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palchey (=Ir. pailt) plenteous, plenty: nee ad jiole jeh palchey ny marrey Bible; abundance; plenteousness

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dy palchey copiously, plentifully: As ver yn awin magh froggyn dy palchey Bible

palchey ayn tons of it: Ta palchey ayn ayns shenn skeealyn, shennaghys, aittys as fassoonys yn Gael vees goll y vishaghey, marish kiaull as ellynee elley. Carn

palchey vooar great abundance: bee berchys ooilley ny ashoonee mygeayrt er ny haglym cooidjagh, airh as argid, as coamrey ayns palchey vooar. Bible

slane palchey abundance: marish nyn ourallyn-feeyney as ourallyn elley ayns slane palchey, son ooilley Israel Bible

smoo palchey (ny) more abundantly, more plenteous, more bountiful: ta mish er jit dy vodagh ayd bee ve ack, as gy vodagh e ve ack nasmu palchey. PB1610

abundance (n.) laanid, lhieenaraght, palchid, palchys, skyoll, ymmodys; niart: Abundance of money - Niart argid. DF idiom; slane palchey; slane towse: they which receive abundance of grace - adsyn ter gheddyn slane towse dy ghrayse Bible; palchey: and with gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things - as lesh gennallys cree, son palchey eh dy chooilley nhee Bible

copiously (adv.) dy palchey

great abundance (adj.) palchey vooar

more bountiful (ny) smoo palchey

more plenteous (comp./sup.) (ny) smoo palchey

plenteousness (n.) palchid, palchys, sooghid; palchey: Riches and plenteousness shall be in his house - Bee berchys as palchey ayns e hie Bible; sonnys: and plenteousness within thy palaces - as sonnys cheu-sthie jeh dty chooyrtyn Bible

plenty palchey: He has plenty of drive - Ta palchey greesaghey ayn. DF idiom; palchid; palchys; ram; soogh: Plenty never felt for want - Cha dennee rieau yn soogh y shang. JJK idiom

cedaryn cedars: ren y ree yn argid cha palchey ayns Jerusalem as claghyn, as ny cedaryn myr ny biljyn-sycamore tasy choan, cha palchey. Bible

more abundantly (ny) sdoccarree; (ny) smoo palchey

plenteous (adj.) palchagh, soogh; palchey: And the king made silver and gold at Jerusalem as plenteous as stones - As hug y ree er argid as airh ec Jerusalem dy ve cha palchey as claghyn Bible; feoilt: long-suffering, plenteous in goodness and truth - surranse-foddey, feoilt ayns mieys as firrinys. Bible

plentifully (adv.) dy palchey: The ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully - Ren thalloo dooinney berchagh dy row mess y chur magh dy palchey Bible; dy slane: and how hast thou plentifully declared the thing as it is? - as kys tou dy slane er hoilshaghey yn chooish myr te? Bible

tons of it palchey ayn; ram ayn

pearl pl. pearlyn pearl: 'sy rheam shoh yiowmayd palchey pearl as airh PC

treinaghyn nails: palchey yiarn dy yannoo treinaghyn son coollaghyn ny giattyn Bible

creature (n.) cretoor: Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life - Lhig da ny ushtaghyn gymmyrkey magh dy palchey yn cretoor snauee ayn ta bioys Bible

arran corkey oat bread: Hie shin roish dys Ball-ny henshy, Hooar shin palchey arran corkey GB

brat (f.) 1 apron, cloak, cloth, coat, cover, curtain, film, layer, mantle, pall, pinafore, sheet, wrap; 2 overgrowth, standing crop a: ver y thalloo magh brat palchey Bible; 3 coating, covering a: Ta brat hrome sniaghtey er y thalloo Bible [O.Ir. brat]

cloan ny cruinney (f.) mankind, worldly minded persons: Shen ta ny bodjallyn deayrtey as shilley neose dy palchey er cloan ny cruinney. Bible

daa cheayrt doubly, twice, twice over: As hrog Moses e laue, as lesh e lorg woaill eh yn chreg daa cheayrt: as roie yn ushtey magh dy palchey, as ren y pobble giu, as nyn maase myrgeddin. Bible; double

Gael Gael: Ta palchey ayn ayns shenn skeealyn, shennaghys, aittys as fassoonys yn Gael vees goll y vishaghey, marish kiaull as ellynee elley. Carn

kenjal benevolent, kindly, obliging: bee yn arran jeh bishaghey yn thallooin kenjal as palchey Bible; benign

liggar liquor, spirit, spirits: Hug shin lhien nyn greieyn-kiaullee, ny lioaryn arrane as palchey lhune as liggar, as dagh oie va shin kiaulleeaght, pynteraght as cooisheraght. Carn

mrastyr beg afternoon snack, afternoon tea, lunch: 'Nish ta'n screeu red beg ny share,' dooyrt Eleanor, 'agh ta palchey ny smoo ry lhaih foast; er-lhiams dy bare dooin faagail eh derrey nyn mrastyr beg. Dhoor

My ghraih (voc.) My love: "My ghraih," dooyrt Aue rish, fakin dy vel Jee er stowal orrin palchey jeh dagh nhee, millish as mie neesht PC; Ducky

naisht affianced, bind, engaged: Ny yeih, ta Hommy aeg dy liooar, as ta palchey dy eeastyn elley ayns y cheayn, as cha nel ad naisht foast noadyr. Dhoor

ooyllyn apples: As reesht jeh'n villey banglane vrish ee lhee, palchey jeh ooyllyn lheid as dee 'hene roie PC

Paal Paul: Cha b'vie lesh Paal iu jough ec y traa v'ayn shen, as va palchey dy feeyn smeyr ghoo ain yn vlein shen. Carn

skeaylley2 (dy); (to) come loose: : As shegin da ve palchey shiunyn ayd dy skeaylley er y laare, vel shiu er chymsagh ad foast? Coraa

skeaylley er bestrew: : As shegin da ve palchey shiunyn ayd dy skeaylley er y laare, vel shiu er chymsagh ad foast? Coraa

skellal 1 die away, disappearance: Marish yn chengey va palchey dy arraneyn skellal ersooyl, dy-jarroo ta chengey undin jeh kiaull as persoonaght ashoonagh. Carn; 2 (dy); (to) glisten; 3 (dy); (to) beam a: coodagh dy hoilshey sollys v'er e skyn as goullyn greiney skellal magh veih 'vun PC

smeyr1 (=Ir. smeur) (f.) 1 pl. smeir berry, blackberry, bramble berry a: Cha b'vie lesh Paal iu jough ec y traa v'ayn shen, as va palchey dy feeyn smeyr ghoo ain yn vlein shen. Carn; 2 grape

smuggleyr contrabandist: Ta ram jeu cosney palchey argid ass smuggleyr, as baarail ooilley er lhune as liggar, gyn smooinaght er gerjagh as foays nyn mraane as cloan Dhoor

suck bainney kee; jiole: for they shall suck of the abundance of the seas - son nee ad jiole jeh palchey ny marrey Bible; soo: He shall suck the poison of asps - Nee eh soo pyshoon ny ardnieughyn Bible; soo stiagh; jeegey: Thou shalt even drink it and suck it out - Nee oo dy jarroo giu jeh, as jeegey ass eh Bible

cur stiagh bring home, buy in, drop, embody, embrace, enclose, harvest, house, input, install, interject, lay up, pass, return; insert, put in: gys ny laueyn oc ta Jee cur stiagh dy palchey Bible; submit; insertion, installation, interruption, intervention; get in; enter; fill in


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