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pan (v.) creearey; niee; (n.) pan: And if thy oblation be a meat offering baken in a pan - As my vees thoyrtys yn oural-arran ayds dy ve aarlit ayns pan Bible; panney: unleavened cakes, and for that and for that which is baked in the pan - keeakyn oorey, as berreenyn panney as cre-erbee ta aarlit ayn Bible

Inexact matches:

ash pan (n.) panney leoh

baking pan (n.) panney fuinnee

dripping pan (n.) pash gheirr

frying pan (n.) freeghtane, frynepan; panney: Out of the frying pan into the fire - Ass y phanney ayns yn aile. JJK idiom

lavatory pan (n.) saagh premmee

preserving pan (n.) panney lhiasee

salt pan (n.) lhag sollan

scale pan (n.) bass, shlig

stew pan (n.) panney

warming pan (n.) pann lhiabbagh, pann lhiabbee

panney pan, stew pan: keeakyn oorey, as berreenyn panney Bible

freeghtane frying pan

lhag sollan salt pan

panney fuinnee baking pan

panney leoh ash pan

panney lhiasee preserving pan

pann lhiabbagh warming pan

pann lhiabbee warming pan

pash gheirr (f.) dripping pan

saagh premmee lavatory pan

bed-pan (n.) pash lhiabbagh

pan-American ooilley-Americaanagh; pan-Americaanagh

pan-Celtic (adj.) ooilley-Cheltiagh; pan-Cheltiagh

pan-Celticism ooilley-Cheltiaghys; pan-Cheltaghys

pan-Germanism (n.) pan-Yermaanaghys

ooilley-Americaanagh pan-American

ooilley-Cheltiagh pan-Celtic

ooilley-Cheltiaghys pan-Celticism

pan-Americaanagh pan-American

pan-Cheltaghys pan-Celticism

pan-Cheltiagh pan-Celtic: Cha row ad cosney monney argid voish ny clashtynee edyr. Er-lhimmey jeusyn ec yn co-hirrey Pan-Cheltiagh v'ad goan dy liooar. Carn

pan-Yermaanaghys pan-Germanism

pash lhiabbagh (f.) bed-pan

frynepan frying pan: thoyrtys dty oural arran dy ve aarlit ayns frynepan Bible

out of ass: Out of the frying pan into the fire - Ass y phanney ayns yn aile. JJK idiom

bass (f.) 1 bass, scale pan; 2 (of oar) blade; 3 pl. bassyn flat of hand, palm a: nee'n saggyrt deayrtey jeh'n ooil ayns bass e laue chiare Bible

creearey pan, riddle, sieve, sift, survey, searce: Nee'm creearrey thie Israel mastey dy chooilley ashoon Bible

niee (=Ir. nigh) bathe, flush, launder, pan, wash: niee eh e choamraghyn ayns feeyn Bible [O.Ir. nigid]

shlig (=Ir. slig) (f.) (pl -yn) body, scale, scale pan, shell, test: As ghow eh shlig chrockan dy screebey eh-hene; Bible; splinter

out ass: Out of the frying pan into the fire - Ass y phanney ayns yn aile. JJK idiom; magh: I shall go out before he comes back - He'm magh my jig eh er-ash. JJK idiom; mooie: It's not quite out - Cha nel eh dy-slane mooie. JJK idiom


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