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pay eeck da, geeck; faill; jeeilley; jeeley; (to); (dy) eek

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back pay (n.) faill cooyl

half pay (n.) lieh-faill

pay box (n.) boayrd argid

pay day (n.) laa-faillee

pay down eeck argid sheese; eeck eearlys er

pay for (v.) eeck er son

pay in (v.) eeck stiagh

pay off (v.) cur gys yn dorrys, eeck, glenney

pay office (n.) oik faillee

pay out ceau argid; eeck; lhiggey magh

pay roll (n.) duillag faillee

pay station (n.) (motorway) ynnyd-eeck

pay up (v.) eeaghyn y eeck, eeaghyn y ghlenney

shall pay eeckee: You shall pay for this - Eeckee oo son shoh. DF idiom

should pay eeckagh

unemployed pay (n.) cooney taaueid

unemployment pay (n.) cooney jee-chosnee, cooney mee-staartaght

will pay eeckys; eeckee: You will pay dearly for that - Eeckee oo son shen. DF idiom

I will pay eeck-ym; eeck-yms: I will pay ten thousand talents of silver - as eeck-yms jeih thousane talent dy argid Bible

pay homage to (v.) ooashlaghey

pay regard to (v.) cur arrey da

eeckee shall pay: eeckee eh dooble er y hon Bible; will pay

eeck (=Ir. íoc) clear off debt, payment, pay off, pay out, remittance, reward: dob eh dy eeck keesh da Bible

cooney jee-chosnee unemployment pay

cooney mee-staartaght unemployment pay

cooney taaueid unemployed pay

faill cooyl back pay

laa-faillee pay day

lieh-faill half pay

ynnyd-eeck checkout; (motorway) pay station

attention (n.) arrey: Pay particular attention to this - Cur arrey er-lheh da shoh. DF idiom; frioose; geill: I've often told you so, you never pay any attention - Ta mee dy-mennick er n'insh dhyt myr shen, agh cha nel oo dy-bragh cur geill da. JJK idiom; tastey: I directed his attention to it - Hayrn mee y tastey echey da. DF idiom; tastid: I must draw your attention to this matter - Shegin dou tayrn dty hastid hug y chooish shoh. DF idiom

pay-dirt (n.) cray airhey; cray argid

boayrd argid pay box, paydesk

cray airhey (f.) pay-dirt

cray argid (f.) pay-dirt

eeaghyn y ghlenney pay up

eeck argid sheese pay down

eeck eearlys er pay down

eeck er son pay for

jeeilley (f.) contribute, pay; fee; damage

jeeley overflow; (on ground) wetness; dial; pay

cur gys yn dorrys pay off

duillag faillee (f.) pay roll, wage sheet, wages sheet

oik faillee employment exchange, pay office

mortgage (n.) gioaldeeaght: Pay off a mortgage - Gioaldeeaght y eck. DF idiom

to it da: Pay attention to it - Cur arrey da. DF idiom

eeaghyn y eeck pay up: Dty 'eeaghyn y eeck. DF

eeckagh remunerative; should pay: derrey eeckagh eh ooilley ny v'eh dy lhiastyn. Bible

geeck (=Ir. íoc) pay: Nagh vel y mainshter euish geeck y cheesh? Bible; look

afterwards (adv.) jei; (ny) lurg; (ny) s'anmee: I fear we shall have to pay for it afterwards - Ta aggle orrym dy nhegin dooin eeck er e son ny s'anmee. JJK idiom

bill3 (n.) (account) screeuyn coontee: She hadn't paid the bill, had she? - Cha row ee er n'eeck yn coontey, row? JJK idiom; coontey: We should pay our bill - Lhisagh shin eeck nyn goontey. JJK idiom

bitter1 garg; gargaghey; gart; geyre; gort; sharroo, shirroo: Sweet to take but bitter to pay - Millish dy ghoaill agh sharroo dy eeck. JJK idiom

compliments bannaght; corp as slaynt: Whatever compliments he may pay you, don't beleive it - Cre erbee corp-as-slaynt saillish hood, ny cur treisht ayn. JJK idiom; moyllaghyn; moylley

