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passage (n.) bollagh, beeal, cassan, entreilys, fosley, goll, limmer, turrys; (of book) meer, sluight

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boat passage1 barrey, jurnaa baatey, marrinys

boat passage2 (n.) (on ship) jurnaa baatey; marrinys

passage money (n.) leagh shiaullee

sea passage (n.) marrinys; turrys varrey

bird of passage (n.) eean shooyl

marrinys (on ship) boat passage; cruise, sea passage, sea voyage, voyage

jurnaa baatey (on ship) boat passage

leagh shiaullee passage money

limmer passage, passageway, scupper

turrys varrey (f.) sea passage

air-passage (n.) feddan aer; turrys aer

feddan aer air-passage

turrys aer air-journey, air-passage

eean shooyl bird of passage, straggler

hew (v.) scoltey, speiy; (to); (dy) yiarey; cummey: Hew out a statue - Jalloo y chummey. DF idiom; lhieggey: Hew down a tree - Billey y lhieggey. DF idiom; giarrey: Hew out a passage - Cassan y yiarrey. DF idiom

barrey bar, bolt: ver ad orroo coodagh dy chraitnyn broc, as ver ad eh er barrey. Bible; barrow; boat passage, channel

bollagh aforetime, wont: raad bollagh ad stoyral ny ourallyn-arran Bible; channel, course, curving uphill road, gap, gorge, lane, passage, route, thoroughfare: Yiare eh magh bollagh dasyn magh ass y chamyr. DF

cassan (=Ir. casan) 1 passage, path, pathway, sidewalk, thoroughfare a: Ta cassan ayn nagh nhione da eean erbee Bible; 2 See Cassan Cedar (in names) walk, footpath; 3 trajectory

entreilys access, accession, admission, entrance, entry, induction, passage: Cha nel entreilys erbee aym da'n cheshaght shen. DF; admittance

goll (=Ir. dul) disembark, go, going, show out: as dooyrt eh, Lhig dou goll gys my vainshtyr. Bible; departure, passage

sluight children's children, descendant, family, lineage, offspring, parentage, passage, posterity, progeniture, race, remnant, seed: ver-yms noidys eddyr uss as y ven, as eddyr y sluight ayd's, as y sluight eck's

turrys (=Ir. turas) (f.) (of sea) crossing, passage; excursion, expedition, itinerary, jaunt, journey, outing, progress, run, tour, trip: Bee turrys sterrymagh ain jiu. DF; (of planet) transit; (of postman) walk

rough1 barb; barbagh; breckey; carragh; garroo: We had a rough passage - Va turrys garroo ain. DF idiom; mollagh; neurea; raghtanagh; rastagh: he stayeth his rough wind in the day of the east wind - teh lhiettal e gheay rastagh rish traa yn gheay-niar Bible; reeastagh; reeastaneagh; ruggagh; thalloo garroo

beeal (=Ir. béal, Sc.G. beul, bial) pl. beill, beealyn approach, flue, passage, rim; outlet: As va'n faarkey-sailjey choud as beeal Yordan yn chagliagh har. Bible; mouth, muzzle: t'er vosley e beeal dy ghoaill fuill dty vraarey veih dty laue. Bible; rictus; meatus, orifice; cone, crater: vrish y lostey seose myr ass beeal Etna ny Vesuvius PC; unwritten; entrance [O.Ir. bél]

fosley 1 burst, develop, disclose, disillusion, explode, open, opening, open out, open up, orifice, overture, passage, slit, strike out, unblock, unbosom, unclasp, unclench, unfold, unlace, unlock, unroll, untie a: ren Noah fosley uinniag yn arg v'eh er hroggal. Bible; 2 (door) answer; 3 (as cargo) broach; 4 (as clothing) unhook; 5 (in ice) lane; 6 introduction

meer1 (=Ir. mír) (f.) pl. meeryn bit, element, extract, fleck of dust, item, number, part, passage, patch, piece, portion, scrap, section, segment, par: Agh hie ooilley ny Israeliteyn sheese gys ny Philistinee, dagh dooinney dy choyrt skain er e hock, as meer er e choulter, dy shleeu e heigh, as e chiebbey. Bible; (of food) bait, bite, mouthful; coin; particle


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