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peck1 cur paagag da; kishan; spolgey, spulgey; spolg, spulg; tubbag

peck2 (n.) (kiss) paagag

Inexact matches:

peck out (v.) spulgey ass

peck a shell scolbey

cur paagag da peck

paagag (f.) (kiss) peck

spolg (f.) nip, peck, pinch

spulg (f.) nip, peck, pinch

spulgey ass peck out

spulgey nipping, peck, pecking, pick out, pinch, pinching, pluck out

scolbey (=Ir. sgol) chip, chip off, get up: Ren y yeean scolbey jeh mullagh yn ooh. DF; peck a shell, scallop

spolgey chip off, chipping, nip, nip off, peck, pinch: nee fiee ny glionney spolgey ass eh Bible

tubbag (f.) bushel, measure, peck, tub: tra haink fer gys dash-arroo jerkal rish feed tubbag, cha row echey agh jeih Bible

kishan peck, skep; skip: Ta Mainshtyr Young cur sannish dy jean y costys jeh failley kishan getlagh seose dys foddey ny smoo na queig ny shey cheead punt, tra vees orçh costal keead punt y thunney ec yn ynnyd lhieeney thalloo. BS


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