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paitchey sooree illegitimate child, love child

paitchey (=Ir. páiste, Sc.G. pàiste) pl. paitchyn 1 bairn, child, kid a: Ta ommijys fraueit ayns cree paitchey Bible; 2 bantling, brat, chit; 3 (boy) page, varlet [E.M.Ir. páitse]

Inexact matches:

arreyder paitchey baby sitter

paitchey farbil train-bearer

paitchey oainjyragh illegitimate child

paitchey straiddey gutter-snipe

paitchey treigit waif

paitchey yindyssagh infant prodigy

skeeal paitchey nursery tale

freayll arrey er paitchey babysit

paitchey beg aeg child of tender years

paitchey goit magh evacuee

illegitimate child (n.) lhiannoo oainjeragh, lhiannoo oainjyragh, lhiannoo sooree, paitchey oainjyragh, paitchey sooree

baby sitter (n.) arreyder paitchey

bairn (n.) paitchey

bantling (n.) bantan; paitchey

child1 (n.) lhiannoo: A burnt child dreads the fire - Ta lhiannoo scoaldit goaill aggle roishyn aile. JJK idiom; paitchey: I was yet a child - Cha row mee agh paitchey. JJK idiom; ponnair

chit (n.) paitchey

gutter-snipe paitchey straiddey

infant prodigy (n.) paitchey yindyssagh

love child (n.) paitchey sooree

nursery tale (n.) skeeal paitchey

page2 (n.) (boy) guilley, paitchey

train-bearer paitchey farbil

varlet (n.) paitchey, screb

waif (n.) faagailagh, paitchey treigit

babysit (v.) freayll arrey er paitchey

cummal-paitchey sponsorship

child of tender years (n.) paitchey beg aeg

evacuee (n.) fer goit magh; paitchey goit magh

kid (v.) insh breag da; (n.) mannan, paitchey

prodigy (n.) yindys: Infant prodigy - Paitchey yindyssagh. DF idiom

sponsorship (n.) barrantys; cummal-paitchey; gedjaghys; mimmaghys; raanteenys; gialdynys

fraueit grafted, rooted: Ta ommijys fraueit ayns cree paitchey Bible

brat (n.) eean: Who's that little brat? - Quoi'n eean beg shen? DF idiom; paitchey

on him er: She fathered the child on him - Daag ee y paitchey er. DF idiom; (emph.) ersyn

braag vaidjagh (f.) clog: V'ad jannoo faghid jeh'n chengey ayns ny schoillyn, liorish croghey braag-vaidjagh mygeayrt mwannal jeh paitchey erbee va loayrt assjee Carn

jannoo faghid scorning: V'ad jannoo faghid jeh'n chengey ayns ny schoillyn, liorish croghey braag-vaidjagh mygeayrt mwannal jeh paitchey erbee va loayrt assjee, as craidjey mysh adsyn va ceau Carn

recortysey record: guee er dagh dooinney, ben as paitchey vees ayns Mannin er oie 29oo Averil ta coontey dy vod ad loayrt, lhaih ny screeu ayns Gaelg, shoh y recortysey 'sy Sleih-Earroo. Dhoor

roaghyn ranks, rows: hoie ad sheese ayns roaghyn Va form ec gagh paitchey as yn emshir chaie jeh paart dy vreearyn clouit ayns collooyn as roaghyn. Carn

slat smaghtee rod of correction: Ta ommijys fraueit ayns cree paitchey: agh nee yn slat smaghtee geiyrt magh eh. Bible

yet (adv.) foast: This child hasn't been baptised yet - Cha nel y lhiannoo shoh er ve bashtit foast. JJK idiom; foastagh; ny-yeih: Yet I don't think I'm the first who has observed it - Ny yeih cha nel mee smooinaghtyn dy vel mish yn chied phersoon t'er n'ghoaill tastey jeh. JJK idiom; agh: I was yet a child - Cha row mee agh paitchey. JJK idiom


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