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ostyllyn apostles; disciples: hug eh ny bwilleenyn da ny ostyllyn, as hirveish adsyn ad er y pobble Bible

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Jannoo ny h-Ostyllyn Acts of the Apostles

apostles (npl.) ostyllyn

disciples (npl.) credjuee; Creesteenyn; eiyrtee; eiyrtyssee; ostyllyn; ynseydee

Acts of the Apostles (npl.) Jannoo ny h-Ostyllyn

began hoshee; ghow toshiaght: he began to say unto his disciples - ghow eh toshiaght dy ghra rish e ostyllyn Bible

I will keep freill-ym: I will keep the passover at thy house with my disciples - freill-ym y chaisht ec dty hies marish my ostyllyn Bible; freill-yms

ard-chlagh chorneilagh chief corner stone: As troggit er undin ny ostyllyn as phadeyryn, Yeesey Creest hene yn ard chlagh-chorneilagh Bible

ashlaghey (to) reveal, appear in a vision: myr te nish er ny ashlaghey da e ostyllyn casherick Bible

cheumooie jeh besides, save, except for: nagh row baatey erbee elley ayns shen, cheu-mooie jeh'n un vaatey shen va ny ostyllyn er n'ghoaill Bible

Cre cha leah (interrog.) How soon: As tra honnick e ostyllyn shoh, ghow ad yindys, gra, Cre cha leah as ta'n billey figgagh er chreenagh roish? Bible

deir followed: haink eh gys e heer hene, as deir e ostyllyn er Bible

Dy vannee diu (intj) All hail: As myr v'ad goll dy insh eh da e ostyllyn, cur-my-ner haink Yeesey nyn guail, gra, Dy vannee diu. Bible

goaill lhuingys board, embarkation: As chelleeragh hug Yeesey er e ostyllyn goaill lhuingys, as goll harrish gys y cheu elley roish, choud as v'eshyn lhiggey yn raad da'n pobble. Bible

goll trooid scrape through, undergo; go through, pass through: As myr v'ad goll trooid ny ard-valjyn livrey ad daue ny oardaghyn dy reayll, va sarit liorish ny ostyllyn as y chanstyr va ec Jerusalem. Bible

magher arroo cornfield: Ec y traa shen hie Yeesey trooid magher arroo er y doonaght, as va e ostyllyn accryssagh, as ghow ad toshiaght dy phluckey ny jeeassyn arroo, as dy ee. Bible

ostyl (=Ir. apstal) pl. ostyllyn apostle, disciple: ghow eh yn daa ostyl yeig dy lhiattee er y raad Bible [L. apostolus]

ourys (=Ir. amhras) (f.) agnosticism, distrust, doubt, doubtfulness, misgiving, scepticism, suspicion, suspiciousness: yeeagh ny ostyllyn er y cheilley ayns ourys quoi er v'eh cheet Bible; mistrust

rubbey 1 rub, wipe a: ren eh toshiaght dy niee cassyn e ostyllyn, as dy rubbey ad lesh yn aanrit Bible; 2 chafe

'sy trass ynnyd thirdly: hoshiaght ostyllyn, ’sy nah ynnyd phadeyryn, ’sy trass ynnyd fir-ynsee Bible

ventyn (dy); (to) touch: As hug ad lhieu huggey myrgeddin cloan aegey, dy ventyn roo: agh tra honnick e ostyllyn shoh, hooar ad foill. Bible


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