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pack1 bundeil; kereen; paggal; paggey; paggey drommey; paggey sidooragh; clabbag

pack2 (v.) (of earth) carnanaghey; creaghey

pack3 (npl.) (the); (ny) toshee

pack4 (n.) (of hounds) coheshaght

Inexact matches:

ice pack (n.) broogh rioee; poagey rio; rio goll lesh y troa; rio-phaggey

information pack (n.) kionnan-fysseree

Multi-Pack Snacks (npl.) Yl-phaggaghyn dy Scobbaghyn

pack animal (n.) baagh ymmyrkee

pack cloth (n.) eaddagh paggey

pack horse (n.) cabbyl paggey

pack ice (n.) leac-rio

pack road (n.) bollagh cabbil

pack saddle (n.) breleig, pollan

pack sheet (n.) coodagh eaddee

pack trail (n.) cassan cabbil

pack wool (n.) ollan phaggey

wet pack (n.) clabbag fliugh

pack of cards (n.) paagey kaartyn; sthock

pack of lies (n.) moylley breagyn

baagh ymmyrkee pack animal

bollagh cabbil pack road

breleig (f.) brougham; pack saddle

cassan cabbil pack trail

clabbag (of river) mouth; pack, plaster

coodagh eaddee pack sheet

eaddagh paggey pack cloth

kionnan-fysseree information pack

leac-rio pack ice

ollan phaggey (f.) pack wool

paggal pack, packing

paggey drommey pack

paggey sidooragh pack

rio-phaggey ice pack

toshee2 (ny); (the) pack

mud-pack (n.) paggey laaghey

pack-drill (n.) drill paggey

pack-full (adj.) lome lane

pack-thread (n.) snaie kennipey

cabbyl paggey pack horse, packhorse

creaghey (of earth) pack; stack as corn

drill paggey pack-drill

moylley breagyn pack of lies

paagey kaartyn pack of cards

paggey laaghey mud-pack

snaie kennipey hemp, pack-thread

broogh rioee (f.) ice bank, ice pack

clabbag fliugh (f.) packing sheet, wet pack

kereen (f.) comb, coxcomb, crest, pack, topknot

poagey rio ice bag, ice pack

rio goll lesh y troa ice pack

Yl-phaggaghyn dy Scobbaghyn Multi-Pack Snacks

bundeil (f.) (pl -yn) bale, bundle, pack, package: bee annym my hiarn kianlt ayns y bundeil dy vea Bible; truss

carnanaghey accumulate, clamp, heap, lump, stock up: Neeym carnanaghey ooilley my chlouagyn cooidjagh. DF; (of earth) pack

coheshaght (f.) (of persons) club: Coardail rish Coheshaght ny Colughtyn Radio Traghtee, oddagh yn aght ta Radio Vannin gobbraghey ve ny hambyl mie da stashoonyn-radio sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit. BS; ( of hounds) pack; party

lome lane overrun, packed, pack-full: Va'n traen lome lane. DF

paggey deck, wad, wadding; pack: Ta'n paggey argidoil shallidagh goaill stiagh eeck eeasaght jeh lieh-cheead millioon punt, shegin goll er eeck ayns Mean Fouyir. BS; truss

pollan (f.) (pl -yn) felt; pack saddle, saddle cloth: Eshyn nagh vel mie rish e gharran shegin da pollan y cheau. DF; (of person) dud, thick-skinned: She pollan dy ghooinney eh. DF

sthock 1 pl. sthockyn butt-end, chimney stack, foot of bed, livestock, pack of cards, post, scape, winter store, stem; 2 stock a: hug eh eh ayns ny sthockyn va liorish ard-yiat Venjamin Bible

toshee1 chief, commencing, fore, forward, front, precursory, pre-eminent, prefatory, preliminary, primary, senior, terminal; (gen.) of the beginning: va nyn ayraghyn dooys myr mess toshee yn villey-figgaghsy chied imbagh Bible; pack


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