooilley reih peesh, yn shleayst, as y clingan Bible

stoo thie furniture: Paart dy phrash cheumooie, stoo-thie Habitat cheusthie, as shoh dhyt peesh dy fo valjaghys Sostnagh mastey yn Celtiaghys. Carn

bit red beg: I am a bit tired - Ta mee red beg skee. DF idiom; beealagh; beealragh, beealraghyn: Champing the bit - Crimmey ny beealraghyn streeaney. DF idiom; greim; greme; meer; peesh; sparrag; thiolleyder; beeal-veer; beggan: You are a bit too previous - T'ou beggan roish y traa. DF idiom


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