delivery (n.) assaid, coyrt seose, toyrtys; jannoo chaghteraght; livrey-ys: To pay on delivery - Ry-eeck er livrey-ys. DF idiom

for them er-nyn-son: They won't give you these goods before you pay for them - Cha der ad yn chooid shoh diu roish t'ou g'eeck er nyn son. JJK idiom; er ny son oc; (emph.) er ny son ocsyn; nyn gour

promptly (adv.) dy lheah; dy traaoil: To pay promptly - Dy eeck dy traaoil. DF idiom; ec keayrt

sweet (n.) bee millish, milljan; (adj.) bing, meen, oor, blaystal; smillish; millish: Sweet to take but bitter to pay - Millish dy ghoaill agh sharroo dy eeck. DF idiom

ceau argid disburse, pay out: Dinsh Britaanagh dou dy vel y reiltys Frangagh ceau argid fy yerrey dy haraghey ny raaidyn sy Vritaan Carn

cur arrey da wares; give attention to, pay regard to: Red symoil dy vel y Banglane cur arrey da Celtiee elley y laa t'ayn jiu. Carn; be careful

eeck da pay: Eshyn ta giastyllagh da ny boghtyn, t'eh geeasaght da'n Chiarn: as son shen t'eh myr shoh dy vaarail, bee eh er ny eeck da reesht. Bible; repay

eeck stiagh pay in: As dinsh Mordecai dasyn ooilley ny v'er daghyrt da, as mychione yn sym dy argid yiall Haman dy eeck stiagh gys tashtaghyn y ree, son kied dy stroie ny Hewnyn. Bible

eeck-ym I will pay: Dhyt's, O Yee, eeck-ym my vreearaghyn: dhyts ver-ym booise. Bible

eeck-yms I will pay: as eeck-yms jeih thousane talent dy argid gys tashtaghyn y ree, liorish ny laueyn ocsyn vees currym yn obbyr shoh orroo. Bible

eeckys instalment, payment; will pay: Gow kiarail jeh'n dooinney shoh: my lhiggys oo yn raad da, eisht bee'n vioys ayd's son y vioys echeysyn, er-nonney eeckys oo talent dy argid. Bible

faill (=Ir. páigheáil) (f.) board, employment, fare, fee, hire, pay, reward, salary, stipend, wage, wages: bee shen son faill da'n cheshaght-chaggee echey Bible

lhiggey magh (work) allocation; assignation, discharge, emit, leak, leakage, let out, pay out, rap out, utterance, veer, vent, venting: t'eh lhiggey magh ny tendreilyn lesh y fliaghey Bible

ooashlaghey adore, pay homage to, revere, worship: chroym yn pobble nyn ghing, as ren ad ooashlaghey. Bible

debt feeaghan, feeaghyn: You would pay your debts - Eeckagh shiu nyn veeaghyn. JJK idiom; lhiastanys, lhiastynys: It is better to go to bed without supper than to rise in debt - Share goll dy lhie fegooish shibber na g'irree ayns lhiastynys. JJK idiom; sthangan

fear aggle: I fear we shall have to pay for it afterwards - Ta aggle orrym dy nhegin dooin eeck er e son ny s'anmee. JJK idiom; (n.) atchim, sgoagh; (v.) goaill aggle roish: Tall though you are, I don't fear you - Ga s'liauyr t'ou, cha nel mee goaill aggle royd. JJK idiom

ard-ennym eminence, fame, renown, title: As va'n caslys shoh troggit rish bleeantyn er y woalley syn Ollay lesh yn ard-ennym, "The Eskdale Pay-counting Machine. GB

glenney (=Ir. glanadh) act of vindication, chip, clarify, clean, cleaner, clearance, discharge, dust, expurgate, freshen, grub, pay off, purge, purification, purify, rid, satisfaction, scale, scavenge, settlement, sink, weed, wipe; (honey) clarification; (as fowl) draw; (as metal) try out; cleaning; bathe: as glenney e chorp ayns ushtey Bible; cleanse: As nee eh glenney yn thie lesh fuill yn eean as lesh yn ushtey farrane Bible; glass


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