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Paal Paul: Cha b'vie lesh Paal iu jough ec y traa v'ayn shen, as va palchey dy feeyn smeyr ghoo ain yn vlein shen. Carn

paal (f.) (pl -yn) (fold) circle; coop, enclave, enclosure, fold, pale, pen, ring; pavilion

Inexact matches:

paal cheyrragh (f.) sheep pen

paal chirkey (f.) hen coop

paal chonning (f.) rabbit pen

paal skeag (f.) thorn hedge

paal vannishter (f.) cloister

cur ayns paal coop

Paal ny Ferish Fairy's Fence

coop (n.) close, close kirkey, croa, paal; (v.) cur ayns paal

circle3 (n.) (fold) paal

enclave (n.) croa, paal

hen coop (n.) paal chirkey

rabbit pen (n.) paal chonning

thorn hedge (n.) paal skeag

Fairy's Fence (n.) Paal ny Ferish

pavilion (n.) bwaag, paal, thie eddrym

cloister (n.) cloister, mannishter, paal vannishter; (v.) cur ayns mannishter

enclosure (n.) croa, injeig, jattan, lann, paal; dein

sheep pen (n.) croa cheyrragh, fank, paal cheyrragh

pale banaghey, eiglaghey; banee, treih; glassaghey; neealagh; paal, peeley; glass: He turned pale at the sight of the gun - Hie eh glass tra honnick eh yn gunn. JJK idiom

Paul (n.) Paal, Phaiyl; Paul; Paayl: The writings of St Paul - Screeunyn Phaayl Noo. DF idiom

pen croa; cur 'sy phaal; fedjag screeuee; ollay woirrin; paal; penn, pen: She has lent me her inkstand, her pen and her scissors - T'ee er n'eeasaghey dou e dooagan, e penn as e shuddyryn. JJK idiom; penney; screeu

Kernowagh 1 Cornish; 2 Cornishman a: Ec y toshiaght dooyrt mee nagh row enney aym er Kernowagh ennmyssit Paal Carn

smeyr1 (=Ir. smeur) (f.) 1 pl. smeir berry, blackberry, bramble berry a: Cha b'vie lesh Paal iu jough ec y traa v'ayn shen, as va palchey dy feeyn smeyr ghoo ain yn vlein shen. Carn; 2 grape

smeyr2 (f.) bramble berry: dooyrt mee nagh row enney aym er Kernowagh ennmyssit Paal, agh eisht dooyrt ee dy vrie eh urree dy imraa feeyn smeyr ghoo rhym, as eisht va cooinaght aym. Carn

ring bingys, clinc, rhollan; (v.) cur fainey er, cur stroineen er, clinck, craa, clinckal, clinckeragh, glingal; broo: Ring the doorbell - Broo yn claggan. DF idiom; bwoalley: Ring the bell - Bwoaill yn clag. DF idiom; crie: Ring the bell - Crie yn kiaullane. DF idiom; (n.) bwoaillee, croa, fainney, kiarkyl, loop, paal, scoodyn; fainey: He pledged the ring - Hug eh yn ainey myr raane. DF idiom


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